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Arbo T
How do i prove I'm innocent of a crime when theres no witness or evidence?
A police officer made up false charges against me .I was falsely arrested. How can i prove that the officer made up these charges . When there is no witness or evidence .I've never been in trouble before and this is really frustrating to me .Please me
Additional Details
Thank you for all your answers. To the people who want to know what the charges are obstructing an officer and resisting a peace officer.

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Police officers don't "make up false charges".

You must have done something.

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6&#39;3 and 135lbs
Depends on the color of your skin.

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Mr. Mexican
till this day i have never seen a guy saying a police made a right arrest

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Joe C
I BELIEVE YOU! And the first poster is wrong in suggesting that this never occurs and corruption does not exist.

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They have to have some proof. It is their job to prove you are guilty, not your job to prove you're innocent.
FYI: "obstructing" and "resisting" are empty charges they made up to harrass you for not being cooperative enough in their opinion. There are not jails full of people guilty of these "crimes" and they will not hold any water at all. Just bring as many witnesses and personal contacts as you can who can testify that you are a good person and never in any trouble. Then get an attorney to request the records of the police officers to see if they have ever been charged with abuse or something else. I doubt seriously this will result in any charges. Just go to court and tell the truth, with some friends and family to support you. (I doubt it will ever go to court anyway.)

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Mary W
Come on now! If there is no evidence that a crime was committed then there is NOT going to be charges filed by the DA. You still have an arrest on your record though. To get that removed you must go to the court where the "crime" occurred and ask the judge to expunge the arrest record. Actually it is pretty simple. If there is no witness for your side and there is no witness for the cop's side - everybody is SOL! Now get this .... cops have a real hard time with using their "pseudopower" wisely. If they are looking for an arrest (any arrest) they will use intimidation in order to do what was done in your case. Now this is clear - stay away from that cop because if he/she really wants to "get you" they surely will.
Cops do not realize many times the difference between good, community-oriented policing, and corruption. They know a few (probably less than 6-7) laws well enough to make an arrest. You can just walk away - and of course stay out of that cop's jurisdiction.
HOWEVER, everyone on the planet says they are innocent and they "didn't do it". It is something the cops hear everyday and our society thinks it is "ok" to lie to everybody. After all it is good business.
From the information in your posting, I think you have nothing to worry about - but if you choose to ignore my advice and not stay away from this cop's jurisdiction - God help you!!!

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Get as many good character references as you can-preferably professional people. People who have known you for a few years; Doctors, employer, teacher etc.
A central premise of the law is demonstrating good character.
Judges are not stupid people, they are highly intelligent and will see through anything flimsy and contrived.
Secondly, the onus is on the police to prove your guilt ( innocent until proven guilty)
Thirdly, take some legal advice on where you stand regarding the police bringing false charges.
Good luck and stay strong and focused.

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You need a solid alibi and a really good lawyer. If it comes down to your word against his, it won't be good. See if your lawyer can poke holes in his record. Perhaps he has a history of excessive force or many complaints against him. If he is clean, this is going to be tough. Get ready for a fight.

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you do not have to prove your innocence, the officer has to prove your guilt ( beyond a reasonable doubt) and if there is no evidence or witnesses than that should be hard to do for him ( unless it is municipal court). if it is a "city" court case ask the judge that it be bound over to state court and then hire an attorney to represent you there.

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Provide proof that you were somewhere else other than where the crime supposedly happened.

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You did not say what type of crime, if it a minor offense then the cop wins, if it a major offense, then they need more proof.

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You don't have to pove that you're innocent. They have to prove that you're guilty if they don't have an admission by you.

Fortunately for you, in this country we have the presumption of innocence until proof of guilt is provided. This means that the burden of proof lies with the prosecution. If the prosecutor can't prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you've committed this act, then you're off the hook and can't be tried again, due to double jeopardy.
I do suggest you hire an attorney or if you can't afford one don't worry because a public defender will be assigned to you.
Good luck.

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If this is in the United States the burden of proof is on the prosecution. You don't have to prove you didn't do something, they have to prove that you did.
I had an altercation with two men once, and was arrested for aggravated assault. The policemen didn't see anything, they had the word of the two witnesses.
My lawyer did an investigation on the complainants, and turns out they had records a mile long.
Suddenly their credibility was in question and the DA dropped the charges.

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If, in fact, there are no witness or evidence... how were you charged with a crime?

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first the fourth amendment protects you from illegal search and seizure and the sixth amendment guarantees the right to a fair, and speedy trial, as well as the right to a lawyer, and help with witness or evidents for your side. all being said hire a lawyer and have him file motion after motion, get the officers arrest history for the last 3, 5 or how ever many years. ( I'm a police officer and I'm not going to say that all police officers are good. For the most part they are but some try be some type of wonder cop. How they got to the point of carrying a badge and gun is what scares me.) arrest history should help and even a personal history of the officer. And always have a jury trial. it takes all twelve to convict and only one to acquit.---------------- all you have to woory about is the obstructing charge, a not guilty on that and there was no reason for the other.

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You don't have to prove your innocence. The prosecutor has to prove your guilt. Whatever you do, don't take a plea.

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He has to prove you are guilty

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If there is unsufficient evidence against you then it would end up being a mistrial. But for the most part, cops will be believed first.

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Le Comte (formerly known as Kuf)
You need highly credible alibis, or you might not need evidence proving your case but evidence that disproves his claims or witnesses that disprove his claims. A complete explanation of the case to a competent lawyer will be required.

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Unless you have proof or a witness the Officer will be the one the Judge believes.

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Big Bobby Clobber
Get a lawyer.

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