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What happens when a triple felon gets caught with a stolen gun?
I know someone who was involved in a near fatal car accident and he had a loaded gun with the serial numbers shaved off. The gun was not his, he got it from someone else. The person who gave it to him is a triple felon. How much trouble can they get into? I don't know if the gun was even reported stolen years ago but it can be traced back to him because we live in such a small town. Oh yeah, and he is not on probation or parole, he flattened for the previous charges.

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the guy caught with the gun it depends on the local laws what he will get, in a big city he could get 8 to 24 months, in a small township he could get about 4 to 8 years after a plea, its rediculous. plus the other charges from the accident.
Now, they will threaten him with 20 years ofcourse like they do with everything, and tell him to rat his buddy out who gave him the gun. then they will lock the buddy up and try to get him to confess to the sale, if he does your buddy will get less time, if he doesnt confess thier wont be much case against him, but the DA may still push it. i doubt the gun was reported stolen, and they may use that against the guy who sold it, trying to prove it wasnt stolen and that he did in fact sell it to him.
definatly get a lawyer dont depend on the public defender. and grinding serial number off a gun never works, the numbers can still be pulled off the back side of the metal.

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I love her Shlong!

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Zack F
the person that was found in possesion of the stolen weapon will be charged, now if he can prove the other guy left it there and the other guy confesses it was his he might get off but i doubt the other guy will take the wrap they usually never do espescially since he is a 3 time felon

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The guy was an idiot for scratching the serial number off. In most states it would have been legal if it was unloaded and the serial numbers were in tact. There is usually no way of telling if the gun is stolen by just looking at the serial numbers. There is no federal gun registry and the previous owner probably didn't have a record of the serial number to report to the police. If someone is stupid enough to shave off the serial numbers this makes the gun illegal automatically even if its not stolen. Every state's laws are different though. You didn't mention which state this happened in. Regardless to what state he is in he will be charged with some serious offenses and most likely end up in jail. Hopefully it wasn't a murder weapon because they can do a ballastics test and match that gun barrel to a bullet that killed someone if it is. Then your friend could also be charged with murder. Things are not looking good for your friend. Let's put it that way.

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He's gonna be in some SERIOUS trouble. I think any felon who gets caught with a gun is looking at 15 years in jail. That's what I was told, I don't know how true it is.

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he is going to jail.

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he is going o the pokey lol

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Despite all the answers you have, it's really not possible to give you an answer without knowing more about the situation and having a question that's a little better defined.

When you say, "how much trouble can they get into?" who are you talking about...the guy who had the gun, or the felon who provided it?

What state or country are you in? Laws vary from state to state and between countries.

What is a "triple felon"?

What are the felonies that person has been *convicted* of?

Is the gun stolen or not?

The bottom line is that what happens to the person depends on all these questions and more that I haven't even asked about.

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ornery and mean
Your friend has some problems, never mind the multiple felon who gave him the gun.

Since your friend was in physical possession of the gun, the first two charges that come to mind are possession of a firearm with altered serial numbers and possession of stolen property.

Now if your friend does not have a permit to carry a handgun, there is another charge!

The triple felon can be charged with all of the above as well.

Your friend may faced additional charges for loaded firearm in a vehicle.

Tell your friend to wise up, lawyer up ... and play "let's make a deal". He will have to "roll over" on the felon, but it's easier than going to prison himself!

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jen a
he becomes a quadruple felon!

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Get a good book and don't trust anybody named Bubba.

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1. Felon in possession of a weapon - prison.

2. Possession of a stolen weapon - prison.

3. Possession of a weapon with altered serial number - prison.

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Weapons under disability
Receiving stolen property
Possessing a defaced firearm
Improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle
The list can go on

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A blank!
The Pen.

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that person is in serious trouble. I think we are talking serious jail time.

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