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 What do you do when police harass you 4 over ten years,plus,extort,falsely ac use,and judges back them up.?
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 How can i find someones last name? He damaged my car, police told me it is a civil matter and will not get inv
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 Have you ever been made to walk the plank?
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 Okay I have a problem this person won't leave me alone?
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 What would happen if i was found carrying a gun ( for prottection) and it had not been used?

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yeah i know i would be arrested but what would happen to me?...

 If 15,000 child molesters held a rally to DEMAND that they be allowed to move about freely. Would ....?
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 Do you respect honorless law enforcement for tasering defensless women?

 I was convicted 12 years ago of a felony can i own a gun it was b&e no drugs no violence?

 Why is the Hot Dog man arrested everyday?
He only sells food but gets arrested everyday while this 50 years old drug dealer down the street is doing well flogging is pills to the kids...

Why? Police officers...If you're too ...

 Why cant merseyside police catch a child murderer even when they know his name?
seems to be alot of police on here oh and english teachers but i still dont know what dur is ...

 Can you go to jail for buying stolen goods?

 Why do NC High Way Patrol Troupers have such an attitude.?

 What do you think should happen to the two border patrol agents jailed for doing their job?
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 Should i make a complaint to the police?
My 12y old son was kicked by another child of the same age, my son retaliated by chasing the boy as the other child was going through the gate to his house my son grabbed his arm, at the same time as ...

 What do you think about the guy in jail who owned up to 305 other robberies and got 2 months added to sentence
What do you think ( Don`t shoot the messenger please)
i know what i think!!!!...

 Do you think that the USA is turning into a police state?
I just got back from Europe and I learned one thing real quick. We are NOT the country that has the most freedom. That is just something our government loves trying to program into our heads that ...

 The NYPD fired 51 bullets to kill one guy?
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 What is the best .22 caliber long rifle ammo for self-defense?

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I just need answers about bullet styles,not anti-gun theories from idiot liberals....

 Does a police officer have this right?
To enter the residence of a house without permission of the home owner unless they were called there by emergency via concerned citizen or domestic dispute? Thanks!...

 What are your opinions on the British police force?
Do you think that they do a good job? Or do you think that have an easy job? Etc....

Why don't cops use blinkers?
Among other things. I swear they are so cocky they think they are above the law. Can I make a citizens arrest when I see them not obeying the laws of the road?

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they do what they want because they can

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They don't need to follow the law, they ARE the law.

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Not a citizen's arrest.... Just kill them and hide the body. That'll teach them.

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Dee Why Boy34
i hate that. just cuz theyre cops they think they rule the world n can do watever they want but when a citizen duz a lil tiny thing wrong they'll be glad to give them a ticket or watever.

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Because they are the "Man",
And they can do anything they want.

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Becky Christ
I had the same questions a year or two ago after I almost got hit by a cop going through the intersection when he had a red light. I asked him why cops can do like 50 mph with lights off, etc. He explained that there are degrees of calls and what the call, calls for. I still wasn't convinced. I think it's bull that they can do whatever they please, but when you really need a cop, they're never around. When you don't need one, they're usually pulling you over.

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when they don't use them - crash into them
then they have to give you their personal details, name address, phone, insurance company etc

then wait six months and then pour acid all over their car. If it's in a garage pour sh itloads of diesel on their lawn and flowers - never to grow again

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yeah...that would be entertaining to watch someone try to make a citizens arrest on a police officer. i would pay money to see that. but unfortunately i dont think you can do that without getting in trouble. and they dont use blinkers cuz they wont get in any trouble if they dont. bastards!

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mom of 3
Why don't they follow most driving laws? In our area it is illegal to drive while talking on the cell phone, but we constantly see them driving around talking on the cell phone. We aren't allowed to speed, but they can without having their lights or sirens on. I guess those who enforce the law think they can choose to not obey the law.

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Yeah, you make a citizens arrest, then the burglar or whatever has you done for assault! Well thats what happens in UK.

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Try it and, then, let us know what happens.

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were are not above the law, we merely enforce it the best we can, and no you cannot arrest a cop, and we dont use blinkers, i do, but there are times i dont u shouldnt be that close to me or my car anyway,

tailgating, ;-)

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I hope you mean while they're just driving around town, not responding to calls. Because if you're referencing to when they're heading to a call, they don't exactly have the time to worry about whether or not they used a turn signal.

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Not sure where you live but our police are really awesome. They use blinkers, they even do the correct speed limit.

You can make a citizen's arrest but only providing you've got witnesses in your favour. Otherwise you come across as being malevolent and the police wo't take too kindly to that kind of thing. Also, in makig the arrest, you need to actually catch them! How would you suggest pulling over a police-car?

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you can make a citizens arrest but wait until you get pulled over for something and then notify them that they failed to signal 100ft before the intersection.

yes they do need to follow the law. They have to set an example and they are subject to all traffic laws unless those red and blues are flashing then they can stretch them.

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Cops are generally exempt from many of the traffic laws. Some states its when they are responding to calls and/or pursuing suspects. Other states they're exempt as long as they are working in an authorized police vehicle. Either way they are not accountable for not signaling unless they cause an accident. The thing is you don't know when they are responding to calls or not, so good luck with that citizens arrest. Better yet just contact the police department, it will save you butt.

As far as having a problem with the police not using their directionals, deal with it. Its such a small damn issue that you are only whining. Or you could start a coalition and contact you legislators and maybe they will appeal the laws that help the police protect us.

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