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Ticket for wrong address on license, should I fight it?
Im a college student who moves alot and cant afford to just change my license address every month plus it takes up to 4-6 weeks to recieve your license once its ordered? Should I fight this and take a trial with a jury rather then paying a ticket and just accepting the charge? I was penalized for being honest.

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Are you serious? It's that much of an issue if the new address ain't on the liscense? In that case, I'm damn 9 months late...***.................

Anyhow, who the hell wrote you the ticket? Did you get pulled over for speeding, but they let you off w/ a warning and decided to write up THAT instead? What a dick. And ya, it sounds like a hassell for a new lisence. They never told me to order a new one before, but to get some official tiny paper and write the lousy address on it and keep it in wallet. WOW. lame.

Note: I just looked at the CA DMV site...it's 10 days, not 30. You can print the form from online though and mail it in and keep one in your wallet. Unless you're not in CA...look at your state DMV site.

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I would challenge this since members of the military and college students frequently use there home on records address. Sounds like a bored and stupid cop. Law enforcement officers should learn to use a little common sense. They give good officers a bad name. Good luck!

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Raven E
Although it may be unfair to you, you are guilty.
pay the ticket. If you think it will cause your insurance to go up, go to court, most will let you take a traffic safety class and keep the ticket off your driving record.

I'd suggest you get a P.O. Box address and use that.

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Ree J
i would... I didn't even know they give tickets for that... but yeah u should fight it... that's ridiculous

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In some states, you can indeed have a jury trial. I was some years ago called to serve on jury duty in Iowa, and one case involved a woman who had turned around on the Interstate, where the big sign says no turning around except by emergency vehicles. This was a traffic violation and she had a jury trial, and she was convicted by her jury. She felt it was unfair because "everyone" turns around there. Alas, for her, all her jury members said in deliberations they never turned around there, because the regulatory sign said not to, and they didn't want to get a ticket.

Yeah, this cop was a real jerk, perhaps looking for an excuse to write you for something for some reason, such as showing an attitude. But, it's not a good idea to contest something when you know you are guilty of the offense. In Iowa, instead of the regular $50 fine, that woman not only had to pay $100 fine, plus a very large court cost for her fight.

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you can but you won't win

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I would pay the Ticket. I learned the hard way also. I then called the DMV and found out that I can e-mail them with a change of address and it works for my license and vehicles. On paper it shows your old address but when they run your DL or plates it shows you updated with the DMV. Best Of Luck.

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You will lose and may incur a larger fine by fighting it. You MUST update your liscense within 30 days of any changes.

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The law is the law. Why fight what you already know was illegal? Why do you move every month? I could see moving once a year... plus, if you're a college student you should just keep your home address on your license. If you are a student, you aren't a resident of that state/address but of your parents home. Wouldn't that make life a whole lot simpler?

And, I know in at least three different states new licenses are $15 and take all of 20 minutes (includes line time) to get.

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just change the info on your license the judge may throw it out but be prepared to pay the fine

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You can't plead innocent with extenuating circumstances. The law is black and white. Either you failed to change your address in the allocated time, or you didnt.
The reason for the law may seem stupid to you, or inconvenient. However, it is the law.
BTW, as a traffic violation, you will not be able to get a jury trial. Those are reserved for criminal offenses, so the judge will find you guilty, as soon as you admit that you broke the law.

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Sorry Mike..........you appear to be stuck....good luck.

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mike g
just pay the ticket

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You could contest it. Unlikely you will get a jury for a simple ministerial ticket. Depends on local law, but you could go to traffic court and tell a judge. They may give you time to correct it and waive the fine.
However, you have to change it if local law requires it.
I fight tickets (parking/speeding) all the time and almost always win. People don't realize that you can fight them and a lot of the time the issuing oficer doesn't even show up.

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I don't know what state your in but in NC if you change your license with the correct address before your next court date then the ticket will be dropped. If this is not an option where you live then pay the fine it would cost you more to fight it.

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You cannot do anything about it. I am the same way as you though, I move a lot. I got a PO Box address and it is on my license. When you do this they will still ask you for a physical address too, and I just used my moms address since I know she will always be there.

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Just pay the ticket. If you fight it your gonna end up paying more in court costs and attorney fees, than what the ticket was even for. Just take it as a learning experience. Put a family members address that won't be moving, and when you get pulled over, DON'T tell the cop you live at a different address.

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The law is the law. You must follow it. If it states you must change your address, then you should. Have you checked out the law for this. When you are honest sometimes it don't pay. But you will always have integrity. Good for you for being honest. It does pay off in the long run. God Bless and Good Luck

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Get it paid. You can afford to move every couple of months so pay the fine.

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Mr. Morden
4-6 weeks to change address? I live in Florida and when I do that on the Internet I get the new license in less than a week.
If the law where you live give a specific time period for changing your address, say 30 days, and you have gone beyond that, then you have no basis on which to fight the ticket.

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To bad. The law states you must correct your address within 30 days of moving.

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