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momma for life
Why do cops have a high divorce rate?

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good old boys network
Cops have a problem with losing control. They want to be cops due to low self esteem, nobody every listens to them, so they pick a job, where people must listen to them. Cops have no patience and are dummies. They are trigger happy at work and are often violent, emotionally. They have low emotional control.

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I'm Gonna Tell You
I will say the reason is why they became a cop in the first place. The guys I know that became cops were pee wee types in high school. Usually getting kicked around and treated really bad. Becoming a legal authority has given them a huge amount of power, something these pee wee's aren't used to. Their ego becomes so inflated that they think they can do what they please, with who they please.

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joe b
they are so violent and hide it from people .and many are closet homos

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Lady T.
That don't surprise me at all.a lot of them are abusive to their spouses because they think they can get away with it.You know,they are the police?

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Cops are used to ordering civilians around. Sometimes this won't work with families. Also it burns the spouses up emotionally never knowing if their loved one will be killed. The military also has a high rate of divorce.

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Primarily, police suffer from stress and high degrees of depression. They are hired because of their abilities to control situations. Unfortunately, all of these elements influence how they act in their private lives. Approximately 18% of all police officers abuse their spouses in some way, verbally, physically, emotionally...

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Lyn K
they have to be authoritarian and ready to be agressive at work,and its hard to put those emotions to rest when u get home.they also have to be suspicious of others stories/motives,demand respect,be forceful,etc.-the antithesis of being open,sensitive,vulnerable.some can manage the dichotomy between work/home,but for others,it doesnt come easily.unfortunately,the qualities needed in relationships/marriage and parenting are the opposite of those needed for their job.also,spouses would have constant tension,wondering if their wife/husband will be safe every day,or even come home.this gives tension in a marriage.maybe,some get bitter and cynical about seeing the worst in human behaviour all the time,which can lead to pessimism,depression and "burn-out",so theyre not the easiest people to live with.

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People who become police officers usually have the type of personality where they think a lot of themselves. They think they deserve what ever they want. When they are in uniform, they get hit on a lot by women. They work a lot of hours and miss a lot of family events. I'm not saying all police officers are like that, but the majority are. They've done studies on it, and basically it has to do with their personality type. That type of personality usually makes a good cop, but a lousy spouse.

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I think it is a little bit of what many people have said. The long hours....the overtime.....the holidays, weekends, etc....

But I also think it really does have a lot to do with control, as well. Having been in the business, I've had numerous friends that were officers. Even outside of work, they have a hard time losing that "control" attitude. It isn't done on purpose...it is something they HAD to learn how to do and it just has become such a part of them in many many ways.

And I won't EVEN go into the adultry part of it. Sure, adultry happens in many other careers, as well, however....there are many "tin wh****" out there that go ga-ga over men in uniform. Naturally, many officers eat the attention up and get themselves into situations they never should've gotten into.

Of course, not ALL officers are like this. I've worked with MANY MANY officers with integrity and morals, but also have seen the adulters come out, as well.

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*coughs* lol i was actually married to a cop at one point of time. Our reason for not workin out had nothing to do with his job though it had to do with a lil anger management issue on his end.

I do have friends and family that are officers, county, city, state and MP's. Along with my husband who is going to school to be an officer, security officer, vols. with a pd on a reg. bases. I know the longer hours, the long weekends, there are things that they cannot tell the wives or family members due to not wantin to give them nightmares. They see things that we could never imagaine as civilians therefor they then have a nice crime scene that they cannot share loved ones. Not to mention putting their lives on the lines to protect us and the stress that is caused from it. While my husband was away from home during his basic trainin he got me a shirt and i think it would fall under this one just replace solider with cop and you got it.

"If you think being a soliders tough, try being his wife" It's true cause while the officer is out protecting and serving the community their g/f, wife, b/f, husband, lover whatever you call em. They are the ones while the officer is away that's keepin the house up, that's fixin some of the dinners, takin care of the kids, the bills, doing whatever they have to even sometimes lookin like single parents to make sure the job is done and some people just can't handle that.

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Most of my family is in law enforcement. You have to find the balance in your own life as to your family and your job. There has not been any divorces because of their jobs in our family, but there are problems that police face that the general public know nothing about. How do you hold a dying child or older person, and leave that emotion on the sidewalk when you walk away? How do you try to talk someone out of suicide, to be the buffer between 2 fighting people, have all that negative energy around you everyday? It takes a special personality, and not all people are cut out for it. There are some bad cops out there, just like doctors and clerks and whoever. It's a shame that a few ruin the reputation of many.

