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When is it unlawful for a police officer to use a taser gun on someone?

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When the person is peaceful, or when ordinary force is all that is necessary to subdue someone.

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there has to be a level of resistanse or force used by the suspect person to warrant the use of any force by police. Now keep in mind that each department is different and their policies are not the same. One department may allow the use if the subject does not comply with verbal orders and another may only allow use if the subject becomes violent

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Jan H
When they've done nothing illegal and have not done anything threatening or suspicious to the officer.

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according to the left never no matter what the situation the PC left crowd care more for the shitbag crooks then our boys in blue

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When they take it on the family picnic just to taser weird Uncle Albert.

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when someone has a video camera going and they don't know it.

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Dear Old Dad
When a suspect is obeying verbal commands and is being peaceful, or otherwise cooperative.

Dear Old Dad

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while on duty, Police officers need to be able to defend themselves and others. That is their job. Taser's may be painful, but a lot better than getting shot.

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When they are practicing.

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Mr. Boof
When he plays loud rap music over the patrol car PA, tases somebody, and claims he's a judge at a modern dance competition... lookit him go, folks! This dance is called the twitch and pee on yourself - wanna try it?!

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Apparantley whenever they feell like it.

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Chuck J
The simplest answer is when the person in question is complying with the officers commands. In practice this is more of a judgement issue. A police officer is allowed to use "necessary and reasonable force" to gain compliance from uncooperative subjects. Hopefully the city, county or whatever jurisdiction that hired the officer in question has a thorough background check and high standards for their officers. This is the best way to prevent abuse or even criminal acts by police.

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when their driving. specially if they have a brand new car. they will be really pissed off.

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its unlawful to use a taser gun if the person is cooperative and isn't resisting arrest.

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D baby
The Tasr is a non lethal alternative.The taser is only used when a subject becomes violent and refuses to comply with officers commands.

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Depending on your state laws, generally tasers can be used when a person is resisting arrest is in some sort of way or when an officer needs to defend himself or another person. See the use of force laws for your state.

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when you have a note from your Mom stating explicitly not to use a taser on my little girl.

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