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What can you do and what happens if someone violates a restraining order you have against them???

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first call the police, if caught he will go to jail. If he violates, he will go to jail and/or the restraining order will get longer.

If you know firearm safety, I would get a hand gun.
depending on what happened.
And if YOU feel safe enough with the hand gun.

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Call the police. A restraining order carries weight.

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well my ex had one on me and i broke it all the time the cops will tell the part who you have it for that you said they broke it and don't do it again but if you can have some one there when it happen then they will go to jail but most of there no good in lease the cops catch them breaking it

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Call the police or local law enforcement. Violating a restraining order is a crime, and the person will be arrested on the spot for it.

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a restraining order is entered to make someone stay away from you. If they violate it, call the law. The person violating the order can be taken to jail.

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Billy T
call the cops and tell them. they will pick up that person and take them to jail. TODAY

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I can tell you exactley what would happen if you lived in indiana, why? because i just got out of jail for breaking a protection order basicly same thing as breaking a restraining order. basicly i went over to my wifes house which has the protection order because i couldn't stand not seeing my kid anymore, and police were there in about 5 minuets. asked me my name and said turn around and put your hands behind your back, i got locked up on the 23rd and pled guilty on the 25th and was put in for 10 days with one day off per day good so i served 5 days. with a $170 court fee and a $25 booking fee. so now i have a class a midemeanor on file and when I went in front of the judge he told me I was looking at up to a year in jail and up to a $5,000 fine. but since there were no victems and my original intent was not to hurt anyone nor did i run from the police and was cooperative. I can consider my self very lucky and this be a life learning experiance for me. hope this helps. p.s. im not a wife beater we just split up and I couldn't handle the heat in the kitchen so I kept calling. which is reffered to as stalking which i admit im guilty of calling repeatedly but i persoanly didn't feel as though it were stalking.

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Writer of Truth
If you call the police they go to jail.

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You call the police and they go to jail for years until they smarten up!

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In MD - one can be sentenced to a year in prison for violating a protection order.

There was a case where someone called petitioner 18 times and that person received 18 consecutive 1 year prison sentences.

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Call the police first and report it. Request that this report is forwarded to court clerk to show the judge.

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Kathy S
You report it to the police, and what will happen is that the person that you have the restraining order against will have to answer to a judge in court.

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You can call the cops.

What happens to the violator is strictly up to the presiding judge. Up to 364 days in jail and $5000 fine max in some states.

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Call the police. If there is proof, such as other witnesses to the violation, the violator will be arrested.

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Notify the local law enforcement agency so that they can arrest the subject. It would also help to have a copy of the court order stating the conditions. If no arrest is made file a report and take it to the judge who signed the order. If it was filed by victims advocate notify them of the violation. You may need witnesses or some form of proof if the subject is gone upon the arrival of law enforcement.

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