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Can my employer force me to drive to work in the snow?
I live about 5 miles away, the snow is at least 10 inches thick, there are no buses, trains tubes running. My boss is saying that I have to get into work somehow, even if i walk! Surely they have a duty of care to ensure my safety? I work as a nursary nurse, and doubt that many kids will be in anyway.

Any information along with relevant sources would be handy, thanks
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and taxi's are out of the question as none are running! I have no snow chains, and only have a little corsa anyway!

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What about your duty of care to your patients. Nursing isn't the type of job you can just decide not to show up for because there is snow on the ground. Someone has to be there to take care of the patients.
Your boss is perfectly within their right to tell you that you must show up for work. If you chose not to do so,they are free to fire you.
I've been a nurse for many years. If you are in the medical profession and need to get to work,call the Police. They will take you to work. They will always accommodate medical personnel in the case of snow.

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Ruth F
Tell him to balls. 5 miles takes me 2 hours walking, and that's in the warm weather when I'm feeling active.

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Can't you call a taxi? I do agree about your safety being at risk though if you drive and you certainly couldn't walk five miles in the snow! Tell your boss h/she is mad for even thinking about asking you to do this!

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tony c
snow chains are illegal in this country anyway!.

you should have rung in sick.

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Nobody can force you to drive anywhere. If he insists on you going to work, tell him to come and collect you. Then if he has a prang it's his problem and not yours.

If you are able to walk, try that but I would insist that he picks you up and you meet him somewhere on route - that is if you are able to walk and that he takes you home. My next door neighbour isn't able to go to work because the way to work is along a motorway and there are no back roads which she can walk along.

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Kit Fang
You do not have to go in - call in sick if you want. But he can take action against you if you do not show up - i.e. suspension, not being paid for today, or even being sacked. It really depends on the terms of your contract.

Your safety is not their responsibility until you get to work, so on your way to work, your safety is up to you. Five miles isn't that far, only about an hour's walk. Ten inches thick? where do you live? we have like two inches and all the schools are closed - your nursery will probably close soon enough anyway, so you could just wait.

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Unless the local government or state issues a weather advisory and telling everyone to stay off the roads unless they work in hospitals and police department---necessary people...then yes you must go to work. Your boss can not go against state or local government issued weather advisories...he would be breaking the law...otherwise...bundle up and leave earlier for work to get there on time. sorry.

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Roger M
walk or put chains on your car.

should be no problem

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Fifi L'amour
At my company, you are expected to travel in to work in the snow however you can if you live within 5 miles.
I don't think anyone has ever enforced it though and as long as you have proved that it would be extremely difficult to get there they are usually fine.
If snow is that thick where you are I think it would be irresponsible for the nursery to open - kids could be put in danger.
Your employer does have a duty of care. Maybe you could suggest that you will come in if your boss pays for a 4x4 to come and pick you up or something like that.

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Unfortunately, unless your company specifically says that you don't have to go in, they can require you to get there somehow, or at least make a valiant effort to get there.

If you don't go and don't even try, I think that they are quite within their rights to dock your pay for the day or take it from your holiday entitlement.

You need to make sure you've definitely tried all avenues before calling and saying that you can't get in.

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i would speak in a nice way to your boss first and go from there xx good luck

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I live about 8 miles from my nursery my husband drives me to work he refuses to go out and has gone back to bed so I dont know what to do

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english rosethorn
You are under contract to work and it is your responsibility to make your own arrangements to attend.

There are acceptable reasons for a legitimate absence. The working time directive details these.

You can get a down load from


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No, he cant force you to do anything but you'll get in trouble if you don't show up anyways.

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mark t
I had a huge row with my boss over this today. I normally work from home and my company office is over 50 miles away. We had over 12 inches of snow here yesterday and I live in the countryside. The roads are disgusting, no grit, no salt. 9am this morning the boss calls to say he wants a meeting with me this afternoon and expected me to drive there asap. So I told him 'NO WAY' couldn't even get the car out of the drive as it just kept sliding sideways.
He's not happy but its not worth it, no one can make you do that.
No job is worth risking driving and ending up getting injured.
Put yourself first !!

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Lot of apparently American answers here so far. He cannot force you to go to work, but he can mark you down for being absent. Clearly he's not particularly sensible. If he tries to sack you he'll have an interesting fight on his hands as the government have issued a severe weather warning for the whole of England and Wales.

Having said that, personally I'd make an effort to get there one way or another. The first time I walked in, about 5 miles, then the boss hired a 4x4 and ran a private "bus service", collecting and delivering essential staff.

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No, but he can dock you if you don't show up for work. You obviously live in the snowbelt, so you should be prepared to commute when snow makes it difficult. If you can't make it, you can't make it. You don't need to risk your life to get to work, but you need to make a reasonable effort.

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He can if your name is Rudolph or Donner or Blitzen or..........

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Vicky S
Depends upon the terms of your contract.

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if you don't want to go then don't go safety first

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Andromeda Newton™
If you have one check your company handbook. most have an adverse weather section but sadly most companies say that you have to make every effort to get in, hence my hubby has just set off on his 15 mile journey to work!

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The Mechanic
No employer can force you to risk life and limb , in fact there are laws to stop such practises .

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I ran into the same problem when my 4 wheel drive jeep was in the shop last year and as a nurse I have to be at work rain or shine, I couldn't make it in my moms front wheel drive and told my boss to come get me and bring me to work (I live about 5 miles from work to) and he did for two days in a row. Maybe you could try that.

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That's the Spirit girl, you stay home and contemplate how your going to spend all that time watching daytime tv complaining that some foreign tart has taken your job,
have you not been listening to Gorden Brown and his British spirit speech, now be quite while I turn over and have a sleep as its to cold to get up yet

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Though under the circumstances your boss should be more understanding, unfortunately it is his prerogative to insist that you show up for work. If you don't, it will also be his prerogative to terminate you.

At least that is the case under most circumsatnces where I live.

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The Met office are advising people to stay at home. Your boss cannot force you to come into work but I bet she will make your life pretty unhappy if you don't. Ask her to send a car to pick you up if she is that desperate for you to work. Will she compensate you if you are involved in an accident while trying to get to work?

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