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 Who should I report to for someone I know for endangering her unborn fetus?
She's 15 weeks along. I've heard that she heard the placenta was detachced or something and that she could miscarry. She was a heroin addict and now I've heard that she's been ...

 Shouldn't Mexico get their act together?
Drug wars, crime in general, health care, immigration, they can't blame the US for all their problems.
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I don't care choko, it is not our problem, that is the ...

 When do you send out subpoena’s for documentation, interrogatories, and request for admission in a civil case?
We are heading towards the final pretrial, just curious when those items are to be sent out. T...

 How has the uk law developed in the law of corruption/bribery?
Lord Templeman in Attorney General for Hong Kong v. Reid (1994) stated
“Bribery is an evil practice which threatens the foundations of any civilised society…a fiduciary acting dishonestly ...

 How can you determine who is going to commit a crime and who is not?
What about all the individuals who did not have anything happen during their childhood, then one day just snap and start murdering people?

What about the individuals that are not dealing ...

 Can you sue for getting teeth hit?
If someone COMPLETELY BY ACCIDENT hits another person in their teeth, and gets their teeth broken, can that person sue? And don't forget, it was an ACCIDENT....

 How do you get into the FBI?
what are the qualifications?...

 If the person who committed the crime has agreed to the Plea Deal offered by the State, at the court date set?
Can his Attorney still go into the Courtroom and argue one of the conditions of the Plea deal they all of sudden don't like?

OR when they agree on the Plea deal, there is no turning ...

 Is it ok to raise a hand in self defense or has the law changed?
My brother is 19 and im 18. when we get in arguments hes always the first to resort to violence even over a petty thing like me watching youtube/anime videos for entertainment since my computers with ...

 How do police speed cameras work?
How do the ones work that the police have when they sit in their car at the side of the road?

Also do they pull you over right away or do you get a letter in the post?

I'm ...

 My brother-in-law had a CCJ issued against him at our address. How can we get the CCJ removed from our address?
My brother-in-law has never lived at our address but a CCJ has been issued in his name at our address as he has not paid his rent. His landlord told us that he gave this as his address so the Court ...

 International Law on trade?
Are the any INTERNATIONAL laws that regulate exporting and importing from one country to another? For example from the EU to the US? I am not very sure if the International Sale of Good Act does this....

 Who HERE could actually decide which person was a terrorist and which was a person engaged in civil conflict?
Now many people were taken to Gitmo, after they had been handed over to US forces by the Northern Alliance... most of those people were actually fighting an already existing civil conflict when the A...

 In India how can we make people to follow traffic rules?
Now a days around more than 90% of people don't follow the traffic rules in India. How can the people not following the rules be punishable.

Rules like

1. Not stopping ...

 How long would a minor go to jail for in the following instances..?
Setting a car on fire?
Possesion of drugs?
Carrying an illegal firearm?...

 Where can I find Arkansas laws concerning housing rentals for renter/rentee?
Could one relay more information about residential renter's and rentee's responsibilities, laws and ordinances. Is it Arkansas Code? Website?...

 What does "Law and order" mean in that sentance? (I am French) Thanks?
"On LAW AND ORDER, Mr Brown said there would be measures for directly elected representatives to give local people a greater say over policing priorities, while there will also be legislation to ...

 Why does our state allow porn but not prostitution?
they seem the same to me there both selling?
Additional Details
they bot h seem equally in morel but then again i can understand married couple doing making a video. but what about ...

 How easy is to bribe the police in US?

Additional Details
hahaha..hey Detective, don't be angry with ...

 Is there a criminal attorney in the house?
Defendant is 70, with some felony priors dating back decades. Driven to desperation he stole a ladies credit card. She left it in the ATM, the opportunity presented itself. What he did was horrible ...

Can my employer NOT give me time off?
I have been w/a company for nearly 3 years now and have never taken more than 1 or 2 days off; and that was due to winter. I had planned on going to see my 90 year old grandfather in another state..would probably be the very last time I'd get to see him alive. I did what my supervisor said and wrote down the days I needed off in June...mailed this to her the beginning of April so they could plan a sub for me. I called there the other day and asked if I needed to fill out a special paper to take that time off. She told me that I would have to call EVERY day and tell them I would not be there....Ok, I'd say "I won't be at work today because I'm in Florida??" Is that what they want me to say? I'd be gone for 6 days. I do not qualify for paid vacation...I knew that. She said it was in the policy. Well, it's not in the policy book I have! my book also says that any excused or un-excused time would result in disciplinary actions or termination. What am I supposed to do? I need some time off but I don't want to get fired over it!! I think they are trying to pull something. My husband is going into my office with me and we are going to ask them "where is that at in your policy book because it's not in mine!!!" How can they NOT give me some time off? I could really have some time off when I tell them I QUIT!! That's how mad I am right now!

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There is no law that states a company has to allow a person off of work for time requested. The only exception to this rule is if you have a doctor's note stating you are gone because you or your immediate family is ill under the FMLA. Your company is there to provide a service or to make money. You are expected to be there and if you can't provide help for them they can fire you.

Before you go in making yourself look like a fool you may want to reread your handbook because it probably states somewhere in there that it can change at anytime without notice.

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I hope you saved a copy of the letter you mailed her. Are you really sure this is the company you want to work for? I know that companies don't HAVE to give us time off but the better the employer the better the employee

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Your employer is not legally obligated to give you time off if it is not in a written contract or policy. It does seem that your employer is being a bit hard line about it, but some are. The best move is to go in and tell your supervisor that you need the six days off. If you quit, you will not be able to collect unemployment benefits. Instead of quitting, allow the company to decide if they need to terminate you. Approach the matter in a calm and business like manner, without any argument or stand off. Tell your supervisor simply that you need to have the time off and leave it at that.

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First, I would not involve your husband in this matter. It makes you seem weak. Second, read the handbook thoroughly and if it seems like they can fire you at will, then that's what they can do. Just do what you think is right.

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ok so you dont have paid vacation or sick time available. that sounds like a bad job to begin with. it sounds like you are doing the right thing by asking well in advance for time away without pay. it has been my experience that if you bring your husband into your office to try to get things settled that 1. you look a little incompetent for not being about to settle this yourself in a reasonable manner and 2. your boss may feel threatened that you had to bring in someone else. either one doesnt help your case. again try to settle this little problem politely and professionally but remember at the end of the day family is most important. maybe in the meantime start looking for another job, and remember that if you quit you most likely wont get unemployment, however if you get fired for not being at work during a "family emergency" then you could very well have a wrongful termination lawsuit available to you.

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