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 If you called the police station to talk to an officer and he was not there, would that be considered a cop ou
that is suppose to say cop ...

 Can police enter your backyard without a warrant?
My friends and i were having a barbeque the other night and three officers entered my gated backyard without identifying themselves or asking permission, they didn't show a warrant and when i ...

 Dring driving question?
if someone parks their motor home in a layby for the night and have a few drings to many while watching telly ect would they be breaking the drink driving ...

 Stupidest law?
Which current law do you think is the stupidest one out there?...

 911 Operators don't understand the call for help??
I've been seeing many 911 calls with operators being uncooperative, causing to lose the caller. 911 operators have been asking so many unneeded questions, and have been telling the caller to ...

 Did you know that a British scientist invented DNA fingerprinting? An invention which catches criminals?
for crimes such as The Green River killings in the US.

Which invention besides this one, do you think has changed the world for the better?
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 Should death sentence be given to prisoners?
if the prisoners(criminals) are given death sentence by us, for having done a murder,........then wats the difference between us and them???????...

 I swore at a police officer when my friend was arrested bad?
he arrested me for harassment 2 is it ...

 How do police officers remember all those numbers they call out over the radio like 10-50 or 10-19 or 10-80?
My son asked me this question while we were watching Cops and I don't know the answer. Any police officers care to answer?
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by the way my son is only 8 so please ...

 Have you ever been stopped by a cop for going too slow?

Additional Details
no thumbs down from me...i don't see the point in it....

 If the principal searches you and finds drugs, is he violating your rights since he dosent have a warrant?
to conduct the search and did not call the police to conduct the search.

One could argue that it is the responsibilty of the principal to provide and orderly and safe envoirnment. Although ...

 Would anybody recommend pooping their pants to get out of a ticket if you are pulled over?

 GGGRRR how disgusting is this?
Paris Hilton is going back to jail for her full 45 days because the LA Sheriff is an idiot and a UK judge just give George Michael community service for the same offense!

I think Paris got ...

 Why Should I have any Respect for Police officers?
When I have seen some who are absolute A****Holes also I have seen some break the law & abuse things also some one said that cops are out protecting me well that is just great I would rather a C...

 Can Anything "Legally" Be Called A Weapon?
It seems that any type of object if it were even meant to cause harm is initially identified as a criminal activity with a weapon for intent.

Can eventually "sneezing" and ...

 Ever been in trouble with the police?
I have but not may fault.
I sold a camera on ebay for £2000 and posted special delivery.
end of story as far as i was concerned.
10 months later Knock on the door The police came as ...

 How can someone wanted by Police leave the country?
Basically my friend got into a fight and is now wanted by the Police. Although the charged arn't likely to be very serious he works abroad and if he isn't back to work on time he'll ...

 If I walk into a police station and tell the sgt that I have info on a crime they are trying to solve. When >
he ask me for details I plead the 5th and ask for a lawyer.Can they hold me?...

 Domestic violence? can he go to jail?
okay so my boyfriend and his mom were arguing and she just started hitting him and smacking him and basically beating him up. and his in MMA fighting so his natural reaction was to get her off of him....

 Domestic violence. It's never too late to report, is it?
I was in a violent relationship. A man that strangled me, spat on me, punched me, almost broke my rib, smacked my head against the wall and threatened to rape me. This was 6 months ago and now I have ...

What could i do about a police officer yelling at me for no reason?
i was traveling down the road till i ran up on this police officer standing in the middle of the road they had cones setup on both sides of the lane i was attempting to travel on, u could still get through there but at first glance it looked like they had it blocked off especially since a police officer was in the middle of the road, he was standing on the yellow lines, so i switch lanes and attempt to go down the other lane because it looked like he was motioning for me to get over in the other lane but i dont think he was i think he was just moving him arms for some reason, but any way he stopped me in the middle of the road and said "where do you think u are going, i pointed this way, he said u need to get over in the other lane before u hit someone head on and slow down, in a angry voice, i cant figure out what they where doing, they just had cones setup with a police officer in the road doing nothing it appears that it serves no purpose what so ever but to confuse people.

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Mike N
yeah they all suck

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kick his ball, poke both his eye

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they are trained to talk like that.its to prevent back talk.the young ones are power trippers.the veterans are reasonable.next time taser him,because you felt threatened.thats what they say,right?

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Infinite Academic
Have you tried having the right to remain silent? And anything he says can and will be held against him in a court of law.

