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Sigh Co
Would you call the cops on your neighbors for playing loud music?
It's Saturday afternoon, they're about 2/10 of a mile down the road and I can clearly hear their music. Normally I wouldn't care but my husband works nights and his sleep is being disturbed.

What do you think?
Additional Details
Normally I have a "live and let live" outlook but the noise seems excessive today. I think it's a graduation party so I don't want to get into an argument with 50 drunks!

I have a feeling I'm not the only unhappy neighbor!

Thanks everyone, enjoy your weekend! :)

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just be cool about it, deal with it. i hate stupid people that call the cops for crap like dat.

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i would call and ask them to be quite first, if they don't then call one more time, if not then. COPS

DO NOT just call the cops on them... my neighbors have done that to me 3 times without talking to me and it just creates a bad air, for this reason i hate most of my neighbors.

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Colon Blow
Yes, I would. I've done it before, and I'd do it again if I had to. I don't know what makes people think they have the right to force their "music" on others. I don't care if it is out in the country, or in a n apartment complex. No one has the right to infringe on others no matter what time of day or night it is. I wish you the best of luck. I've read some of the other answers, and I disagree with those who say to talk with the neighbors first. I did that once, they said they would turn it down, and when I got back to my place, they cranked it back up again. Just save time, and call the cops.

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no, ask your neighbours to turn it down if not, take further action call the cops!

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No, sorry, not in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday. If its that big of a deal, go down the street and ask them to turn it down a bit.

Also, not sure about your neighborhood, but if the houses are very few and far between and you call the police, it will probably be pretty obvious you were the caller.

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Always remember that every action you take has an equal and opposite reaction. (As they say in Physics) The folks making the noise may not like having the police show up for a situation they consider unfair. (Daylight, weekend, distance from you.) You might to look into sound proofing rather than getting into a feud that could escalate. Good luck.

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Ask them to turn the music down, and if not, maybe call the cops. I'd be hesitent but do what you think is right.

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Blessed Hell
I don't think you would ever allowed to stop their Music! Question doesn't arise to call cops even. Please allow MUSICS whatever it is. Forget Saturday or Sunday---whatever it is & forget what your husband does whatever he does------just think, whether it is anti-civic laws or not. Calling cops are the terms of you the Westerners, we never think of that as Indian Subcontinent citizens! We rather request the neighbors, that's all. If it works, that's all. Otherwise, we remain quite. We know, at some moment, or at some time, they'll realize. We're that much cooperative by the way. Because we know, one of my close one dies today, so what to the neighbors whose wedding ceremony on that day?

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betty boop
go ask them and let them know that your husband works at night and needs to sleep - either they will be nice about it or not.
If not they do sell earplugs at department stores.

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Mr. Goodhi

I've done that but the cops told me someone had already reported it & they were sending someone over to investigate.

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no, i wouldn't call the cops unless they became violent or someone was in need of help. Cops are underpaid and local communities understaffed and underfunded to be spending money on private squabbles about the decibel level of the music.

If its disturbing your husband I would purchase ear muffs/plugs (i can't think of their name) that keeps the noise out. I would keep my noise down in the house because it is probably louder than noise coming from 2/10 of a mile down.. Maybe doing a little research about sound proofing your bedroom (your kids would thank you) would be better than to use tax payer's money to solve a personal annoyance with a neighbor.

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Yes, as a last resort.

I find that if you post an annonymous letter on their door explaining that you will call the cops if you hear their music again; usually works. It also works for barking dogs too.

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Well it depends...if you told the people that it was really late and your and your family were trying to sleep, and the people still did not turn down the sound, I would call the police. Its very rude to bother your neighbors like that, and if they're 2/10s of a mile away you should not being hearing their music. Good luck with your noisy neighbors!!!!

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Mrs Cleavers hairless beaver
Yeah ecspecially if theres a noise ordinance where you live. Why should you have to be forced to their crappy music. They can listen at a resonable volume.

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Ranger K
Sure, I get those calls all the time.

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Everything T
I would first try politely asking your neighbors to turn their music down. I live in a shitty neighborhood with not the nicest neighbors, but simply knock on the door, smile, and say, "Excuse me, but my husband works nights and he's trying to sleep. Can you please turn your musicdown a little?" Most people will do this. If they don't, try again and say, "I really need you to keep it down, my husband is trying to sleep. I'd hate to call the police over something we can resolve." If they don't back down after that, feel free to call the cops. Just be prepared for some sort of retaliation for that and if anything on your property gets stolen/broken, DOCUMENT it and let the cops know you think you know who did it.

Good luck!

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hmmm this is hard... you dont want them to know its you so of course you wont call them yourself..they would get mad.... but maybe they wont get mad becuz you explain it in a nice way that yer hub works nights, so he has to sleep. yes i would do that, call them yourself. calling cops is not nice.

