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 With cases like nithari coming up, do you think we can depend upon our police anymore?
we were all shocked when first we got to know that people can stoop to such a low level. but what was the police doing for 2 years? don't you think even the police is responsible for whatever ...

 Can my son be charged with an offense he didn't commit?
he was riding in the back seat of a friends car to a wedding party..when an officer pulled the car over for speeding...62 mph in a 60 mph..limit zone.(go figure..DPS)..the person driving did have som ...

 Is it legal for anyone underage to drink soda out of a beer can ?

 I got caught with cocaine...whats going to happen?
Last night i was driving 80 mph in a 45 posted. the sheriff asked if he could search my car. i had nothing to hide because i dont do drugs. i let him search it and he scrambled through the back ...

 Do police Offices have the respect they used to have if not why not?
I hear police saying they don't seem to get the respect from the public they used to get say 35 years ago. I wonder why ?...

 Are we in a police state?
After the arrest of a conservative MP for leaking documents that the public have a right to know, i think we should now consider ourselves in a "POLICE STATE" Im sure a lot of people have ...

 Do you think that if a 15 yr old boy molests his 7 yr old cousin that he is "treatable"?
He coerced her into taking a shower w/ him even though he sd no! He then touched her and made her touch him. Of course we are prosecuting.... I just do not know what to ...

 If santa was caught doing 34 in a 30 would the british police do him.?

 How many years would a 15 yr old kid go to jail for killing her mom?
A 15 yr old girl that goes to my school killed her mom on purpose and I want to kno what kind of trouble she'll be in...will she be in jdc till shes 18, or will she just be on probation. n she ...

 Can the Police pull you over if they think you're driving fast, even though your not breaking the speed limit?
Tonight i was pulled over for doing 60 miles per hour along a national speed limit road. These are country lanes with no residential access. I'm not too concerned as i didn't get a ticket ...

 I was harrassed by the police the other night, and I want to know what to do about it.?
I had decided to go get a soda from the machine at von's around midnight. I took my bicycle. On my way back I noticed a police car silently pass me, something in myself said "hm.. I hope ...

 Weird suicide?
22 years ago, my cousin, Kateri; came looking for me, I was working for the summer in another town, just before school started, she had gotten really drunk, in a small house out in the country, 80 ...

 THERES A THEIF AT WORK. HOW CAN WE CATH HIM? he's stealing the money we've worked hard for.?
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 What gives airport workers the right to steal?
Took expensive things for our luggage. Who calls this well done Homeland Security? Hell no it is not.
Additional Details
Total Rec, I don't wear anything but expensive clothes.What??...

 Do I look suspicious just sitting in the car?
It was night time and my mom went into Eat N Park to get something and I just waited in the car and it wasnt a parking lot but she parked parallel to the side and it was in the city on a busy street ...

 Is it okay to have a relationship based only on sex?
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 I'm 19 and was arrested for DWI?
The cops didn't tell me what I blew on the breathalyzer and all I know is I have a DWI for under 0.15

Would it be possible for someone under 21 to get a DWI instead of Underage DUI if ...

 Are police officers happy with their jobs?
Many I know have been divorced or have marital issues. It seems like they work all night and sleep all day. I want to enter law enforcement or be a firefighter. But I also want a healthy, happy ...

 What are my rights if my roommate is a registered sex offender?
before, everyone just calls me stupid... my brother is a registered sex offender, and we cant find a place for him to live legally here in california. i live in a place that is the necessary feet ...

 Can i get arrested if my friend has been looking at porn on my computer?
i caught my friend looking at porn, will i get arrested since its my computer, or will he, or will we not get arrested at all him and i are 16...

Dave E
Why do people hate the police?
I don't get it. Everyone claims police brutality. Yes, sometimes officers abuse their powers, but that shouldn't reflect all police. Without the police, society would be in ruins. As much as people say they hate them, they really know they couldn't live without them. So why are they so hated? These people are heroes risking their lives everyday (granted not all risk their lives, or do their job properly) but on a whole they are HEROES. They are the ones you call when your in danger. The go head first into dangerous situations thinking about societies safety, not their own. But still we hate them. We are hypocrytes! Sure when we get pulled over for speeding we say "I don't deserve this, police have nothing better to do than give me a ticket!", but when you see someone driving dangerously fast down the road you say "The police need to do their job and stop people from driving so fast". Its only when they uphold laws against YOU that you hate them, but why?

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First of all, I don't hate all police officers. Second, I could live without them, and I live in Puerto Rico, so I can imagine how bad things could be without them. Third, society would not be in ruins without them. Fourth, they don't go head first into dangerous situations without any regards for their own safety. Fifth, I don't say that they should be doing their job as someone speeds by me. Sixth, I hate them when they harass and abuse me, not when they enforce the law on me.

Edit: 6 thumbs down...

Why do people hate me so much? I'm only standing up for myself by not letting this idiot that calls himself Dave put words in my mouth. He's a liar. Also, I speak the truth, which you people can't handle!

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When I see red and blue lights in my rear view mirror, then pull over, I know they're not stopping me to tell me that I was driving very good and they are very proud of me for doing so. To the contrary, after all is said and done, money will be coming out of my pocket. In the mean time, they either can't, or won't, do anything about the stereo that was stolen from my car.
In this town, the safest place to be is in the donut shop. The only problem is, if your car were broken into in the parking lot of the donut shop, the cops would be too lazy to get up from their table, or angry that the coffee may get cold.
They are an absolute waste of taxpayer's money.

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policemen think there better then us! if someone even touched a police with there fist they get 10 YEARS!
they dont give a rats butt if inisent (is that how you spell it) people get put away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there not brave herose! they hide behind lies!!!

