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I slipped and fell on some spilled water in a Super Market. They filed an accident report. Now what???
Alright alright, I know it's funny. Alot of people laughed when I told them. I was heading for the soda, and I didn't notice the spill on the ground. My knee is banged up pretty good, and I am seeing te DR tomorrow.
Everyone I mentioned it too asked me if I sued them. Now I am not out for blood or anything, but what are the porcedures for that? Do I have to have some serious problems with my knee before I can sue? I just don't know what the next step is after them sending in an accident report. Who's to know that they will even send it! I don't know what to do next, any suggestions?
Additional Details
I'm not saying I want to sue. If some of you would read the question, you would realize that I said everyone I have told I fell ask if I Sued! I wouldn't know where to start even if I WANTED to sue. I look at what people sue over and I shake my head in shame.

There were no "Wet Floor" signs up, and nothing was blocked off. I fell, I hurt my knee, and I let them know. That's it. I told them so it could be cleaned up. The manager wanted me to fill out the report. So I was asking what next?? Does the store contact me or what"? Co-workers were throwing out the Sue word..Just seeking advise here.,..

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Every time you sue businesses, people like us who earn a living and have to pay for thier own food see prices go up. Businesses do not have any money. You sue a business, and the businessman passes the difference on to the consumer.

So while you are wasting time abusing our court system for slipping on some water, and putting a torch to the few American companies we have left that haven't completely been outsourced or replaced with foreign workers in the United States, the rest of us have to struggle to pay for your mistakes with our tax dollars and our grocery bills.

I hate lazy people who never take responsibility for their own actions and expect the rest of society to give them a free ride for their incompetence.

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I'm not too sure about the states (there have been some really lawsuits there in the past) but in Canada, you cannot sue a company unless you have damages that you are trying to recover such as medical bills, lost wages and/or pain and suffering. if you knee is fine, i would suggest that you make a formal complaint at the store and let it go.

if however, you have damages that you need to recover, see a personal injury lawyer and have him assess your case. just bear in mind that personal injury cases can drag on for years and years.

best of luck

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Chris h
I have two experiences with this (Personal Injury).
In the first (about twenty years ago) I was riding a bicycle and was "doored" by a lady getting out of her car on the way to her dentist appointment. I was thrown across two lanes of traffic and my knee was boogered up for a couple of days. When her insurance company called me, they wanted me to hurry on down to their office and sign papers that said I was okay. I told them I felt like I was ok, but sometimes the problems take a while to expose themselves, nonetheless I really felt that nothing was going to come of this but would be happy to sign papers in return for a check for approx $50,000. I never heard from them again. (Knee sometimes hurts on cold days even now.)
On the second I was in a motorcycle accident (classic left turn, in California a slam dunk, approx $12500 in med bills)) and the insurance company was doing their best to get me to wait beyond the statute of limitations before I took legal action. I did my very best to comply with their wishes, but they always had something else they needed (more forms , more medical records, another police report and so on and so on). I finally had to contact a lawyer and file suit just to protect my claim, After almost 10 months of jerking me around they landed up settling with my lawyer for approx 150% of what I originally asked in a matter of about six weeks.

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revolution is brewing
first thing is going to be to keep your mouth shut if (and you will) get a call from the store. They will use what you tell them against you. You might want to check with a lawyer if you think you will have problems. Most will do it at no charge to you until the case closes. Tell your Dr. what happened they will usually wait payment until it is settled with the store.

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Spike Wilbury
Make copies of your doctor bills and tell them to reimburse you or you'll sue them. Mail the bills to them and MAKE THEM SIGN FOR IT so you know they have received it.....OR deliver it in person!

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no you don't have to have any serious problems but it wouldn't hurt to tell them that it hurt real bad or something like that .never tell them it's OK .you should hire a lawyer don't do it your self they might want to settle out of court don't do it get a lawyer to handle it for you .it worth about 10 thousands dollar. it's their fault you fell not your their insurance will pay it off .good luck

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You can contact one of those personal injury lawyers who you always see advertising on television.

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Please don't sue unless there is really a problem with your knee... this is why we all pay such high dollars for insurance. If you have a real problem with your knee, then by all means sue away. Just remember... if you sue needlessly and you are caught you WILL go to jail for insurance fraud. Just remember that. And like I said... if you really do have an injury then by all means go after what you deserve.

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No this is not funny, and I would go to your Doctor and then contact an Attorney to have the store pay your medical and pain and suffering . They carry Liability insurance and that is what it is for . They should have sectioned off the wet area so it is their fault you slipped. Now you must go through so you don't have to pay for their mistake.

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If your not hurt dont sue, It sounds to me like they are trying to do right by you by you having a doctor's appointment

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Well, unless there is permanent damage, only ask them to pay for your medical expenses. It's people who sue for injuries that really aren't that bad that make it harder for people with legitimate injuries to get paid out for their genuine pain and suffering.

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SUE! call your lawyer asap,, you could wim millions, im serious. SUE ASAP!!!! this could be the best thing thats ever happened to you, please contact me if you win alot of money!
the same thing happened to someone in my neighborhood , there was no long term damage,, just a black and blue mar,, and she still won hundreds of tousands of dollars.!! dont worry about the supermarket, they definitly have insurance for things like that.