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One night I was driving with my 86 year old dad as a passenger. I came to an intersection with a police cruiser parked in the middle of the intersection. There was nothing else in the intersection. It was a four way stop. A cop was standing there and he moved his arm and I thought he was motioning me to go around him, so when I started to go, all of a sudden he started screaming at me, putting his hand on the gun in his holster, he was glaring at me and yelling "you stop right there! you stop right there!" I stopped and looked at him like he was insane. I sat there waiting for a few minutes and then he moved me on.
What if he'd shot me with my dad in the car? My dad is partially deaf. He wouldn't have known what was going on. If he'd yelled at my dad, my dad wouldn't have heard him. Would he have shot my dad?
Cops are loose cannons just waiting to shoot someone. They may have been good in the old days but they're just weird now and scary.

To answer your question, just forget about it. What can you do?

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police are authority figures and some of them have an attitude that goes with it. He was angry because you failed to follow the cones. It sounds like he just yelled and didn't give you a ticket, right?
Be grateful. Next time, proceed with caution. If you are unsure, slow to a stop and ask him. If he was in the middle of the road, that should have been an indication for you to drive to the right of him inside the cones.
Maybe they were searching for an abducted child or a spot check for drunks. Now you know to slow down when you see cops in the middle of the road.
Welcome to the world of driving!

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When i was a young boy the policeman was someone you could depend on. Unfortunately because of their association and job they have turned into thugs. Quite a few of our high school bullies ended up cops, and I have found that the forces are rude, belligerent, and mouthy. They feel because of the danger of their job and the low lifes they run into, that they have the right to treat everyone else like trash. I have no tickets, never been arrested, never taken a drug, been a law abiding citizen for over 50 yrs but can remember being yelled at or treated with disrespect several times. Just walk away, you cant fight the gestapo.

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The officer could have made his point clearly and logically without the boisterous fulmination. It makes U wonder what he might do if he mistakenly addresses a more serious problem like standing in the middle of the lane he expects U to drive on. Oh Yeah, didn't he do that?

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To be quite honest letting this go would be the best thing/ to have said something back could have resulted in you being rodney king'd or sean bell'd/ reporting him could lead to you constantly being harrassed or targeted/ the best thing for you to do is do not let it bother you so much and to stay clear of this cop

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He wasnt yelling he was being assertive. Most cops are like that so i dont take it as yelling. The do it beacuse they want to get there point stright. If he would have threatened you or you where just casualy driving where no interaction with cones where then you could get his badge number and report of him being rude to you.

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Morgan R
Good grief! Use some common sense! Do you think that is a normal scenario? acop standing in the road with cones?? The reasonable person would say to themselves:"Something is going on!" Then the reasonable person would have stopped and waited or asked for instructions. If you don't understand the signals you must ask him his directives. But changing into an oncoming traffic lane was not a good choice. Actually I do unsderstand your frustration; I have dealt flagman that have the IQ of the tar they are laying. The diffrence is the flagman cant write you a citation for "failure to obey a traffic direction(the officer)" and traveling the wrong way on the roadway". Next time stop until you are sure of the orders; it may save your life.

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Stop being a big baby and get on with life.

The officer was just warning you so that a accident does not occur. Thats his job simple. I am sure he would have said it to anyone who had done the same.


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Re-read what you wrote. Its clearly apparent the police officer didn't yell at you "for no reason".

The reason the officer yelled at you was because the officer's hand signals, the flashing lights and cones weren't getting through to you. SO he shouted. The shouting actually appears to have worked, because after he shouted at you, you figured out what he wanted you to do.

When you're standing in the middle of the road trying to direct traffic (with folks driving with their head up their a$$es all around you) you need to be able to project your voice. Just because it was loud, doesn't mean that he was "angry" or "mean".

It was nothing personal against you. Surprisingly enough you probably aren't the only person who doesn't understand basic police driving direction hand signals (it used to be part of the driving test to know them), and maybe the officer was less than clear with his hand signals.

As for what you can could do? You could report the officer with the time, date and place of the incident. However, if you articulated your complaint the same as you have done herer, and if I were the IA Detective, you would be receiving a traffic citation for Failure to Obey (Traffic Device), in that you did not follow the officer's commands.

Or you could try to learn from this experience. Take a class figure out what all those (of so) mysterious hand signals mean, or take a ride-along with a cop, and get our perspective rather than from the dross on yahoo answers.

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