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 Pet abandonment question-- would this be overstepping my bounds?
I noticed a neighbor a few doors down from me recently moved, and the house is now vacant and for sale.

From passing by every day, I know the previous owners had two black and white cats. ...

 I am 23 years old, and have a lot going for me in life, and i got my first DUI of .098 BAC. Is my life over?
I am college educated, i have recently placed first in a state competition involving my schooling and job. I have a child to take care of. I have a really good job. If i can't get the DUI off,...

 Criminal liability of driving under the influence?? Does it exist?...?
Does actus reus and/or mens rea exist for drunk driving? Please elaborate on this topic. Express anything you feel about it.

Sample case: Someone is guilty of impaired driving causing ...

 Bush v. gore- explain in human language?

Additional Details
i am a law student and cant understan what it is all about, i know it invovles right to vote and equal protection but i dont understand how to use this case on exam, ...

 Bought a Nintendo DS only to find rocks and Chinese newspaper?
I just recently bought a Nintendo DS from Wal-Mart and to my surprise, I found a bunch of rocks inside the box that was wrapped in Chinese newspaper. I called Wal-Mart and talked to the Store Manager ...

 Is it okay to torture terrorists to get information?
What are the pros and cons? Disadvantages and advantages?...

 What job can i get if i got a felony?
i am looking for a job but i got a felony what jos well take ...

 How did the KKK get away with what they did? (Legally)?
How are they still getting away with it?

Does it have anything to do with the first amendment?

Where can I find some sources with the information?


 Is it legal to watch an unauthorized online stream of a basic cable channel?
For example, if someone (a U.S. citizen) goes to an unauthorized website and watches a stream of an ESPN sporting event, is he breaking the law?

Or, is it only illegal to post such content ...

 Court Cases open to the public? BEST ANSWER WILL BE CHOSEN!?
Ok so I really want to be a lawyer when I grow up. I was wondering what kind of court cases are open to the public, so that I can go see/ observe lol. So does anyone know what type of cases they will ...

 Rights on questioning minors?
My son was questioned about a crime that he was not convicted of. In the process he told the police officer some incriminating details of a so called "gang initiation". He is 15 and didnt ...

 Need 3 reasons why Graffity is illegal?

 Where can i find a lawyer to help me?
I am a disabled iraqi war veteran, i am having problems with my financial institution where my car is leased at. Im looking for a lawyer to help me at pretty much dirt cheap....pretty much my car ...

 Why do many contests exclude Rhode Island and Florida?
Why do many major United States contests say "Excluding Rhode Island and Hawaii" or something to that measure? I've lived here for several years and this has always aggrovated me....

 Highly publicized cases that affected the case outcome?
Highly media publicised cases that affected the case outcome?
anyone know any cases that gained so much high media publicitiy that it in a negative or positive way affected the outcome of the ...

 I don't know how to start my research paper on A Vindication of the rights of woman by Marry wollstonecraft ca?

 Need help finding good colleges for crime scene investigation?
i'm doing a school career project, and i need to find at least two colleges that are good for crime scene investigation; and i need to know how much it would cost, please help!...

 Do you think it's true that Labour are going to allow - -?
60 million immigrants to settle in the UK, who will, of course, vote them back into power?
That's what I've heard.
Additional Details
I'm sure they ...

 Lead paint lawsuit q?
if you sue your landlord for lead paint are they paying the settlement out of pocket or does it go through their homeowners policy?
Additional Details
in ny if that makes a ...

 Q About a Trust and Home?
The title of my parents home is on my brother's name only.

The Trust/Will says that I, and my brother would each get 1/2 of the house.

So, if the title is not under my name ...

How to report a company that's paying employee's "under the table" and not reporting to the irs?
I had a job, was getting paid 6$ an hour under the table, which translates to be possibly above minimum wage, well me and my old boss are now not on speaking terms for some things he did, how can i report him and his company..i live in Missouri

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J. Jinx
Sure report him, just make sure you put back taxes to the side since you will also be audited. The employer will claim he 1099'd you and you failed to report it.

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Anna P
You start with your state wage and hour division, department of labor. They will in turn contact the feds if there is merit.

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