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 Constable question?....?
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Should i have purse/wallet fingerprinted for stolen money? or waste of time?
Someone stole $20 from my wallet at work. this happened a few days ago.if i have it fingerprinted what is the chances of finding any good prints? it sits out where it's possible people have touched or moved it out of the way. however, i work at a business where we all have to do the fbi fingerprint check. so all of our prints are on file. could i have the cops fingerprint and check? or since it's been a 3 days or so and i have used the purse/wallet since then, would it be pointless? if it was fingerprinted and prints were found, would that matter anyway?
Additional Details
one of my coworkers is married to a police offier, so he offered to have it done. that's not the problem. i just wonder if it's too late to get good solid prints?

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In my way of thinking it would have been worth the effort. I feel that a thief should always be found. With that being said, however, the time has passed where any useful prints have already been obliterated by your use and handling of the wallet.
It also depends on what the wallet is made of that would make it printable. In all likelihood, the wallet would have had to have been exposed to a chemical process to reveal any prints. Then you'd have had to replace the wallet too, adding to your loss. But like I said, I'd like to know who the thief is. Plus, you were a victim and should have the same rights as any other victim, no matter how small of the crime.
If I had taken the report for your case, providing you had reported it right away, and then asked if it was worth losing the wallet too. Then I would have put it into evidence to have it processed if I couldn't have done it right there with magnapowder or regular powder. But I can imagine other agencies not wanting to spend resources for a loss of $20 when there are lots of other crimes of higher values.
Also, I don't think it is your fault. It is the fault of the thief for being a scumbag thief.

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For an amount as small as this, I would not bother with fingerprinting. Instead I would make sure that management knows of the theft and does something to provide additional security measures for the safe keeping of personal items such as purses. But I am however going to say that it is your responsibility to make sure that you never leave your purse anywhere where it can be reached. You need to take it with you everywhere you go unless you can securely put it away.

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Brandi C
Its not too late, but that doesn't mean that it can be done. The police department may refuse to do it, because it costs money and that may not be worth it for a $20 theft. Also, did you report it at the time you noticed the theft occured? If not, they may not want to do it because of how much time has gone by. You would have to prove that the person did not touch your purse for any other reason. Also, just because you get your fingerprints checked for employment does not mean they are on file. For those checks, they only check to see if they are on file already - they don't add them to the database.

I would notify human resources, since you believe that it was an employee who took the money, and be sure to keep your purse more secure in the future. But it sounds like you are probably out of luck as far as catching the person who did this.

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michael H
I agree you are not at fault, but that being said a person has to protect themselves as well.

As far as fingerprinting, you may have been able to get something, but by now I would think that any real evidence would be compromised.

Lastly and sadly like someone else mentioned most agencies wouldn't even show up for a $20 loss. Leave you purse out with a mouse trap in it and see who has hurt fingers. (just a thought)

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If the wallet is patten leather maybe a print can be taken but how many times have you touched the wallet in 3 days, prints all over it.

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