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Smashing job those boys in blue do!


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What does it mean if someone has "no bail"?
does this mean that they are going to face some serious time? what's going to happen in the long run?

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Don't pass go Don't get out of JAIL!!

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freak like ME-
no one can pay for em to be out
there in long time

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liberal italienne goddess™ v1.02
They can't get out of jail. It could be a probation violation. Call the jail and ask what they are being held on.

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La La La
that means that they cant pay a certain amount of money to get out of jail.

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Well sometimes people can get bailed out of jail, which is someone
can pay a set amount of money ordered by the court and then they
can get out of jail. If "no bail" is ordered then the person cannot be
released from jail by paying a certain amount of money. "No bail"
means it was probably a worse crime then someone given bail.

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their stuck in jail for a long time

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bravo bulldog
No bail means just that, there is no bail. It can vary as to why someone is being held without bail. The most common reasons being: Being held for 1st Degree murder or other class 1 felony, extreme flight risk. A defendant can ask the judge to set bond, but the DA will usually fight it.

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While they probably will be convicted, a judge sets "no bail" if he/she decides that the person is too dangerous to other people or is a risk to flee the country. Usually this is done to protect witnesses - that falls under the "too dangerous" category.

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POST 1036
It means that they are at high risk of running away if they do post bail so they offer no bail

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Faithful Atheist
Means they cannot pay their way out of jail no matter how much

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Robert J
usually means they are either a flight risk or a danger to the community.

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It means the crime they are being tried for is serious enough and/or the risk of them taking flight is great enough that no bail is being set so that they have to remain jailed until trial. This has nothing to do with how the trial will result, so not being given bail doesn't affect anything concerning final sentencing if they are found guilty.

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It means they stay in jail until they go to court.

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Usually has to be pretty serious to get "no bail"set. They may think the person is a flight risk or has a history or flight risk. That means they stay in jail until the court date and then the judge decides if they get more time or go free. But, no bail means stay in jail.

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Natasha B
It means that bail was either not set yet or will not be set at all
that is not good
it means whoever has no bail is stuck in jail until the trial

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Law Dog
It means that due to the severity of the charge against them, they must go before a judge before a bail amount can be set. (usually in a felony case)
It may also mean that the person is already on parole or probation, in which case a violation would have been filed, and no bail can be set.

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