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God Save America
Why Do Good Cops Go Bad?
What makes Cops become so evil and vicious, brutal and predatory?

How have our society become such a police state giving away our basic constitutional rights to crooked police in a totalitarian regime.

How much more rights are we willing to forfeit to these corrupt officers of the law.

Pretty soon we'll have all our phones tapped and we'll have routine daily inspections of our homes and autos all in the name of fighting terrorism/crime.

The police are using terrorism right now as a rouse to give up our rights. But soon they'll link smoking marijuana with terrorism and they'll throw everyone in prison.

The police are little less than the Blue Shield Mafia. A very dangerous and evil mafia that extorts the public into paying money or face death or prison for lack of compliance.

When will the public wake up and smell the coffee.

We do not need all these cops and laws.

Now as far as terrorists go we need to put a bullet in their head. But Drugs users? Leave alone.

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Because of their being cop !

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Saint Lucifer

i must agree with you, freedoms taken away in the name of safty. to those who say they have nothing to hide, what if someone in your house did, and the cops come over are invited in cause you're so nice and have nothing to hide, but then they look your cd player and tell you it's stolen, when it is in fact your friends (true story btw) and arrest you? even if you never had anything illegal to hide you could still be in trouble, ever watched Enemy of the State? it COULD happen if it hasn't already.

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Leave it to a donut eater to answer...Cops don't run in your house and arrest you for drinking alcohol?? Why not? It is every bit as harmful as marijuana...Oh yea because alcohol is legal..thats right...and why shouldnt it be...the government (who cuts their checks) make money off alcohol.

ALL Cops are like the hall monitors in school...sell outs to their fellow man.

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Sleep deprived
I think most of them as children were beat up, teased, or molested.

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money any power

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It's a fraternity. I don't know where your from but where I'm from if your a cop it is most likely because of your friends and family and they don't take the job seriously it's just a way of making a living without going to school.

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why do cops go bad there are lots of reasons

1 they go one drugs and when they go on drugs they will steal medication or any kind of drugs from witness and from criminal's

2 they get involved in the mob and ungrounded crimes

3 they get involved in the Internet such things as porn

4 they hack computers

5 they get involved in abusing children either on line or in the community

6 they become sex offenders

7 they rape people they have in custody that they are questioning

8 domestic violence which police officers hit women

9 blame women for being raped

10 blame women for being a victim a crime

11 blame women for being stalked

12 blame women for being involved in domestics violence

these are the reasons cops go bad especially they take sides and only listen to one side. they will not listen to you if you if you a women that is why I will not call the cops if I am in trouble they arrest you if you are a women.

you can always go to internal affair's if you been mistreated

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maybe one reason is they are constantly around crooked persons. after a while some are swayed by the money and attitude that bad persons display. greed is the main thing. but cops are usually understaffed, overworked, have to pull mandatory shifts, which means time away from family and more time with the crud thats out there.

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Its just power... and it tends to make people bad...

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people like you worry me

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This is a bit extreme, but I can respect that you have an opinion. I think that there are good and bad people everywhere, not just to limit it to COPS.

Why do good cops go bad ? Probably because after they fight the good fight for so long, and not seem to get anywhere. There are laws that protect and give criminals rights and even if they do something wrong, the laws protect them and get them off. This can make anyone crazy and maybe the mentality of if you cant beat them, join them -- takes affect...who knows ?

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There is a grain of truth in your broad question. But it would appear that you have your own agenda.

Police officers come from the same gene pool as you do. So to stereotype them into one giant lump shows the level of ignorance that you possess. It is irresponsible to make such an allegation given the fact that it is impossible for you to know each and every police officer in your state let alone the country.

There are far more good police officers than there are bad ones. I think that it is evident in the number news articles you read in the news papers. Each time there is a bad police officer it is front page news. So, where are the ones about the good ones you ask? That isn't considered news. Ask youself-how many "good" news stories are in the paper to begin with?

I agree in priciple that as you give up rights for the sake of "being safe" then you give them up forever. It is far harder to regain those rights than to give them up.

Terrorism is a hot topic. It is evident by your posting. It is the fear and the paranoia that is created that is what they the terrorists want. It's not so much about the bomb, but it's the fear of the bomb. When will it go off? Where will it go off? This is the fear that they want to instill in each of us.

As for the phones being tapped. That's a bit far fetched. It would appear that you have already gotten sucked up into the hype. Granted there are instances when this happens, but for the average citizen this is not a reality.

"Blue Shield Mafia" that's a good one. I haven't heard of this slur. Again you characterize the police as a part of the evil empire. I would suggest that you check out www.nleomf.org for some insight of police officers who have gave the ulitimate sacrifice for their fellow man. Based on the comments from you, I seriously doubt that you have the fortitude to do anything as heroric as they have. I would go as far to say that it is a daily struggle for you to get up by noon and to go to the McDonald's to clock in for the day.

Another fictional statement by you. The police do not create the law. They only enforce it. You may want to consider a civics class to catch up on the latest concepts in government.

Lastly, your reference to drug use. There are plenty of other countries in which you can move to which will allow you to get high everyday. One such place is in Europe and probably welcome you. But I seriously doubt that you would consider it, because when it comes right down to it....We love to be called Americans and would not give up the rights of being an American.

Try this crap in North Korea or China or Cuba. What will it get you? A beating to start with then a lengthy prison term.

In the event you want to challenge a police officer anyway. Carry your butt down to the department with your marijuana in hand, yell like an idiot and claim that you have a bomb. Throw out some slurs such as you f**in pigs, donut eatin' morons, etc and see how far it gets you.

