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Girly Boy
Why do cops sometimes follow you for miles before pulling you over??
is that illegal? are they looking for a reason to pull you over. it's so annoying!

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Elle B
If you aren't doing anything wrong, it shouldn't be an issue.

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Andy M
they are checking your plates so that if they pull you over they will know if the car is stolen or if you are a wanted felon.

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When a cop is behind me it makes me more nervous. I forget to turn on my turning signal, I am trying to think...did I stop at the stop sign long enough, if my speedometer is off a little will I get a ticket. I understand that he has a right to do it but goodness do you all have to stay back there for so long. I thought there was a certain distance in which a policeman could follow you before they had to turn off.

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Most agencies have a policy to call in as much information about a vehicle before making the stop. So, you may have made an infraction at mile post 10, but the officer has to get all the information from dispatch about if the car is stolen or if it is wanted in connection with another incident, etc. At that point the officer affects the stop at mile post 15.

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Sometimes they are not after you at all. Next time this happens to you pull over into a filling station or coffee shop and see if he goes by. As long as you are driving properly, have had no alcohol and are not speeding or weaving, don't give it a thought.

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do what you are supposed to do and you won't have a problem. I am so tired of this "they are out to get me" attitude. you want to know the main reason anyways, because of lawyers. Say you notice a cop in your mirror and he doesn't pull you over for doing 45 in a 35 zone, then you hit someone, your lawyer will get you off Scott free and sue the county because that cop didn't do his job, stop living like a para cite.

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He's gone fishing.
Its not illegal to drive behind someone, they may be going the same direction you are going than you do something wrong and they pull you over. You may find they are performing checks on the vehicle and driver. Say for instance, You car gets stolen and the police sit behind it for a while and ascertain that it is in fact stolen, then they know to pull it up. However when you are driving the car, they have no idea who is in the drivers seat.

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No it's not illegal. Maybe they are going the same place you are! But typically they just may be watching your driving or running your registration. As long as you follow EVERY law while your driving they really have a hard time pulling you over. All it takes is not signaling or even not having your signal on for 100 feet prior to your turn and they can make a stop. You have to remember all those very forgettable laws while your driving.

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Southern Belle ☆
Usually, they're either patroling and just happen to be behind you or they suspect you for something and they're waiting for you to give them reason to pull you over. No, it's not illegal.

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John D
perhaps he's running your plate #and thats taking a while, or he is waiting until back-up is closer than they are.

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just like me they long to be close to you.

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We get this asked to us ALL of the time in court. There is a great deal more to pulling a violator over than the public realizes. An officer first has to notify his dispatcher of all the vehicle's information (tag, vehicle make, model, color, occupants present, etc.) Some officers may wait until the tag info comes back before proceeding with the stop. This is so they are not trying to stop a stolen vehicle without first knowing what they are getting into. After all info is called in, the officer then chooses a location that is safe for both he/she and you, the violator. If it takes 5 miles before this location is reached, so be it. To my knowledge, there is no case law stating that a stop has to be made immediately. It is up to the officer making the stop to do it in the safest manner/place. Sorry it seems annoying, but it is actually done in the best interest of safety. Hope this helps.

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Well girly boy,
They may not be following you. If they are there are a few reasons. They could be running your tags looking for wants or warrants. They could be looking for signs of traffic violations. If they suspect you are drinking, they need to observe. They need probable cause to pull you over. Or they are just using the road like you . Dont be paranoid Tony V Phoenix AZ USA

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The roads are public. Cops have a right to drive on them just like you. If you and the cop are headed in the same direction for a few miles, that is not a violation of your rights.

If, while he is behind you, you commit a traffic violation, you can be stopped and cited for that.

Nothing illegal in what you described.

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Yes, they are looking for a reason to pull you over and it is perfectly legal. For instance, if they suspect that you've been speeding after they turn onto the same street but see you put on the breaks then they may follow you to see if you commit more infractions. If you commit a few then they will pull you over. But if they are following you then generally they have a reason. They may think that you are driving under the influence and follow until you commit an infraction so that when they walk up to your window they might smell alcohol and give you a breathalizer test. That's generally why they would follow you.

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