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First, if they look like a friendly bunch, I would go down there and tell them the situation. They will probably understand. Let them know the time frame when your husband really needs to get some sleep.

If this doesn't work, you have given them warning. Call the police. Also, if it happens again it may be a mistake because someone who is not aware of the situation may have turned the music up again.

Good luck. Stay Safe!

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Jigoku Shoujo
Call the police if you want, but only if you've asked them to turn it down before and they didn't.

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raja e
if i asked them to turn it off and they said no hell yea i would those little cancer heads better turn their $hit off, go **** on their lawn and call the saint judes cancer hospital and put cancer in their eyes

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first go over there and ask them to put the music down if they dont then call

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Yes, it's inconsiderate also illegal to make excessive noise or disturbing the peace.

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do it.

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the reason we have police is to help settle disputes non-violently. Tell your neighbors that your husband is sleeping and they need to turn it down "a little". If you get a negative response from your neighbors, or no repsonse, then yes, call the police and ask them to please deal with it appropriately. I understand from both perspectives. The police should warn them before issuing a citation. Fair warning is a "good-neigbor" policy, they may not even realize or think they really have the right to do that. They simply need to be informed.

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Wilson R
After asking two or three times to please turn it down and he doesn't respond, then I would have to call the police before I do some thing that might get is all in trouble.

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Yes, if it's disturb you, and your daily life. Make sure to ask them to turn it down first. If they don't lesson the second time. Then yes...

P.S- If you are thumbs downing on me, for having an easy intelligent answer, you have problems.

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I would because if it is continuous I would defiantly call the police, They may not have to get up early for work and make a living but, you do so my answer is yes I would.:)

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i would the cops will probably just shake em up a little

hope your husband can now get some rest!

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Dave D
What are they playing?

All kidding aside, you have a right to some peace and quiet.....My wife works nights too, and I have the same problem from time to time.
Sometimes, it's best to stop by and explain and ask casually if they could turn it down a little. Might even make a new friend.
But that could get ugly too. Use discression. If you do call the cops though, make it as anonymous as possible.

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Well, they were right next door to me and
it was their car stereos and my house
was shaking.
If they are disturbing your husband, go ahead.
Good Luck.
And yes, I asked them before to turn it down
and they didn't listen.

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I lived that nightmare for several years, before finally having to quit night shift and concentrate on days. My neighborhood is just full of loud, obnoxious people, and if it's not one making noise, it's another.

I've spoken with them once about it, and they looked at me as though I'd hurt their feelings, gave me some barrage of crap about how they didn't know, and kept right on making noise on a daily basis anyway.

I don't bother to call the police. Where I live, the law isn't exactly concerned with music complaints, especially in the day time. At night, if they received 2-3 calls, they may come out, but it's definitely not a priority. Realistically, having the police show up tends to motivate people to be even louder, whenever the police aren't around. It's not uncommon for the recipient of a police visit to assign blame to whomever they think would be most likely to call, and then make it a point to crank up the stereo even louder. Pointless.

Sadly, if you cranked up your system while they're sleeping, it would be made out to be a near-felony by the neighbors. How dare you? LOL

It's very difficult to stop the bass from penetrating the house, but there are some things you can do, which do help some. When you can, pull your window frames and seal around the windows with foam or caulk, then tack the frames back up. Go to Lowe's or Home Depot, and buy some of the thick, black agricultural plastic, like used for lining flowerbeds. Cut that to fit the bedroom windows, loosely, and just tape it in a few spots around the inside of the frame. For about $10 a sheet, pickup the thickest styrofoam sheets you can find (about 2" if you can) and cut that to fit the exact shape of your window. Cut a little big, so you can shave it down some if needed.

I found using a very sharp, but non-serrated knife in a sawing motion gives you the straightest cuts. Gently push the sheet into the window frame, making sure the plastic remains taped around the outside, so the foam sheet actually holds the plastic in place when done. This should not only darken the room considerably, but add a good noise insulator to the windows, one of your weakest spots for sound. Note* the tighter the fit, the less noise you should notice. Be careful to avoid having gaps in the foam.

Install some thick weatherstripping around the inside of your bedroom doorjamb (for light and noise) and pick up or make one of those under-door rolls for the bottom. This should help some with light and noise from around the door.

Find a nice loud fan (usually box floor fans) to run while he sleeps, even if it's not pointed at him. The hum and rush of air sometimes helps establish a rhythm to sleep by.

This won't keep out every boom, boom, boom of a high-bass system, but it will help some. Short of having the entire bedroom professionally soundproofed (which I'd do today if it wasn't so expensive) this is a pretty cheap alternative.

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