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 I called a police officer a fatass today. did he cry when he got home?
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 Manslaughter or self defence?
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 What is the difference between a police officer driving drunk and a civilian driving drunk?

 A motorist has pleaded guilty to driving at 172mph,?
On a country road what sentance would you give him and why.

Me a minimum of 10 years and a life ...

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 I found my father smoking weed today.should i tell my principal and tell her call the police?

 After hundreds of years of Government in the UK, why are we still no nearer to putting a lid on crime?

 When a Traffic cop gives you a ticket for not fully stoping at red light...?
When a traffic cop gives you a ticket for not fully stopping at red light before a right turn, and three months later you do not get a notice from the court for a trial, and when you call the court ...

When being charged with a crime,whats worse,1st degree or 3rd degree?

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3rd degree

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? Stormy Weathers?
1st i believe

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i pack a 44
1st degree ............

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Nicole B
First degree is the worst.

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1st degree

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Voice of Reason
1st degree is the more serious criminal charge; it can apply to felonies or misdemeanors.

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The worse kind of murder is 1st degree, as an example

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Dakotas mama
1st degree is the worst because it is usually pre meditated and well planned. the person put a lot of though and effort into the crime

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Al Mac Wheel
1st degree is the worst of 1st 2nd 3rd
A is worse than B than C than D
Felony is worse than Misdemeanor
Treason is worse than Felony

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1st is like you intentionally did it with malaciously. 3rd is more of an accident

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lizard one

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1st degree usually is the worst, meaning the perpetrator planned the crime in advance or did it intentionally without taking advantage of opportunities to stop.

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Cary C
1st is worst. degree is measure from 1st being the worst and the higher the number the less time/money you will be punished.

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1st degree is the worst and so on down the line to misdemeanor

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1st degree is the worst that you can be charged with.

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1st degree. Just look at what happens to people convicted of 1st degree murder.

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AA Pilot
1st is the worst. like 1st degree murder

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For any crime, first degree is the worst. You will need a lawyer.

If you've suffered a burn injury, third degree is the worst. You will need a skin graft.

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