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 How long does a DUI remain on your record?
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 Cop enters a home with mo search warrant and no probable cause of drinking. Are they allowed to do that?

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There are cars parked in front of my house in the street just to take up space where can i call?

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Secret Idiot
There is nothing illegal about parking almost any vehicle on the street in a designated place. One option is to check the vehicles to see if they have a current State Inspection and Registration Sticker. If they are out of date a citation can be issued if the vehicle is not parked on private property. Check the local ordinances to see how long a car is allowed to be parked w/o being moved. In my city it is 72 hours. The enforcement officer will mark the tires and recheck to see if the car has moved, this is usually a 24 hour notice. This is one way that we dealt with a drug dealer in our area.

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Ok now im not telling u to do this its just a idea. Wait til its dark slash all the tires and then in the morning call a tow truck and have it towed.

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Unless they're parked illegally, you're just stuck with it. If they are parked illegally, call the police.

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if theyre parked legally your screwed. you dont own the street, thats why they call it..PUBLIC access.

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California Street Cop
Depends on where you are.

In California a car can legally sit on the road for 72 hours before it needs to be moved. They won't take your word for it. It will be marked and posted by cops or parking control, then towed if it hasn't moved in 72 hours.

It can also be towed if the registration expired over 6 months ago or is "obviously abandoned".

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Most streets are owned by the city, not the home owners but I'd call the local P.D. and/or Parking Control.

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It depends on your state or city's law. In many places, you can park on a public street for 72 hours. Call city hall and ask what the rules are. If they are violating the rules, then call the police's non-emergency number.

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jocelyn p
Well if u live in a neighborhood call the Home Owners Association or police! cuz their on your private prperty in our neighborhood it's illegal to do that, but im not sure about your's!

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call your City County Councelman!
in indiana we have MAC aka Mayors Action Center.
but your councelperson will be able to help you just fine.
good luck!

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lol my mom used to call the cops when people were parked on the street too long (like more than 2 weeks) she got a couple towed. I'd say call your local police station, Not 911.

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Here in UK nothing can be done. Cars are allowed to be parked on the public highway except where parking restrictions are in force. The piece of road in front of your house is not part of your property but is a public right of way

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Call your City or if you really wan't to get down and dirty call your local police( not 9-11) You will have about 20 police cars in front of your house then if you call 9-11.

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Can you're local Police Dept. Sometimes it depends on the neighborhood that you live in, if there is an ofdinance about parking on the street. Most places you can't do it. And they CANNOT block entrance to your house. They should have it towed. Good Luck.

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New Dad
Most cities have ordinances regarding how long your--and others--cars can be parked on public property. Those laws apply to even homes with no driveway. There are even laws against parking on your lawn which include homes without driveways.

TALK first to the owners...give them a chance to be grown-ups too and explain the situatation too.

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I had this happen to me. I lived in a duplex and had my car parked outside on the street. It sat there for a week. the upstairs nieghbor complained and the officer called me and said I need to move the car immediatly. I moved the car 2 feet and was o.k. So.... dont let some one be a smart *** like me and keep on it and keep the police informed.

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