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I belive they do and I am happy about it....

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 Is it possible to be charged DUI when you aren't driving your car?

 POLICE! Can you explain your day on the job?
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What happens if the police impound your vehicle and you can't get it out?
a friend of mine got his vehicle impounded by the police and finally when they released the car the towing fees and storage fees that were charged to him were through the roof! unfortunetly by this time he had lost his job and consequently became discouraged and just never bothered pursuing the vehicle nor made any effort to get it out (stupid...i know). What I want to know is what happens to the loan against the car and what has more than likely happend to the car itself?

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You walk...

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contact them, but you should have taken the relevant action,
early on.....

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Maggie M
He will have to pay the loan or be sued for it and use public transport!!!!

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Years ago I had my car stolen in San Bernardino, ca....several days later they found it in the mountains.....To get it back I had to pay for the towing and storage charges....Oddly the man towing my car was friends with the police...I was robbed twice

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you have to gave them money b4 they give it back to you

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Usually it's auctioned and the proceeds are given to the bank after storage charges are deducted.
The bank can also reposes it but they will be responsible for the compound fees.

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Tony N
They sell it out from under you!

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If you are his friend, help him out, he will never forget you for the rest of his life.

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the car wil be sold at a police auction and the loan will be paid by the person who signed the agreement.

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If he can't pay to get the car out the tow company may sell it for the fees owing on it. Your friend will be on the hook for the loan on the car. The company that gave the loan may make arrangement with the tow company to pay the bill and repossess the car.

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riloh keen
the yard will auction off his car and apply the money against his balance. he will still owe the remaining balance, which will screw his credit and essentially his LIFE if he doesn't get that taken care of.

(that's why the best place to buy a used car is the police auction. i've seen cars less than 10 years old in perfectly good running condition sell for a few hundred bucks.)

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he is still responsible for the loan. The car will be sold at auction

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He still owes all that money to the bank and the car will be sold at auction.

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Cali Cop
More than likely, if he still owes money on the car, it will be repossessed. I am shocked that it hasn't already. They will then go after him in civil court for the amount for the impound release. It takes many years to recooperate from a repo, he should do whatever he can to get it out before tis happens.

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