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Can a doctor take away your driver's license?
I have epilepsy and my doctor wants to change my medication, but he said I wouldn't be able to drive during my transition period. I need to drive for work and school. Do they really have the power to take my license away?

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Many doctors have been taken to court and have had their licenses revoked. Imagine a doctor over-prescribing narcotics to a bonafide drug addict (eg Elvis Presley, etc.) The logic is the same... Hospitals don't let a patient "walk-out" of the hospital either... regardless of the circumstances.

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Doctors don't have that power, but a letter to the DMV and your driving PRIVILEGE is revoked! Do you really want to be driving when you don't know what might happen? What if you were to have a seizure, run your car into a bus bench and you kill several people? Could you live with yourself? Stop driving for a while until you know how your new medication will affect you. Good Luck and God Bless You

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Susie D
A physician is legally boung to report a patient that is unsafe to drive, and seizure disorders definitely qualify.

If you were driving and had a seizure the physician can face a malpractice lawsuit for failing to comply with the law.

I realize that you feel the "need" to drive, but the flip side of that is that I do not "feel" the need to be on the road with a person who may seize while driving. This is for your own safety as well as the safety of everyone on the road with you.

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He has the right to request that your license be temporarily suspended while the transition takes place. He could be held liable for any injury that you could cause if you wrecked while during the transition period.

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He can make recommendations, anyway. And like others said, it's really better while you're adjusting to new medicine. You can't really enjoy that drive from 6 feet underground or inside a jail cell for manslaughter, after all!

Is there a chance you can get a ride with someone else?

Good luck!

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No... but he can report you to the proper authorities and have your license suspended. And for good reason. I don't want some one driving under the influence to kill some one.

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More Lies & More Smoke Screens
Yes, they do. If you have certain illnesses that can make it dangerous for you to drive, it is their obligation to you & the general public to do this. I am sorry it is a terrible inconvenience for you, but if your new meds cause a reaction or they do not control your seizures & you lose control, you could not only hurt or kill yourself, you could also hurt or kill someone else.
I had a friend who found out he was diabetic the hard way. He was driving home one night when he blacked out & ran off of the road. He was unhurt & luckily no one else was involved, it was a country road. But what if it had been on a busy city street or the highway or interstate??
Perhaps the doctor will allow you to only get your license back once your meds have been adjusted & they are shown to work properly.
Good Luck to you..

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Reva P

Your doctor has not only the right but the obligation to report to the authorities anyone with any type of medical problem that might cause that person to either black out or inadvertently act in an irresponsible manner behind the wheel. After all, they hypocratic oath includes the phrase "first, do no harm", and not reporting under such circumstances is potentially allowing a great deal of harm

Your doctor has the obligation to take your license, even temporarily, until your meds have been straightened out. Neither you nor he knows if this new combination will prevent seizures.

Think of it in these terms - you have a moral oblication to not allow a friend to drive drunk, so why doesn't your doctor have a obligation to allow you to drive when you could be impaired by a health problem?

Your employer won't want you driving without medical clearance to do so. And as for school, you can carpool. Your friends will understand, and when your meda have been stabilized, you can make it up to them.

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Yes, a doctor really can get your license taken away. That "do not drive or operate heavy machinery" thing is to be taken quite seriously, especially with presciption medication, and most especially with neurologics.

Find someone to drive you to work and school in the meantime, and know that it's probably not a permanent situation. Or, looked at another way, you could choose not to make the switch to a new medication, have your condition get worse, and have your license permanently revoked.

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yes they do with the medical report they send to your local highway patrol office that will temporarily take away your license. as with my husbands situation of the same circumstances his license was only suspended for 2 yrs without any instances of seizures then he can be eligible to get his license back also with a dr.'s letter to the local highway partol.

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Yes, depending on medications they have that right. Why would you risk other peoples lives by driving on a new medication for epilepsy any way?

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In many states he's *required* to report it to the DMV.

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no..but maybe you might not be a jerk and listen the doc unit he thinks its safe to drive you might save your own live or my mine..dont be a selfish fool and kill some one with your car..wake up..and no he cant take your license but he can inform the dmv on you..

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yep he is required BY LAW to report any danger you present in this case by continuing to drive. and you should stop driving I resent the fact that you are tampering with MY LIFE and MY LIBERTY by driving on a road and not being in shape to do so, you are very self centered, blind people take public trans all the time, find a way to get to work but QUIT ENDANGERING OTHERS AND STOP DRIVING. you are NOT ALONE ON THE ROADS, maybe get into a carpool from work

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I am afraid they do have some kind of power,.
My friend has poor vision and her eye-doctor
did something with her license and had it re-voked,
when she went for her eye test, sorry, that is what

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Yes they can. They're not doing it to be mean, they're doing it for safety.. yours and everyone elses.

You just never know what may happen in that transition period.. and they are obligated to deal with all 'side effects' that may occur... ie you seizing and having an accident.

Good luck.. its not for forever... I know alot of people with epilepsy that cant have their license back period, so consider yourself lucky.

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Dani M
Absolutely!!!! Consider an older person who may have had a major stroke. Would you want that person on the road with you?

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THey can report to DMV if they believe you to be a danger to the road.

I understand that you have work and school. But how important are those if you end up in an accident that seriously injured someone or killed someone due to a reaction to the meds during the transition period?

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The physician does not have the power to take away your driving PRIVILEGE but his/her recommendation allow your state to take action against you.

Anyway, if you suffer from epilepsy and he wants to change your meds., do you not think that it would be dangerous to drive for you and for others. Can you take public transportation during your transition period?

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