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shine v
It just like you said, us human are hypocrytical. A lot hate the police because they are only speeding a little and get pull over, but when it they are in danger, yeah the first person they will call is the police. Honestly, some policemen are doing a good job, but many other are not.

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because it's funny to hate the "popos" and they shouldn't be munchin' on donuts

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budsta S
because they think there better than everyone else and ruin ur fun

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OMG THANK you very much men i wonder why too police are helping us we should love them BUT YEA HATE LAPD ***** brats

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Reductio ad Absurdum
I know they are necessary, but it doesn't mean I have to like them. They give ticky tac tickets all the time to meet their freakin' quotas. I haven't had a ticket in 7 years, but I am always on the lookout because I speed a lot. I know a guy who got a ticket for doing 58 in a 55. I mean cmon.

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I do no

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I never was able to grasp this concept either.
I suppose when it "fits" our needs, we like them, depend on them, but when it is not "convienient" when we get called out for our OWN actions is when they are disliked...... So now, wonder why they have an "attitude"!!!!

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People think that the police should always protect them from any danger but once they do something wrong where the police needs to respond or get a ticket of some sort, they hate the cops. It's pretty dumb to think like that. When you break the law, you deserve to get in trouble.

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soooo true.....just like Alarm clocks...you set them to wake you up early but when they do there job and go off they get thrown around and broken....LOL...dam them alarm clocks

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♥ Trixie ♥
because people dont like to pay fines, but they do like to whine. i dont like getting pulled over, i dont hate cops though. sometimes the tickets suck (i got $115 littering fine for flicking a cigarette out of my window, and that made me hate THAT cop) but generally i think we respect their authority and the job they have to do. just sucks when you feel like you are getting picked on.

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You think police are hated? Try security officers! They get far more hatred than the police, but are just as necessary and paid less to put up with it all.

That said, I think that a big reason that police are hated has to do with a perception of the power of peace officers that non peace officers do not believe that they themselves have. since people generally fear those with authority, and the police departments are usually rather closed about how they do their jobs, you get a distrust combined with fear to form a hatred.

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rj e in new york
It's because we live in a hypocritical and ignorant world. No one likes the police when they've been caught doing wrong, then it's the "don't they have real criminals to catch" but who are the first people they call when they are in trouble or their precious world is slightly inconvenienced? That's right, the police and just like every other profession, we have people acting badly and that reflects on all of us but just remember that the next time or the first time you need us to save you. Real officers don't care about being hero's, if I wanted to be a hero and loved and celebrated, I would have been a firemen but instead I chose to protect people that will most likely trash me after I leave because they were acting like a four year old and got treated like one.

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Yvonne B
it's more like a saying than anything, like i hate veggies but when a person really actually likes some veggies.My aunt watched cops every morning and i saw them do some really stupid things on that show,but i don't envy any decent cop having a tough/dangerous job like that.i know some cops are crooked as well that will arrest people for a small amount of weed when i saw some buying it from some neighbors i had,that's also being a hypocrite --no offense,and standing near that weed bonfire in the news isn't showing any hatred for weed either.-sorry-you asked, i said...also a couple of them were beating on my thin/weak brother one time and he wasn't wanted like they claimed him to be...my mother who was dying with cancerous brain tumor had to pull them off him and scream at them to quit so they wouldn't kill him

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the question really depends on where you live, in some places its due to oppression, but hear in the Uk its pure childishness.

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I've seen far too many abuse their power.

One of my uncles was shot (14 times) and killed. The circumstances were very questionable, and he was back on the job in no time.

I witnessed one taking a piss in a public park, and less than a week later I got a 200 dollar ticket for swinging after park hours.

EDIT: I don't hate the police, though. I know they're completely necessary and not all bad. I'm just rather suspicious of them.

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Godly Reality Check
It's like a child angry at their parents because they're in trouble.

People love them when they need help.

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Because most people dont respect them until S*** hits the fan, then they call crying for the police. Most of the people who hate cops are those who do criminal acts or have been caught by the police in the past.

One who does nothing wrong has nothing to worry about. I've been stopped by the cops before and scared out of my mind, but I knew that I wasnt in any real trouble but it is still nerve racking sometime to see that spotlight shine on your car or blue lights light up.

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Immaturity not yet outgrown, a resentment of authority, perhaps with overtones of suppressed anger against past abuse at the hands of an other(s)

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You're wasting your breath in a big way. The internet is full of e-tards. Don't listen to them. Don't let them get the best of you!

Thank you for your kind words, it's always nice to hear!

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I do not hate the police. I have great respect for them. I have never come upon a "bad" cop. As a matter of fact in the early 80's my home caught on fire. a passing by officer is the one who saw the smoke and called 911. if it was not for him..who knows what would have happened. a few years ago a guy in my church lost his younger brother. Adam was serving papers and was killed. i have gotten a ticket before and while i was mad, i knew i deserved it. People who hate them tend to be the ones who break the law.

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Munya Says: DUH!
I don't. I think they do a great job, and if I've been going 70 in a 55 zone and I get a ticket, I usually tell them how they missed me going 120 in the 55 about 30 miles back (it always gets a laugh!)!

they do a great job--the "thin blue line" is really the only thing between us and the maniacs out there.

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Typically the only people who hate us are either criminals or wannabe criminals (ie minor violators) who instead of taking responsbility for their actions want to blame the messenger.

Most citizens either don't have any interactions with the police or have good relationships with their cops. Its only the repeat criminal scum who have an issue.

In my city we have an 85% approval rating...however if you read the letters page of the local rag you would think everyone hates us.

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