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 Probation before Judgment?
I live in Maryland and not to long ago was put on Probation before Jury. It was a theft case. Will this show up on background check?
Additional Details
I live in Maryland and not to long ...

 Discuss why some states were reluctant to accept the Constitution and what was done to remedy this reluctance.?
Needing some help please!...

 Can anyone tell me about who would govern over the Aps ?
I know every body has a boss , and i need a direction to go in to find out who besides a supervisor , would be over this Entity. They have really violated some issues that i beleive needs to be ...

 Are you an expert in SSI?
My father receives social security and SSI due to disability and due to the fact he has 0 assets. Both my parents live alone. I help them with rent and other bills just allows them to just get buy. ...

 What is an INS detainer?
we are going through a court case against the man who molested my then 6 year old daughter and somtimes I go on our county jail website just to make sure he is still there but today under holds it ...

 For my new job I have to list all driving convictions?
Im not sure what this all includes.... i've only ever been pulled over for having an expired licence sticker does this count.... I live in Ontario
Additional Details
It's for a ...

 Statue of Limitations in Wisconsin?
I was involved in a fight around thanksgiving 2008 where me and the other person both sustained injuries, the other person pressed charges and i did not. its been 4 months now and i have pictures of ...

 What are some movies that have examples of Domestic Violence?

 Is it time to start SHOE BANKS all over this World?
What is your opinion about shoe market Worldwide?...

Amanda works as an au-pair with the Thompsons. One evening, when the Thompsons are out, Amanda invites her friend Victoria, who is also an au-pair, to visit her. Victoria has a very old car and ...

 Questions about emancipation? help please? 10 pts?
Alright. So, first let's start off with can-I-even-get-emancipated-or-seperated-...
I have runaway charges, alcohol and tabaco charges, and i have pending charges for unautherised use of a ...

 At what stage is someone "convicted" of a crime?
If someone has plead guilty to a crime, but has not been sentenced yet, are they already "convicted", or is that official when the court case is over?...

 If I transfer a prescription to another pharmacy do they call the original pharmacy?
or the prescribing doctor? Which one do they call?

Also, what information do they need to get from the other pharmacy/prescribing doctor?...

 Bring death penalty back?
how would we justify using killing as a means to say that killing is bad?? eye for an eye and the punishment should fit the crime and all that. but life imprisonment is still a life taken away.....he ...

mr k
Are public disorder crimes victimless crimes?

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Not necessarily.

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No. The public (as in "public order") is often the victim.

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