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Will i be disqualified from a police explorer program for smoking weed?
i just filled out an application for joining the program and one of the questions on there asked if i have ever taken any illegal drugs without a prescription and i said yes. i smoked weed a total of six times in my life, the last time being 6 years ago. will i get automatically rejected? i live in southern california btw. thanks to all who answered.
Additional Details
i know that it's not in my system anymore but will they look down on me and offer my spot to someone else?i heard that i should just be honest and let fate take care of the rest.

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lone butcher Spartan remembers
I know a kid who was a police explorer, he said any drugs ever disqualified. But that's in my area.. so I don't know about you. You should at least try.

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El Scott
This probably won't DQ you. It was a six times with the last time being six years ago. You are hardly a big time stoner.

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law enforcement around the country needs people like you! many officers need to chill out.

if you get a test, yes.

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Johnny M
In this, as in all situations, honesty is always the best policy. If you lie now, you may eventually get caught, and then you will really be screwed!

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Johny boy1112
Above the influence.

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Kevin S
you can smoke weed every day of you life, stop for 3 months, and then be able to pass any drug test just the same as if you had never smoked

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that does not automatically disqualify you, just looks bad.

I was just accepted into the San Diego Sheriffs Department academy starting early May and although I dont have that problem (never done drugs), It stated within the last 3 years have I ever.

After that it is looked down on, but does not disqualify you. Good luck, and dont do it again or you will be out.

Their backgrounds are extensive, I started in August and just finished a few weeks ago. Don't lie about anything, they will give you a lie detector test.

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If you are paranoid don't tell them you ever smoked it. You WILL pass any test it's been way more than long enough for it to be completly out of your system.

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Trust me it's OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM by now.

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I really hope you are not disqualified.

But in my experience, your app will be sent to the bottom of the pile...behind all of the people who did not admit to smoking weed regardless of whether or not they smoked it.

good luck, I'd like to hear if you get accepted.

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Six years ago probably won't disqualify you.

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Eysha 1
Well I think that they mite look as you as being honest and you are clean.

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Another Way to See it
They are looking for your honesty and I doubt smoking 6 yrs ago is enough to keep you out.

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you answered honestly. they probably will respect that. if you lied, you may have gotten away with it was it was 6 years ago so it's long out of your body. but a lot of people probably lied on the app. and put no. if you are qualified, i don't think they will care. we all do stupid things.

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