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becky w
How many days can your employer make you work in a row without a day off?

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depends on the number of hours you work per day and the way your company decides on it's schedule. If it's 8 hour days, it can be as many as 10 if the days off fall on the first part of the first week and the second part has the days off at the end of it.

Where I work our week starts on Monday. So you could have Mon and Tues off that week and the next week have Sat and Sun. That would make ten days.

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jessica, at your service
any # of days

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John B
Go to the Department of Labor website. There is so much information there broken down by state. It may take awhile but its really worth it.

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You employer can't make you do anything. If you work more than fourty hours in a week, anything over that he by law must pay you overtime. That's time/and a half. Holiday's are double time. If your employer is smart he must know that productivity decreases when you don't get a break. I would suggest that your employer have you work four twelve hour days with two days off, it's equates to about the same.

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Any number that they want to. No law limits the work cycle.

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In the US, you can work every day for the rest of your life. It's the going over 40 hours in a work week that will require the paying of overtime (1.5 times your straight time rate) that causes some employers to rethink how many hours their employees work.

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The Cat: Self cleaning napkin

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They can't "Make" you work any amount of days.... if you don't like your job, quit.

The last thing in the world I need if for the Government to get more control over my employer.... or myself is I become an "Employer."

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Employers do not have to give you days off. As long as they are paying you for time worked they can have you work every day of every week of every year.

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Depends on the employer and what contract you may or may not have with them. As it has been stated, some positions are regulated by governmental rules, or your contract may state how many days. In most positions I have held, I had no choice about how many days in a row that I worked.

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It depends, on who or whom you work for. Private, Government other. If, they have a union or not. There are laws that some Employers must abide by.

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I know someone who worked three years without a day off and when he asked for one, they gave him an argument.

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no limit....the only ensured by federal law is that you will be paid 1 1/2 for anything over 40/ week

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Forever unless your "contract" states otherwise. "At Will" employees are just that. They remain employed "at the will of the employer" else they can let you go. So start looking for another job and then you can tell this one "bye". Otherwise, wash your face, comb your hair and put on a clean set of work clothes and don't miss the bus or you'll be late and without a job!

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you can go forever..if your a non-exempt then you get OT for hours over 40 and exempt will not get anything over 40. But there is no limit to the number of days.

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