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Emily J
When somebody is on Death row, how do they exactly get killed?
I need this infromation for my project. Help por favor?

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Yea, by electric chair. First they shave off the person's hair, and then they put a wet sponge on it, and then put strap their arms, legs. They put a cover over the head before they strap that in, too.

Before that, however, they either "plug" your butt or make you wear a diaper, cause then you get electricuted, erm, you empty yourself...

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thoth child
It depends on the state. In the US hanging and lethal injection are widely used. I don't know if the electric chair is used anymore. Look at the Dept of Corrections websites for each of the states that have capital punishment.

Start at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_punishment_in_the_United_States

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Mostly by natural causes & suicide.

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each state is different, but usually it is the electric chair. they are strapped in and shocked with enough electricity to kill them.

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does that really matter?

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a roundhouse kick to the heart from chuck norris

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Sheila E
Lethal injection, like putting them to sleep and they never wake up.

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it is when they come out of their cell

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there are different ways they are executed...electricity and lethal injection are the most popular these days..

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Whenever someone is on death row its up to the judge how the person is killed.

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I believe it's usually lethal injection, but it's also different depending on the state.

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Steven C
it depends on the state. lethal injection or the chair

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Jeffrey V
The death warrant issued by the Court condemning the prisoner sets the time, date, place and manner of execution. Most states use lethal injection, which is a combination of three drugs. The first is a sedative, the second stops the heart, and the third paralyzes the muscles.

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It depends on the state. Most people go to the electric chair where they are strapped in and electrocuted. Other people are killed by lethal injection - strapped down first, of course, and there are one, maybe two states that use lethal gas which is just released into a sealed room.

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My understanding (though you shouldn't quote me) is that the United States and Japan are the only Western 1st World countries that still execute prisoners. I cannot speak for Japan, but American Death Row inmates have been historically killed by one of three traditional methods:

1. The Electric Chair -- a specially constructed chair is wired to shoot a very powerful jolt of electricity through the inmate's body to stop the inmate's heart and brain function. Earlier models (as dramatized in the movie THE GREEN MILE) could take some time to kill a person and the procedure could also go wrong fairly easily. Today, the technology is such that the death is usually quicker and, supposedly, painless. Whether it is humane or not is another question.

2. Lethal Injection - I believe (but do not know) that this is the most common modern execution technique in the U.S. states that allow the death penalty (many do not). While there are some variations from state to state, the process involves three shots which, prior to inducing death, relax the muscles and supposedly prevent pain, and then kill the inmate. There have been a lot of recent questions about whether or not the pain is felt and whether or not it is horribly intense. We don't actually know because the first shot has relaxed all the muscles so that an inmate in horrible pain wouldn't be able to communicate their circumstance in any way. Recent execution attempts where the relaxant did not work have led to the belief that there may indeed be excruciating suffering of pain...and this has led to some states changing their policies and/or prison officials and observers refusing to participate in some executions. Further study is underway.

3 - The gas chamber. This is the least used and may be completely obsolete at this point. It is exactly as it sounds, with a person put into a chamber which is filled with lethal gas and upon breathing it, the person becomes very ill and dies. The suffering involved is/was fairly well documented and the parallels with the Nazi use of gas chambers, among other reasons, have led to the discontinuance of this method over time.

In non-western countries, death by bullet or hanging are the more popular methods of state-sponsored execution.

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Blue Steel & Lace
Lethal Injection.
Strapped to a gurney, and given three drugs.
The drugs make them go to sleep, then stop their heart.

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