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Mrs. Kav
Can two people legally be buried in the same coffin?
Say for example, if a Husband and Wife died at the same time due to an accident, could their children request that they be buried together?

It may be comforting for the family to know they would be together.

Anyone have any idea? thanks xx

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Im sorry but this has to be one of the creepyest questions Ive ever seen asked.

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~Big Benz~
it would suck if i was still alive in a coffin with another person

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Nathan S
Spare the poor guy, bury him separately.

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well yea you can tell them that but no one does it rely

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Yes Provided this Is all Set up and Clarified by Both People Before Death!

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xXx nic tip xXx
legally they cant be buried in the same coffin incase they ever needed to be dug up to make it easier to identify you have to be in your own coffin, but you can be burried together in the sense that you can share a grave and what they do is just bury you ontop of each other or depending on the size of the plot they can bury you side by side. normally tho its ontop of each other!!! comforting to know!!!

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Interesting question and I haven't got a clue.

I would guess, however, that the mortuary selling the casket and the cemetery providing the plot might put the kibosh on it for reasons of profit. They'd probably say it wasn't ethical or something but the real reason would be the $$$$.

It might amount to a BOGO in their eyes. LOL!

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jona{*preppy in pink*}
i don't think so
but they can be buried right next 2 each other in different coffins


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those two little kids last week that were killed by their father in Cheshire were buried in the same coffin ,so i would say yes you can legally

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Siamese twins?

Seriously, why not?

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Two grown adults would not fit together in the same casket. The casket comfortably fits only one person. We have, however, buried a child in the same casket as the parent in tragic situations. Take care!

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They could be but would be a tight squeeze and who decides who goes on top ?

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Ryans Nanna
Don't know if you could get a coffin the right size. Surely then you would have to have an extra wide grave, as you would want them side by side

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I think it would be charming! Get an extra wide coffin, like for obese people, put 2 pillows, and they're married forever. I don't think this is creepy or weird at all. It's a great idea for 2 people who died together and they had a strong love for each other. Surely it was done in ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt, and I saw plaster impressions of families that died together at Pompeii. They died screaming and embracing each other with the dog curled in the middle.

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dels replies
yes they can be. Was two children buried like this last week. sadly.. Problem might be with adults is getting a coffin large enough to accomodate two bodies. But can be done...

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Not in Wisconsin, but laws probably vary state to state. In 1970 my grandparents bought plots together. My grandfather, who was 31 years older than my g-ma, died in 1971. My grandmother remarried in the late 1970s. Her husband died around 1997 and was cremated. My grandmother kept his ashes. When grandma died in 2004 my mother wanted hubby number 2's ashes put in the casket with her. They wouldn't allow it. He is currently buried in a veteran's cemetery. Respectable, but not his wishes.

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old know all
There are no legal problems (in English Law). However, you might start having problems finding an undertaker who will oblige, a coffin that's big enough and pall bearers who can manage the weight.

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it isn't uncommon for parent and child to be burried together, or two children.

I suppose the answer would be, if they fit, why not?

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I have heard of mothers who died in childbirth being buried with their babies. I think that the whole business of burying two adults together would be impractical because of the weight. I had a very large friend who had to have an exceptionally large coffin made for him and it was quite a problem for the pallbearers to convey his body up and down the aisle. Even if you could persuade an undertaker to construct a special double coffin, there would remain the whole business of carrying the coffin to its last resting place with dignity and without injuring the pallbearers in the pricess. The normal practice for ensuring that people remain together is to bury the coffins in the same plot.

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Why not?

There are some strange rules about burial here in UK. If you are a big land owner and have acres to spare, you can actually be buried on your own land, so long as it does not cause leakage to any water course etc.

Cemetery & Crematorium - your choice Unpurchased or Public Graves are those where the City of London owns the Rights of Burial and unrelated people will be buried in the same grave. ...

I appreciate that the next is a fat lot of good if you're living here in UK - for interest only. . . .

Magnolia Funeral Home, serving Tomball, Houston, The WoodlandsThis simply means that, for no extra charge, two people can be buried in the same grave space or two urns can be buried in the same urn space. ...

Maybe you should check grave yards where you live. There might just be a company or a church who will accommodate two buried in the same grave. . . .together forever. . . .

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It might not be against the law, but I am guessing it would be hard to find a double casket, or a funeral home that would accomodate the request as that means they'd be losing about $10,000. I'm sure they would instead suggest a side by side burial in seperate coffins.

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Natasha B
Yes it is possible to bury people together they just make a bigger casket it costs more

mothers and children are buried together I don't see why this would be any different

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not real sure - you may just want to call around to funeral homes in your area - I know two coffins can be put in the same grave site - but the 2-person coffin thing......not sure!

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Yes I think so. It is sad, but I'm sure I read about two little children being buried in the same coffin recently... so I would guess it is legal.

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The interior size of a coffin would make this difficult, if not impossible.

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Amy l
I don't know if it is illegal or legal but a few months ago in Indiana two mothers and their young children were killed. When they had their funerals, one of the mothers and her 4 month old was buried in the same coffin with the mother holding the baby. It could probably be done but is there one big enough for two adults? It would be comforting to know that they were together so I don't think there is a problem

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Last year there was a big fire in Bardstown Ky. It killed 10 people in the same family, They did put a set of twins together a mom and her child together as well so yes.

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sean t
Whats creepy about this question then. wouldn't you love to buried with a love one

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i know (sadly) of two children who were buried together, as their parents didn't want them to be "alone"

i'm not sure if a husband and wife can be buried together, but there are extra large coffins/caskets out there and i imagine if they died at the same time, it wouldn't be a big deal to bury them together so it looks as thought they are sleeping/snuggling forever. not only would it be cheaper and more eco friendly (one plot, one non biodegradable casket, etc) it's kind romantic in sad way. if i died in a car accident with my husband, i'd want to be with him like this, not side by side in different caskets. i know i'd be dead so it shouldn't really matter, but...

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