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You have to prove they were negligent (someone told them about it or an employee saw it and did nothing), and in some states you have to show YOU were not negligent in stepping into the water.

If you filed a claim, submit the medical bills to the store or its insurance company. At some point the doctor will make a diagnosis and a prognosis, and they may make you an offer to settle the case, after all your medical and other out-of-pocket expenses have been paid.

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Big Jay 7
well you can sue..
if you want keep track of all the documents
if you are ok than don't but you really got hurt than it is up to you..

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sue them man, im telling you


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Litigating, and winning, a slip and fall case such as this is notoriously difficult. Liability is not automatic. In order to find liability, you will have to prove that the water was there for a significant amount of time (usually for more than a 1/2 hour) and that the store was negligent in failing to clean it up. Most grocery stores clean up spills within 10 minutes. If the store you were at can show that it is their policy to clean spills immediately, then you're probably looking at a dead-bang loser.

As for your question -- how do you sue? You find a lawyer. Litigating a case alone is just plain stupid. If you're asking how to file a suit, then you certainly don't know what to do once one is filed. The defense attorney will destroy you. I should know. I've done it.

Go talk to a plaintiff's lawyer. I'm sure there will be one who will file a suit on your behalf. Look in www.martindale.com for a listing of lawyers in your area.

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Penney S

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i don't think i would sue.. i imagine after you'd pay for lawyers fees and all that stuff its not really worth it

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Ask your doctor - but don't sue, PLEASE!! Suing is America's favourite pass time! With each mega-bucks law suit, the cost of everything we buy goes through the roof! It's like we don't want to be reasonable about things anymore.

You won't have to sue if the doctor says something is wrong - their insurance policy will take care of the doctor and medical bills, and if you need time off work, they will pay for that too.

It's not like you broke it - otherwise you wouldn't be on the computer, you'd be on very strong meds with you leg in a cast.

Give them the chance to take care of what needs to be taken care of, and see if you can swing a year's worth of free groceries - then load up on steaks, and the best food you can! We don't need to sue for everything - it was an "accident", not an "on purpose".

If they refuse to take care of any bills, then you see a lawyer. Most companies are reasonable if you will be to. You lawyer won't rush to court either - he will send a whack of letters asking for money and providing proof before he even thinks of suing. And he'll be billing you all the while - or taking a chunk of whatever you get - which could be a mere $1000 bucks!

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Go see a lawyer and get rich.. u are in the States for god sake, u can sue for anything.....

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Lisa H
This is silly. I used to work for a hotel, and here's what's going on from their end. They took an incident report to make sure they documented everything from their end. They have most likely filed it with their insurance company. They also should be taking care of any medical bills. You haven't even mentioned if your knee hurts. Were there signs up? Did you ignore the signs? You may not even have a case. If you insist on suing, go see a personal injury lawyer and hire them on a "contingency basis" which means that they get paid only when you do. They will only take your case if they think you have one. They might recommend a doctor of their own. Go see your doctor though. It doesn't sound like you are in terrible pain though, if you didn't need to see a doctor until tomorrow.

If you are suing only for money, that is terribly immoral. And please remember that the insurance company who is paying for the lawsuit and the lawyers and the settlement could very well be the same company that insures your car. Keep that in mind when your writing your monthly check for your car insurance and wonder why the premiums are so high.

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Don't waste your time with a petty law suit. It will probably end up costing you way too much anyway. First I suggest finding out what is wrong with your knee. If you infact have to pay for medical expenses to make it better than contact the store manegment about paying for them. If they are silly and refuse, contact the company who owns the store, if they won't help you and fixing your knee costs lots of money, then contact an attorney. Changes are that the store will have forms for you to fill out in order to pay you for your medical expenses. They too want to avoid a timely and costly law suit. Also if they don't help you, chances are a lawyer can help you get something done and resolved before you even have to go to court. BUt in the end weigh your pros and cons:
If you have a minor injury that will not cost much or lead to more serious injury I say suck it up, it's life! If on the other it is something mroe serious and very expensive then it may be worth your time to go through all the procedures to get reimbursed. Just remember DO NOT blow it out of porportion or make it worse out then it is. Frivilous law suits are obnoxious

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Technically, you could sue. You could have watched where you were going too. Was there a "Wet Floor" sign? If there is no warning of water on the floor, you can usually get compensation of some kind.

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Christopher B
Sue them - especially if there was no damage. After all no one pays, because they have insurance.

OOOOh, that's right. We all have to pay, because as more people sue for BS reasons, our insurance rates go up, the insurance companies become more cynical and they are more likely to refuse to cover legitimate claims in the future.

So sue away, because you are all that matters.

Or here is a better idea. Go see your doctor, I am sure he'll verify there is no serious damage, an tell you to take some vitamin M (Motrin) and ice it. Then you could politely send the supermarket your doctor bill, which I am sure they would be happy to cover.

Stop being a bottom feeder, and looking for your lottery ticket in common day to day accidents.

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