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 Did you know that a British scientist invented DNA fingerprinting? An invention which catches criminals?
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 Have you ever been stopped by a cop for going too slow?

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 If the principal searches you and finds drugs, is he violating your rights since he dosent have a warrant?
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 I just got my liscence. do cops really care boau thedriving other people rule?
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 Can the police tap my phone and tests and such?
i just got caught for a drug paraphenelia charge and marijuana, they took my cell phone number, can they tap it and monitor it?...

What happens when you get a warrent?
i have no idea what warrent means and what you have to do please tell me

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Try using SPELL CHECK it's a wonderful thing for those idiots who can't spell.

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Torro de intel
To get a warrant you go to your local magistrates office and fill out an affidavit as to the facts under oath or affirmation with your signature. Then he issue's a warrant. If it's a felony he will tell you to respond to the Police department in the jurisdiction it happend in and the Police will follow up on most felonies with exception to some "property offenses" for those the magistrate may just issue a warrant without having you go to the police station, either way after you get or secure a warrant you then have to either go to the jurisdiction police headquarters so the Police can do a follow up report or the warrant alone will be sent to the Police department for a basic offense report. After that the warrant will be placed with dispatch so they can enter it into the CAD and the person the warrant is against will be wanted. At that time the warrant will be peridically picked up for service by the Police who will respond to the address on the warrant then arrest you and take you back to the magistrate for a bond hearing and processing. Sometimes the warrant is so minor the magistrate will mark the warrant as able to release on a signature promise to appear in court similar to a "summons" but most times the arrest is the norm. If you "heard" you have a warrant for your arrest and you dont want to have to be picked up by the Police the best thing to do is to call the jurisdiction you think you are wanted in's police nonemergency dispatch number to confirm if you are wanted or not. If you are tell the dispatcher you will meet an officer at the magistrates office then drive to the magistrates office so the officer can meet you there and serve the warrant on you. It will save time and embarassment of having to be toted away in handcuffs from your home or place of business. After the warrant is served and you are processed the magistrate will give you a court date that is a pretrial date that you will HAVE to appear for and depending on your criminal history and or the nature of the crime you may be able to be released on your own signature at that time without having to put down any money for a bond also called an "unsecure bond". Good luck

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A warrant is issued if you do not show up in court, or if you fail to pay for a court ordered fine.

They enter it into the computer database, and if an officer runs your information, you will be immediately arrested and taken to jail.

Your warrant may have a bond amount to post, or it could order you brought before a judge.

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Golden Girl
It means you are wanted by the police to answer for a crime, and on the first contact you make with law enforcement be sure they are hauling you to jail.

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If you have a warrant for your arrest it means you either failed to appear in court (like on a traffic ticket) or have committed a crime and the prosecuting attorney has decided they have enough proof to pursue. You can either 1) turn yourself into the nearest jail. You can stay in jail until your court hearing, or you can bond. Depending on the bond amount set by the judge it can be cash only or cash/surety (meaning you can pay cash and get it all back or pay a bondsman to help) 2) call the prosecuting attorney and take care of it there 3) ignore the warrant and risk going to jail when the cops show up at your house or you get pulled over for speeding.

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you go to jail,after the judge decides for how long,possible probation,fines,depending on your charges. Call attorney before you get busted ..asap!!!

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You have a warrent in your name you can be arrested if stopped by the police. If it's criminal expect them to come looking for you. If it's administrative they eventually catch up to you. Get yourself a lawyer and report to the police.

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it means you have defaulted somehow and they will arrest you. call the court and find out what you did.

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John N
you probably need to call a bail bondsman in advance to save time from sitting in jail so long... but if you have a warrant you will got to jail,,,

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That means you will go to jail.

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Sandie B
It means you will be arrested.
If it's a violent crime, they will search for you.
If it's a misdemeanor, like failing to show up in court, if you are stopped for any reason, driving or not, you will go to jail. And probably add a charge of avoiding the law.
Some states/counties will look for you regardless of the offense.
Best to call the authorities, find out about the charges, and turn your self in. Maybe get an attorney, too.

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When you have a warrant for your arrest, that means that the police are looking for you. You can either turn yourself in and get your time taken care of, or you can run from the cops and avoid prison.

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Problem Child
Probably similar to what happens with a warrant.

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An arrest warrant is basically an authorization to take you in custody for either a crime committed or a failure to appear or provide something requested by the court.
It is a judicial writ authorizing an officer to make a search, a seizure or to execute a judgement.
A warrant can be issued for something civil, like an eviction or a garnishment of wages; and ranges up to the most serious of all, which is a death warrant, the warrant a judge issues before someone is executed for their crimes.

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