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 DUI? Bankrupcy? Foreclosure? Why not be on record forever?
since all these get cleaned out from ur record in about 7 years, there are incentives for people to be not as responsible in their decisions which ultimately caused our current economic downturn....

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 What, if anything, would a cop do about a five-year-old stealing a candy bar from a convenience store?

 What am I to do about my mortgage?
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 Is a google search a HIPAA violation?
I work in a hospital and have heard about hipaa numerous times, but it is a very confusing subject. If an employee did a google search with a patient's name would that be a violation of hipaa?...

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 Is it illegal to drill a hole through a coin?
I just want to put it on my charm bracelet cause its so pretty...
and its just an english '10 pence' anyway, and i am in australia
*puppy dog eyes*...

 Global Positioning System+Car+Laws+State of Michigan?
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 NEED HELP!! asset acceptance llc request for entry of default!!?
Hi I need help!!
i got a letter in my door from asset acceptance llc (request for entry of default) the case was opened on NOV 08 i was never served with a summons and i called the los angeles ...

 Whys it dey dont have to pay me?
These guys like tottally asalted me but because i threatend em the police say i am not intitled. Y can't i sue them, its not fair. I didnt hit dem 1st
Additional Details
Yous so ...

 Is there any way i can lower my bail amount for my speedin' ticket?
...it's set at $188 and i hav to pay another $64 if i want to take traffic schoo....and i willl.........i wouldnt mine payin' this but the problem is i got 2 speedin' tickin' ...

 Can I move out on my own at 15 or 16?
Cuz I need to have a place of my own, my parents keep me from being happy....

 What does it mean to be appointed resident agent?

 Are rules binding? Are violations not punished? Do words mean nothing?
I couldn't agree more. And that's exactly why President Obama must tell Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate torture, warrantless wiretapping, and ...

 Legal Advice on Termination of Parental Rights?
I have a complex situation. I am from India and met this girl from California, USA. She came down to India and we had consensual sex . She went back to USA, and we are now no longer together. This ...

Chris P
Can i drive to school with a permit without and adult or parent?
I'm getting my permit, and I'm 15 turning 16 in october. Will I be able to drive to school without an adult? I see many kids driving without an adult and they are on their permits. I;m pretty sure a permit is just to learn how to drive, but will I get in big trouble if i drive by myself to school? Also, if I take some friends, will that be even more illegal?

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talk to your driving instructor i believe if you talk to him or a judge you can get special permission

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I don't know how it varies state to state but in PA no, you have to be driving with someone who is 21!

And you definitely can't have someone else in the car! The penalty is not being able to get your license until you are 21.

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no, thats a dumb question....you have to be a licensed driver to drive alone.... you have no right to do that because what if you get in an accident and you have friends in there. if they get injured guess whos gonna have to pay for everything. its time to be a little more responsible....those other kids that are driving are breaking the law. dont follow the trend...

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Lela A
No, a liscensed driver needs to be with you at all time while drivng a car

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No, duh!

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You didn't say which state, but the general answer is no. If you are caught, your permit will be canceled and in some states you could lose priveleges until 18 OR have the car impounded. Also, depending on the terms of your parent's insurance, you may not be covered in case of a mishap.

If your state has Graduated licenses, its possible that some of the kids you see are on Junior licenses (here you can get that at 17) where you can drive without an adult.

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yes. if you get caught without an adult (18, or 21 in some states) with you in the car, you will lose the privilege to get your license when you turn 16. you will have to wait even longer to drive yourself. also, many states have limits on how many friends you can take even after you get your license, so be aware of that. if you are willing to live with the consequences, and possibly not get your license, then do it. otherwise play it safe, and just wait until you're legal.

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No, you must have a licensed driver 18 years or older in the front seat with you in order to drive with a permit.

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Well in any case you would be DRIVING WITHOUT A LICENSE. That is illegal no matter how you look at it. You'd also likely be driving without proof of insurance, a lesser crime that could be overlooked if you don't get in an accident and the cop is in a good mood. The reason you wouldn't have insurance is because most(if not all) insurance companies will only cover LICENSED drivers(a permit without a licensed driver is no license, a permit WITH a licensed driver that fits qualifications IS a license). So find out who needs to be with you, may be parents/guardians at your age over just an adult, and make sure they are with you when you drive.

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