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Can your employer make you shave?
A friend of mine is complaining that his employers is always tellng him to shave. According to him, he is the only one who is being told to shave. I asked him if he is letting his beard grow like Jesus. Then you have a problem. He responded with a no.

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yeah they have rights because u have too look decent for your job because you know how people does talk allot and they could ruined your job name you kno wah i mean right

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for show

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Yeah they can if it gets in the way of your job duties.

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amy j

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No they can't (unless you work for the government). This is the only place your rights of personal expression will be trampled on. Anywhere else is a big No-No. If his employers continue to harrass him he would be wise to direct their complaints to his attorney.

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Heather Mac
Yes an employer can require male employees to shave in order to keep their job unless that employee is part of a religion that prevents shaving. That last part, of course, is because the employer cannot discriminate on the basis of religious beliefs. I assume your friend is a part of no such religion. As such, the employer can require him to be clean shaven.

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Shareef A
Yes, they can make you shave.

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I'm afraid they can. They do need to have it incorporated in their dress code policy to enforce it though.

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Danial J
Disney and Disney World makes all male employees have a clean shaved face every day.

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NO, they can not MAKE him shave or anything else. They also do NOT have to employ him if he does NOT conform to dress code. The choice of course belongs to your friend, keep his facial hair or keep his job.

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Babies ♥
He can't MAKE you do anything. He can say "no", but you dont have to follow.. theres an option of quitting too.. and if you do it.. get fired. I would NOT work at a place that tells you something like that.

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Sounds like your friend is a little lazy.

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Hugo Fitch
Some organisations and employers are famous for making their members and employees shave: The Nazi Party, the Disney Corporation, McDonald's, J. Edgar Hoover's FBI, Margaret Thatcher's cabinet, IKEA, Mussolini's Fascists, etc.

They are all plainly evil and are best avoided.

On the other hand, if your friend merely sports a scruffy stubble, surely natural forces will cause it to grow in into a proper beard in only a few weeks?

He should either:-
(a) grow a proper beard or
(b) shave daily with a proper razor.

Stubble is only for tramps and sex criminals. It is not an alternative.

Stubble on a man's face gives ladies a terrible rash, whereas both proper beards and an immaculately-shaven face do not!

You know it makes sense.

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They can't MAKE him do anything. However, they can fire him if he doesn't do what they ask when it comes to personal grooming.

If he is trying to grow a beard they probably can't stop him but if it is a matter of personal grooming they can insist he meet certain standards.

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I'm Ayers best friend
Yes, they can tell you to shave.
If the job requires for you to look clean, they can make you.

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Yes, especially if you need to look professional.

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Yes, they can. I know of many companies where employees must shave.

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yes. a lot of companies feel a clean shaven face is more professional.

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Yes they can. Some jobs have dress clauses. Look at the military.

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It depends on the state. Where I live it is a "right to work" state. Employers here can fire you for practically anything. Where I live they absolutely can threaten you with your job if you don't come to work in the fashion that "they" feel is appropriate. He can raise a fuss if he wants but in all honesty it would just be easier to shave, or look for another job where they don't mind a beard.

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Yes they can. Just like a dress code, they can have a policy for facial hair.

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They can't make him shave, but they can fire him. Sounds like he is not interested in keeping his job anyway.

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Dirty Rat
Can you trust your friend to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth with regards him being singled out?

If you are visible to customers, you are expected to look professional. If you're in a right to work state... I'd advise him to shave or find a new job. An employer has a funny way of firing hot heads who start to preach about their rights.

Since your employer is your customer... Its better to show good customer service and do what they ask. That's reasonable of course... and I think this is very reasonable.

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