Oh, by the way, have a nice day.

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If you are not a suspected contact with the terrorists, you have nothing to worry about. All this fear, created by the dems, is way off base from the actuality of the situation. They don't have the time to be involved with any others. what they are doing takes up all their time. Try thinking for yourself. There have been no complaints of intrusion thus far, why do you allow fear to creep in? One complain would put the program in jeopardy. So just don't be in contact with Al quaida or suspected terrorists.

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Barry DaLive
Why don't YOU tell US just what a good cop is. "And you say Now as far as terrorists go we need to put a bullet in their head. But Drugs users? Leave alone." Why the hell cant we do both.....BIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTCCCHHHH!!!!!

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in vino veritas
If,as you say, our basic conditional rights are being taken away wouldn't, seconds after posting this question police would have shown up at your door and Yahoo would have taken it down? Also smoking marijuana is a crime and you do get prison time for it, so saying that the police would link it with terrorism to throw you in jail is a big stretch. Also you talk about waking up and smelling the coffee and wire taps. Do you know that right now in thousands of cars there is a device that can start and stop your car, lock and unlock it and alert authorities to your very location? Who is in charge of making these devices and installing them in your car,,its Onstar,,a private corporation not the government. Thousands of people pay a monthly fee for this service and yet when the government talks about wire taps suddenly we are all living in 1984. I agree people do need to wake up and start to look into things for themselves.

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I don't think they go "bad" as you put it! The reason they become "more aggressive" is the environment. You are part of your environment! You go out all day long, every day, and work with the loosers of society that they have to put up with on a regular basis and see what you become!
People need to lighten up and realize they are there when you need them putting their life on the line to protect yours!
There's always "bad" eggs in every basket but as a society we weed them out the best we can!
I do agree with you that we are approaching "police state status" but we have to keep in mind with so much anti-government senticism, it's the governments way of protecting themselves from an "over throw"! Remember, your constitution prohibits the government from using the military against it's own people? Well, HELLO!!!!!

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Dude you have some real issues.
You must listen to Art Bell and Mike Savage because you are in another world!

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You need to change your dealer the garbage you are taking is causing you to lose it. That is if you ever had it!

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Are you for real? If you were a cop and saw and experienced what they did each day would you remain pure of heart or would you go after the crooks and perverts with a vengeance? All the police see is evil and yet many of them....most of them stay righteous.

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You sound like you need to lay off the dope.

If you quit breaking the law you might not have such problems

With the patriot act I believe phones can be tapped already. But there's not problem if you're not doing anything wrong now is there? The gov't doesn't care who you're with and what the girl you hate was wearing.

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HBPD 126
That is a good question. Why do good cops go bad? I guess that is only a question that a "good cop gone bad" can answer. Unfortunately for you, if you really want an answer, there is nothing but high speed top notched officers that answer here so you are plain out of luck. Marijuanna and terrorism.................we do not have to link the two together, where I come from we put the dopers in jail anyway. As for you saying you do not need the cops or the laws, who you gonna run to when you get harrassed by your neighbors, or when you get your tail whipped, or when someone steals your favorite dildo? Don't call the cops because you do not need us, and even if you did want us, you say the laws are not neccessary so what do you want us to write it up as? There is one part of this ridiculous "question" that I agree with (did I really just say that), the terrorists do need a bullet in their heads. However, the dopers/drug users/shitsticks/or whatever other name you want to use to refer to them, need to be dealt with swiftly and efficiently as well. Leave them alone, you have got to be kidding me.

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St. Dave
Well, I agree very much with some of your views concering the law enforcement system in this country, but to answer your question, the reason cops are like that, is because their life is completely immersed with the scum of society. They have to deal with the worst we have to offer on a day to day basis, and that has made them calloused and prejudiced. Unfortunately, the situations they have to go through everyday leave them no room to trust anyone, and often, people get punished unfairly for the crimes that they have, or maybe even, have not commited. It's a sad situation for everyone, because not only has this warped our entire justice system, but it causes the public to mistrust, hate, and be afraid of the very people that are hired to protect us. But what we all need to realize is that, law enforcement officers are people just like anyone else. Quite capable of making mistakes, and quite capable of commiting crimes. And the fact that they are part of the system just makes it all the more easier for them to manipulate it. But believe me, there are more good cops out there than bad cops. Why do you think these people chose this profession in the first place? It definetly wasn't for the money. This folks put their lives on the line every second they spend on duty. And ask any police officer and they will tell you, "A police officer is a police officer 24/7." I believe a lot of these cops' views have become more and more jaded and prejudiced as they spend more time at their job. It's a lot of stress and a lot of hardship and sadness for a person to bear on a day to day basis. That being said, it doesn't give anyone the right to take advantage of their position to maliciously cause others harm.
Either way, I don't know the solution to this problem, but I tried to answer your question as honestly as I could see it. Maybe someday, we could discuss it with Officer Johnny Law over a doobie and a bearclaw.

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Police see what we don't want to see .. day and day out.. sometimes this effects people.. that's why they change departments.. Its hard . We need police officers and I am glad the are here to protect us...The good out weight the bad.

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Nothing about rectal exams in this question? Wow, you are branching out. What happened to your Village People gay cop picture? Your paranoia can be treated. Here is a helpful link for your psychological "issues."

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Your so-called "questions" just get more ridiculous and more outlanding every day. You really need to get a life, or at least a hobby. And maybe then, you'll stop spewing your idiotic rants on here.

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