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Katthryn-Rubyy S
What would happen if i stabbed someone?
im 15 and 10 people want to break my legs cause i broke up with this lad.
so if i stabbed someone what would happen to me ?

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It gives you a big rush of power.

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You'd probably be ok if it was self defense where your life was threatened. But it could be hard to prove!

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Aberdeen Tyke
Furthur to the above idiots who preach sh*t, i would suggest telling the police that if you are jumped or assaulted by these 10 people, you reserve the right to defend yourself, with a knife if necessary. That way when you stab someone, you would avoid prison because 1/ the police were aware and 2/ the police wouldn't help.

It's called playing the system.

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make sure you invite them round into your place, once inside you can stab them, cos they are trespassing really !!!!!!!!!!!

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if you could prove it was self defence you would be alright. report the matter to the police first it will look better in court. but you can't just go around stabbing people if they are not actually in the process of trying to killing you at the time.

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This couldn't be anymore of a wah

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homo in da know know
you'll get sent to prison then you'll have a load of lesbians after you ...is that what you want?

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You would end up in youth detention and if the wounding was serious enough transferred to prison when you are old enough.

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Dont even think of such an idea! talk to the lad you broke up with, if he has any sense, he will ask the bullies to back off, whats it to them anyway

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You will spend the next 5 years in prison!

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If you genuinely believe the threat then go to the Police. If you cannot face that then have a word with the ASB unit at the local council. If the threats occur at school tell the teachers.

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Auld Git
Ask a policeman you stupid git.

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If you they die as a result of you stabbing them, then you could end up in prison for murder or manslaughter (depending on what you plead and how successful it is!)

If you don't kill them you could still end up in prison for GBH, ABH, wounding with intent etc

You'd probably also be charged with carrying an offensive weapon.

A cautionary tale: My brother in law is only 22 and two years ago he got into a fight outside a nightclub - some guy attacked one of his friends after an argument in the club and my BIL waded in and protected his friend by giving the attacker a good kicking. Fair enough, he was just "defending his friend" etc. But the judge didn't see it that way and my BIL got 3 years for GBH.

So the self defence plea doesn't always work.

If people are really threatening you then go to the police. Don't take matters into your own hands unless you want to spend the next few years of your life behind bars . . .

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The fact you know there is a threat means you are forewarned and can take avoidable action. So if you do stab that person it woud be deliberate and planned, unless you are attacked suddenly. Carrying the knife means you intend to use it, as yoou have said, so you will get a long prison sentence possibly a life sentence. Never carry a knife or any weapon. tell the police, but i doubt if you will. Better to have briken legs than spend your life in prison because of mindless morons. Move away or keep away from such people. Have respect for your self. Loads of young people fall out but never want to stab another over it. Learn to Box or do a Martial art.

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Behave yourself!

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Matthew E
You would ruin your entire life. Your 15 so just chill, the threat is empty. Give it a few weeks and it will be forgotten. If not me and my crew will break their legs.

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Get that nasty thought right out of your head, young lady! You'd be going straight to jail, you would have a criminal record that would follow you around for the rest of your life. Let it go, find something else to think about, take up a new hobby!

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first lady
You will be brought on assault charges that's a crime..

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Ask yourself how you would feel if somebody stabbed a member of your family. You'd want them in prison and that's exactly where you'd end up too if you stabbed somebody. You'd actually get a longer sentence than somebody who just lashed out as you're actually thinking about the crime beforehand (premeditated).

I hope there's somebody you can talk to about this because what you're thinking of doing is serious. The idiots who are threatening you aren't much better but you should at least talk to a teacher if you can't talk to your family.

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Madam Rosmerta
Are you for real? I couldn't care less what would happen to YOU - think about the person you would stab, and their family - a mother, father, sisters, brothers - all people who have done nothing to you, whose lives you could potentially destroy.

Grow up.

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taxed till i die,

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first its not normal to want to stab someone and second if you did you would end up in prison.

grow up , and dont associate with losers like that.

one sensible thing you did write though......

you broke up with that lad

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Chainsaw II
They would bleed, they might expire, and you would likely go to jail. Fifteen-year-olds are routinely charged as adults in assaultive crimes.

You would be better served to ignore the threats, or if you are really bothered by them, have your folks file a report for record, and advertsie that you have done so. Those threatening you are dogs barking at the end of a chain. As long as they stay on the chain, no problem. Making the report keeps them on the chain.

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you are on your way to jail is that what you want

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you would be on a short road to totally screwing up you life
if you have not already

don't be so stupid do not do it

you have not even left school yet unless you are excluded or more likely have the am i bovvered attitude.

your actions will have repercussions on your life, and your family and your friends.

do you intend to spend all your life on benefits going no where fast.

then carry on as you are.

if you want a life break free of the rut you are in now before its too late.

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You would get done for attempted murder. You would be locked up in a juvenile detention centre.

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Schauden F
Prison I hope. Do you honestly believe you are in danger for breaking up with someone? If you do you should tell someone, otherwise ignore it. If these wankers have nothing better to do than involve themselves in someone else's business, seems to me they're more about the intimidation than the actual violence.

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