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 To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is __?

 Is it Actually Legal...?
For a regional manager to demote a full-time person to part-time unprovoked and without warning as a "trial"?
Keep in mind Regional manager that has been in the store about 4 times in ...

 Landlord told me that we are too loud and said we need to have everything shut down at 10pm, is that legal?
So i guess we are making too much noise and the landlord said that we need to stop making noise at 10pm, keep company to a minimal, when we are going up to our apartment we need to basically tip toe ...

 Can I have a man retested for paternity if I am not under age?
i'm 26 now but the HLA test was done in 1985 when i was 2 it came back negative but i've read that the hla test are only 70 percent accurate. my mother swears that he was the only man she ...

 After 46 yrs of incarceration retired bank robber asks: is there anyone who will hire me to drive their truck?
I'm 60 years old with Class A CDL (HAZ MAT endorsement). Just looking for an opportunity to do it the right way....

 Is it ok in the US to show your support like this?
I'm new here in the US.
I go to my favorite cafe everyday and now know
almost everyone there. They're nice people.
Today a guy came in and talked to one of the
people ...

 What are the security clearances required by the army for the mos?
the mos i am trying to get into have required security clearance what does that mean... what are the specifics is it credit or what all i have is a few credit problems... nothing ...

 Why is the memorial To MLK being built before his sealed files on his life are opened and evaluated?

 I can't believe I'm being wrongfully accused of fraud.?
I was running low on food so I went to a food bank to get some until I got more money. When I went in I filled my name out and sat down until they called my name then minutes later other people came ...

 Legalizing Drugs Like Marijuana?
Marijuana is an illegal substance that can help with pain. What will the point of legalizing it be? It WILL NOT cause the amount of violence and drug flow to decrease.... The government already ...

 My family and I are going through a lawsuit regarding real estate and I wanted to ask a question?
Recently my mother, sister, and I are pushing forth with legal action against the builder/contractor of a new property we are building. In the middle of the building of the new property, my father ...

 In the UK, is it legal to have a relationship with someone you're related to through a relation's marriage?
I.e. not through blood, an affinity relationship....

 Is it illegal to impersonate a person?
I know it is illegal to impersonate a doctor or official. But can you impersonate a regular person?
Additional Details
No infact I have not been impersonating someone. I just wanted to ...

 How can i locate a persons house that lives in missouri state?

 How do I handle this man's unwanted behavior?
I work in a large office building. There is a man who works in the maintenance department who is making me feel very uncomfortable. When I arrive in the morning, he is hanging out on my floor. W...

 No Copyright/Not even verbatim..?
I'm trying to get a business started and I made the mistake of gleening information from my old mentor. I didn't "cut and paste" I changed it around, changed the names, etc. N...

 Is it illegal to change someone's mailing address?
So a reletive's mail is set to always come at my house but they went to the post office without my permission and made it so that all my mail goes to his house. Is this illegal because if it is ...

i'm doing a research paper on dumb laws in michigan. i found onethat said a woman can't cut her hair without her husband's permission and another saying Smoking while in bed is illegal ...

 New Delhi police tickle torture. Can it work?
The New Delhi police have revealed that they have a novel way of extracting confessions from criminals by tickle torturing them. They state “Now we tickle them under their armpits until they get ...

 Need California legal advice. How can the father of my baby voluntarily relinquish his parental rights?
I will be seeing a lawyer but I'm trying to educate myself to options beforehand.

Long story short: My ex and I dated for 2 years. We broke up and then I found out I was pregnant. A...

Can't access breaker box or hot water heater. Is this legal?
We recently moved into a house about two weeks ago, and the breaker box is located in the basement of the house. We did not know this until after moving in.

Since then, we've needed it kicked twice, but the landlord locked the basement with a padlock and refuses to give us the key.

Instead, we are supposed to call and have someone go down there and do it for us.
Unless it is at night. Then we have to wait until morning for them to open shop.

Is it legal for them to deny us access to this? Our hot water heater is down there as well.

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Yes I believe it is legal. Because they dont want you storing things down there and/or messing with the water heater or breaker box.

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The apt complex where by brother lives has the breaker box and water heater locked and it's legal. It's there to prevent vandalism or theft.

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John P
This answer may seem silly but check with your fire department. In Tampa FL the fire department can turn off gas but can not turn it on. It can only be done by the gas company. Also all Panel boards have to be kept accessible to anyone.

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It depends on your state and the landlord tenant laws there. I would contact the better business bureau and let them know the situation.

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you should be able to do this.

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nas88caror 300 09? way to go BK!
it can be locked but he has to give access to it you should have a key in case of an emergency in case the water heater breaks.or something else..
and if you need to get at it night he has to be ther after you call no mater what time

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This is a direct infraction of the basic fire code, at the very least he is required to provide you a key. Look up local fire codes, I am certain that this is illegal.

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