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Brandon M
Can I take Someone to Court?
Can I take someone to court for making lies about me and my girlfriend. Im 20 years old and there is someone I know that is runing around telling my friends and family that i have a S.T.D and i dont. So can I take them to court?? Plzz. HELP ME!!!

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Kevin Kettell
Its your cashola , I dont see why you couldnt. In a law sense, assault is a crime of words. Battery is a crime of physical force. Even a tap. But assault is if you get yelled at. Theres your start.

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yes's it's called slander and you can sue!

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rick d
Need proof in video or quoted print to prove slander.


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If you know who is doing this why is it allowed to continue ? Consult an attorney or join a boxing gym.

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court isn't the answer. something like this happened to me & my BF once. Just assure your friends and family that you do not and that you plan on confronting this person about why they are spreading these rumors. And then try to talk to them about it.
In the end, they'll end up looking like the jerks.
And PS- you could always go to the doctor to prove that you don't.

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Unless you can prove significant monetary damages, no attorney will take the case.

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la belle dame sans merci
yeh under defamation. the onus is on you to prove that she did in fact do it and that it did in fact affect your life and the way you are viewed

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sure you can sue it's called libel and or slander one is spoken the other is written.hard to win if only spoken unless it has totally ruined you.remember casey anthony who said she left her baby caylee with that babysitter and she ran off with her child.well she is suing casey anthony'for libel and slander as it ruined her reputation..don't forget to sue them for all their money.

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Somebody call CSI, we got another cold one down here!

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No.. unless they are documenting this in some way, you don't have any proof. And is it even worth it? It would cost more to take them to court then what you would get in return. What would you want the courts to do? Throw them in jail? That wouldn't happen. The most that would happen is a charge for slander or defamation, which results in a fine, but beyond that, nothing. If they threaten you in any way, you can get a restraining order, but this seems like a hassle to take someone to court for "rumors".

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Um..No i don't think you can take someone to court. But you can definitely prove them wrong by getting tested and then slapping them in the face with the results. People are gonna be idiots so its up to you to be better than them and rise above the drama and there immature ways! As long as you know your clean forget what they say! I really hope they get what they deserve because karma is something serious. Good luck with everything it definitely has to be nerve racking when the rumors are false..Keep your head up.. Things always have to be bad before they get any better.
Take Care

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What 'damages' has this caused you financially? If none, then no case. If damages, you have a case, but would have to prove to the judge that you do not haven any types of STDs.

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Another Way to See it
You could try, but doubt that you would win. You'd have to prove your reputation was damaged and suffered financial losses because of the lies

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Kid A
Sounds like slander. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do. It's just heresay and gossip. It's not the same as Tom Cruise suing the Enquirer for publishing false information since they would be damaging his reputation (which is essentially his product) in order to make a profit.

This person (as far as I know) has not published this information so it's word against word. Lets pretend though that for some reason it went to court. You would need to prove that this is somehow causing you financial or emotional distress. Even then, what would you want the judge to do? They wouldn't really be able to enforce any judgment that would stop the person from speaking. First Amendment protects freedom of speech.

Go get tested and show them your clean bill of health if you're so worried about your rep. Or, just tell everyone that he had sex with his cousin.

Incest always trumps VD.

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In order to sue someone for slander, you have to prove that they're causing you financial or personal loss. Contact a lawyer.

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You would have to prove that their actions are causing you to lose something financially. More than likely this isn't the case and you won't win anything.

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yes it's defamation. civil court! call a lawyer and ask how to go about it, or a free legal advice hotline

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