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first they dont work 12 hrs shift...they work 8. but have crazy hours.....most women say they can handle it but really they cant.....

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Probably because of the odd hours and long shifts. I would assume that if you were patroling all night long and into the wee hours of the morning, that your wife would miss you. Especially because you'd probably be sleeping when she woke up. And leaving for work while she's going to bed. Plus if you patrol on weekends. I would think that they don't get a lot a time to spend together. I bet that it causes a lot of stress in the relationship.

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With some of my friends, sometimes the wives could not handle never knowing if the husband is going to come home or not at the end of the shift. And some of them, being police officers and always in the public view are always meeting people, and sometimes it leads to something more like cheating. There might be other reasons like some cops taking their work home mentally and it causes problems at home. Like seeing a child murdered, domestic violence, tragic accidents, almost getting killed, these are just some factors. Oh yeah, shift work, and never being able to be home on certain occasions.

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They work 12 hour shifts, holidays, weekends and can't take a lot of time off and a lot of cops do overtime so they are never home. Most wives get real tired of that really fast. It is also a stressful job, cops can't and mostly wont tell thier wives details because it is a lot to handle.

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b/c some police officer's spouses can't stand the schedule that they work on. most are 24/7.

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Cops have a high divorce rate because they work most of time and have no ample time for their spouses.

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It is sad to see what people think of cops, and what who they think cops are.

Most cops today are college grads, and have to pass a very strict physcial exam just to become a officer. so you don't get pee wees,

And of course for those that say that they do it to push people around, are really wrong also, police are taught to position thierself in a since of authority, that is the only way with the criminal element they can get anything done. Most have a hard time learning to act this way.

But yes it is due to the hard long hours they work. They are always on call and really always on duty, they are a cop 24 hours a day. If they see a major crime happening on the way to dinner with thier wife, they have to do something.

Next they deal with people like the ones who post here all the times, that think bad about hard working officers. Next fo course police are not paid well and many departments have little if any health benifits.

so you have people working a hard long job, with low pay and benifits in a job where alot of people hate you for what you do for a living.

Then your spouse always worries if you will come home from work or if they will get that call to come to the hospital.

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I don't know, ask my ex wives....just kidding..

If you really want to know, read two books. They are called Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement and I love a Cop. I don't remember who the author or publishers are, but with a little online research you could find out. Good info there.

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"Brutal Baby" (wow what a name!) hit the nail right on the head. I think you should give her the ten points because she has come the closest to the truth.

I am married and a police officer, and the biggest complaint I get from my husband is that when I get home from work I have very little emotion left for him. We are used to shutting it down all day. We are expected to take the biggest blasts of insults, yelling, crying, screaming at us and be completely professional and not show any anger/fear/distress. You learn how to let these emotions flow through you and to shut off your "intake valve" so to speak. It is difficult "turning it" back on at home. You listen to people complain about everything all day at work and then when you come home after shift you just don't want to hear it. I'm lucky my husband understands this to a certain extent and reminds me occasionally to "soften up" when I am home.

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OMG where are you guys getting this stuff? Some of you are right about the shifts and long hours. That can take it's toll on anyone esp when you can't make time to have fun. But most cops don't have a control problem. They have to remain in control of their emotions and everything else all day. What happens is, most cops shut down their emotions and simple things that would excite or thrill most of us aren't interesting to them. So they become detached, emotionless, depressed and cynical. Most departments are recoginizing this and educating wives and family members more about how to prevent and deal with these problems.
Some wives also become cold and distant as a way of dealing with the criticisms from the public, never seeing their loved one, and raising the kids alone. They fail to see it as their life style not their husband's job and realize they can't just turn it off immediatley after they come home. This might cause the cop to find a new mate with another cop.
My husband tells me everything,not exactly who, but everything that he did that day, what pissed him off, how he helped, what made him nervous, or how much dope his dog found...etc He knows it helps us both b/c I get a better understanding of what he does all day and he has a sound board, probably the only one in his world, that isn't going to judge him and instead just listen.
I worry about him coming hom safe but it doesn't eat away at me. Like I said, he talks to me, I know what he does, I watch his training tapes with him, I go on ride-a-longs, and I see for myself that my husband is smart, he's not led by bravado, and he wants to come home safely too.

** Thanks True Blue :o)**

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clint p
because many nights with out being with their wives, kind of drawing distantance from work and marriagge, not enough time with their wives,too concerned about work their love walks out of the door, the person not a cop has to make many scarifiaces and it hard for them to endure, the constant marrriagge battles and a cop doesnt have time to resolve them so they build up, to many ppl now dont have equality a balance so it fails bc one is doing more work then the other

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