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What happens if you buy a stolen car?
if say, a thief were to steal a car, then that thief sells you the car that he stole. (with a contract / bill of sell etc).. and the cops pull you over for being in possesion of a stolen car... what happens? i would imagine they would would contact the guy who sold it to you, but what if you got false info? what do the police do?

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Ifyyy T.
explain that u purchased the car and provide the papers to prove it...hope and pray that they wont lock u up!!!!!!!
they prolly investigate and GOODLUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rebecca L
The police are pretty good a figuring out when someone's been duped by a crook. If someone buys stolen property in good faith, believing that it is a legitimate purchase, then they aren't likely to be prosecuted. However, the car will still belong to the person it was stolen from, so the buyer is out whatever they paid for it.

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it depends whether or not u knew the car was stolen. if u did, its illegal. if u didnt, its still illegal, but the cops will probly understand and forgivve u as long as u rat out the guy who sold it to u

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Leprechaun of Jupiter
u could b charged with recievin stolen property. If the guy gave u an authentic looking title or u did a carfax report which came up clean it would help. First offense plead stuipidity probably skate but do nothin wo lawyer

Prosector will also want as much as u know bout guy in exchange for lenicacy/no charge again do nothin wo lawyer

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They will need to get your information, interview you about who/what/where/when of the transaction, and should confiscate the car from you in most cases. Also, if you knew it was stolen when you bought it, there could be some jail time involved too.

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theyd investigate it until they're sure

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If your title is not the title that goes with the car, you go back to the dealer and usually without any hassle they'll either give you another car or your money back. It's against law for a party to buy a car with out the title and the turn around a resale it to another party. I had that happen to me I ought one of the first Mustangs you know the little sporty cute ones from a dealer I knew and he was scared to death when he had to tell me that title was no good. He gave me my money back , I really like that car, but right is right and wrong is wrong.

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They take the car from you and give it back to the rightful owner. Hopefully, some way you'll get your money back from the thief but that may involve a lawsuit.

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You are going to spend time in jail for being stupid. Won't that be fun?

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Don't be taken for granted!
You must have a title for your car. You shouldn't even think about buy a car if it doesn't have a title, you will be in touble for it!

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They'd seize the car...

They'd decide whether or not to charge you with receiving stolen property, depending on if they believed your story and your past record...

If charged... You'd have a trial where you'd be convicted or not of receiving stolen property. Your sentence would depend on your past record and how much they bought your story.

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Holly H <3
were u this theif? <3

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You get locked up.

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Mike Vespa
If you buy a stolen car and the police catch you, they confiscate the car. You lose the car and all th emoney that you spent.
This is the absolute truth.

NEVER buy a stolen car.

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You just wasted your money, and also, your contributing to more stealing, like someday, you new car will get stolen, and then someone will buy it "Hot" (stolen).. Don't let thieves create a market for other people hard earned money..

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i tell it like it is
you should've gone to the dmv together to change the registration, that was the mistake. you dont just buy a car without doing it correctly. lessons learned my friend, lessons learned.

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All you will have to prove is that you knew nothing about it and make sure you have someone who can back up your story.

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The police take your car away. You have no recourse... You may also become a suspect to the theft of the vehicle. Do your homework before purchasing a vehicle from a private sale.

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arrest you. you could actually go to jail for a while, just for being in possesion of it. if they really can't find the person who sold it to you, it'll just be worse for you. seriously, do NOT buy a stolen car. and if you know it's stolen when you buy it, it's not only possesion but condoning.

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I know.™
the police will come after you and ask you questions about that stolen car.

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Loving the hate. Bring it on.
they will take you in until you can prove how you got it, but they won't charge you with anything if you can prove you didn't know it was stolen. If you can't prove you didn't know you will be charged with possesion of stolen property

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You'd lose the car, and you'd be out the money. You might be charged/tried for grand theft auto or for receiving stolen property.

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The best way to see if you have a stolen car is to have an policeofficor check the VIN no. then he or she will call it in to the dispatcher or check on there on board computer.If it is stolen then they might ask you some Questions on how you received it and if you got a bill of sale.
For more info. contact your local law Enforcement for more details.

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