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Can you be charged for attempted suicide?

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probly not but i'm sure they do in some countries for wasting police time!

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only if you accuse yourself!

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No, you can't be charged for attmepted suicide, but if you commited a crime and as a result of the crime tried to commit suicide you'll be charged for the actually crime. But it's not illegal to try to commit suicide.

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If you threaten to harm yourself you will be locked up in a mental hospital until they feel you are fit to be on your own in society again. Being in the mental institute will be on your record and follow you for the rest of your life just like if you were put in prison. If I'm not mistaken you can't buy a firearm if you have been in a mental hospital.

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Umm - no. Typically - attempted suicide puts you in the loony bin until you are not suicidal any longer. It's not a crime to be mentally ill.....

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5th of liquor, 60 trazadones, 15 tranziens, and crashed car. I wasn't but I don't recommend it. The world will just have to DEAL with me from now on no matter how much they don't want to.

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Ummm, LOL!

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no i dont think so,its your body.chancrs are they will but you in a crazzy home.

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good question

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If by attempting suicide, you put people at risk (jumping in front of a train, opening gas valves in your house, and many more) you can be prosecuted for involuntary manslaughter.

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its unlikely, but yes it is against the law in the United States except in Oregon (and only if you meet certain criteria -see below) Most likely you would be hospitalized instead. If you meet certain criteria, if you have an intractable debilitating disease that is only going to continue to cause severe, unending pain and functioning and will lead to death anyway, by following certain protocol, you are allowed to partake in medically assisted, painless 'suicide' but only in Oregon. If you harm others via your means of suicide and survive you can also be charged for those you hurt or even property damage.

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Great question,

I dont have an answer but this is a great question!

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Kris L
Yes you can, if you 'attempt suicide' by 'throwing yourself off a bridge' or building, because you are 'littering' which is a 'crime' and has a relatively high 'money' punishment ... $500 in the state of Washington, and it's the same in California.

And I hate to say it, but 'committing suicide' is A CRIME in almost every state in the Union, because in many states it is very 'difficult' to prove 'insanity' bad enough to 'lock you up' for more than 72 hours (an 'investigation hold') but if you have 'committed a crime' they can actually 'hold you longer' (usually in a mental health hospital) to be sure that you are not 'sucidal' when you leave.

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If you attempt it yourself than no you can be charged with a breaking the law, although if you happen to hurt anyone in the process, unwillingly or otherwise and you survive you can then face manslaughter, murder, or grievous bodily harm charges. If you help someone else commit suicide than yes you can be charged with murder. Unfortunately suicide is a common thing these days and the most you could expect to face if you unsuccessfully try suicide is that you will be admitted to a psychiatric facility for a court ordered period of time or until they feel you are no longer a threat to yourself. If you are considering this than PLEASE seek help. Death is not the way out, the pain you experience now is nothing compared to the pain and confusion you will inflict on those who love and know you. Good luck.

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Neima S
lol that is a goo question

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Generally no unless yuou are trying to escape punishment for another crime ( law #472 )

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destiny r
no you can not .but you can be put away for 72 hours lock down
and if the Dr thinks you need to stay longer he can keep you Intel he thinks you can go

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David M
It is a crime in my state, so yes you COULD be charged. As most of the others pointed out, it seldom is because the individual who attempted suicide is mentally ill and is hospitalized instead. The Courts would be loath to punish someone in that mental state unless their attempt endangered others--such as trying to kill yourself by driving head-on into another vehicle.

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no you cant... but you can be put in a state mental hospital... and when that happens they will tell you when your free to go... unlike a jail where you serve a certain admount of time and is let off with good behavior.. you may stay in the hospital until your funding is cut off

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In the U.S. suicide has never been treated as a crime. (Some states listed it on the books as a felony but imposed no penalty.) Curiously, as of 1963, six states still considered attempted suicide a crime--North and South Dakota, Washington, New Jersey, Nevada, and Oklahoma.

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It was possible up to 1961. Before the entry into force of the Suicide Act 1961 it was a crime to commit suicide and anyone who attempted and failed could be prosecuted and imprisoned. However, it is still an offence to 'aid or abet' another person in taking their own life, and anyone who does this may face a maximum 14 years imprisonment.

Section 2(1) of the Suicide Act 1961:

A person who aids, abets, counsels or procures the suicide of another, or an attempt by another to committ suicide, shall be liable on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.

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Well technically, yes. But it's more likely the authorities will try to get professional help for someone who is unsuccessful in committing suicide.

So if you're thinking of trying it to impress someone how serious you are about anything - go ahead and try. you need help.

For all you dimglows who answered the question before me - suicide is against the law as is attempted suicide.

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That Kid Zinc
actually you can but you would have to press charges on yourself so thats why it never happens.

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