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 Cop put court date on a holiday?
he said he had to change date on ticket and needs my signiture ?
Additional Details
can he doe this ,I was told not to sign this know he is going to my house the last 3 days 3 times a ...

 I want to be a police officer but I am color blind?
Can someone who is color blind still pursue a career in law enforcement as a police officer. I took the basic Ishihara Test for Color Blindness and I failed it but I can still see colors.I never knew ...

 Corrections officer question.?
I recently passed the entrance exam n the agility for corrections. I'm in the process of the background investigation. I have nothing on my record. But I do know that they do a polygraph test. W...

 Does retail theft get expunged when you turn 18?
will colleges or jobs i apply for see this?...

 Why do we still have a Dept Of Energy ?
Founded in 1972 under the Carter administration ,16,000 employees, 100,000 contrators with a $ 24.2 billion annual budget . Founded 32 yrs ago to curb our dependence on foreign oil . How are they ...

 Paying Online Tickets Bad or Good?
ok here is the problem i got a ticket in CA
i paid it online yesterday i checked if it was paid
but i dont understand this

Violation Date: 01/18/2009
Initial Due Date: 3/...

 I posted bond for someone. They are going to possibly miss the court date. Can I have them arrested?
This person has other warrants for missing a court date, and I think he may not make this court date either. They are misdemeanor charges, and he moved out of Colorado to take a job. He is trying ...

 Can a police officer search you up if...?
Say a guy knows my name and student ID number. Can he go to the police station and report me (hypothetically) that i stole something. Will the officer search my address and stuff and arrest me?...

 First time Misdemeanor charges in Florida for Petit Theft and Resistance Officer without violence?
I'm 21 years old. I was very drunk in the taxi cub and didn't pay. I don't even remember how it's happened, but I've got arrested. I've never been in the court and I'...

 How long Does it take to perform a proper HGN Test.?

 My freinds dad is turning my name into the police for smoking weed, is there anything he cops will do?
Its a long story, im wondering what all the police can do if they just get a name from somebody, if this is something that they could get a search warrant for or if I should ignore this clown. Thanks ...

 Can he really go to jail?
Okay so there is this girl and sheis 14 she is dating an 18 year old and one of her friends told her that if the cops see them together he will go to jail. All they do is hold hand and give eachother ...

 Machete possession in MA?

Some customers don't like our loud 2 stroke engines, sometimes don't feel like grabbing power equipment for 1 or 2 cuts.

Was told by another worker that a ...

 If you were caught stealing at a store?
if you were caught stealing at a store and your parents came to get you and the police werent called.. Do you think that would show up in a police background check
Additional Details
i ...

 If you're being tailed by a carful of bad guys, is it better to let drop an oil slick or a bucket of nails?
I have buttons for both....

 Do you get your bond money back if you appear for court?

 Which do you think I have the better shot at?
I have upcoming tests for New Orleans Police dept and the Atlanta PD? Which do I stand a shot at?...

 Can you plead a Nolo when your 17 ?
I live in Atlanta Georgia and i got a speeding ticket and this is my second one, the first time i plead guilty and took the points but this time i want to plead a nolo to avoid losing my license.... C...

 Nypd or Lapd???????????????
okay i am 14 years old and i live in maryland and i want to join law enforcement but i want to join a good department and i have been keeping my eyes on lapd and nypd but i can't decide which i ...

 Have you ever worked in corrections or in a county jail?
How was it? What was day to day like? Did you enjoy it? How did it effect you, did you gain better people skills for example?
I'm currently in college wanting to be a police officer and I ...

Police Officers and anxiety/depression meds?
Is it true that if a LEO is on antianxiety or depression meds that he/she cannot carry a gun? Or that if he/she is on these meds that if they should be involved in a critical incident (such as having to shoot a criminal) their medical records could be used against them?

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ive never heard that but its plausible

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i hope not because i want to be a police officer and do suffer from depression and am on my meds but i highly doubt it considering that there are over 6,000 police officers in the nation and atleat one has to have anxiety or deppresion or both

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It depends totally on the cause and circumstances behind the treatment for depression and anxiety. If the disorder is work related, then they do a fitness for duty report, a Psychologist and Medical Doctors compile a report on whether the person can or cannot carry out the duties of an Officer completely. If not, then the Officer is placed at another assignment where they can be treated and get better enough to return to duty. If its not work related you would seek medical help, your care provider would make the determination if you are or are not able to continue in your capacity as an Officer. If you cannot, then you would have to work that out with your department, they can either reassign you like above, or place you on some type of leave until you are well enough to return to duty. Like I said it totally depends on the circumstances, getting help is the most important. Just because you are on meds doesn't make you incapable of life, it means you're in the process of getting better. I know a few guys on meds and it doesn't affect their performance, they're still great Officers. Medical records can only be used to prove negligence, that's why its so important to be in the care of a medical professional. A medical professional will never recommend you stay in an assignment if it will prove to pose a threat to you or others, therefore if you're getting adequate help and you're abiding by their recommendations for care you have nothing to worry about.

Good luck to you!

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