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Giau N
Owed drug dealer some money, what should I do?
I've a friend that owe some drug dealer money, he left town and now he's planning to come back. He owed them around 300$ dollars, would they come after him?? He's scare for his life!

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Go to the Police Station and explain it to an officer who will be happy to help you. Remember, the man in blue is a friend to you!

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Most likely they will. Drug dealers do not play. He should have the money when he comes back or be prepared to deal with the consequences of the decision he made to put himself in this position. Can't go to the cops!

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John S
Depends how long ago it was. If you are talking weeks..you should be ok. Months or years, your friend is ******.

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Tom M
If he ''left town'', because he couldn't pay back $300, which really isn't that much, why does he want to come back? It's not like he owes thousands. I don't think they'd go after his family for $300, but you never know. Maybe that's why he came back. I've heard dealers create ''vigs'', which is like a tax on the money you owe him. So he may owe this guy more than $300, according to him. Maybe he has this guy's number? If I were him, I'd look to settle this. Otherwise, he should stay as far from the town as he can. I mean like at least a good few hours away, if not more. Tell your friend to plan on going back either, unless he's certain he can pay back. If he got involved with drug dealers in this place though, maybe it's not a place worth going back to. Like John mentioned, if it's weeks, or even a couple months, he'll be alright. To drug dealers, it's a business. They see this sh*t happen. As long as they get their money, they won't harm him.You have to think about it from the dealer's perspective too though. Would you kill someone over $300? This isn't a movie. Is that worth going to prison for? With DNA and all that? Most dealers might get some big guy to come break your fingers, but than he has to pay him for doing that. If it's been years though, tell him to stay out.

In response to Hertha, that would be the ethical thing to do, but may not be practical. While the ''man in blue'' may be a friend to him, what's more valuable is knowing if they can protect him.

By going to the cops, he'd be opening up a can of worms. First, the cop's might want him to help get information out of them, which puts his life in threat. In the drug dealers eyes, it's ''starting a war.'' Don't push their buttons, and they won't push his. Only push them, if you have to. This guy has put himself in a sh*t position though. It's not that you can't trust the cops, although police departments vary in if they're ''dirty'', but rather that some cops are simply incompetent.

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Yep! Pay the dealer, he's got a supplier to pay, whose got an importer to pay, whose got a grower to pay. Each one will happily f**k up the other if they don't get their money.

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Rank Jeff
Well I wouldn't come back if I was him but if he really needs to then here is what I'd do:
1) Hope the drug dealer forgot
2)Hope that I don't run into the drug dealer
3) Change my appearance a bit
4)Be prepared to pay the drug dealer in the event you do run into him, carry at least 300 on you at all times

It can also depend on the drug dealer, is he hardcore has he been to prison or is this guy just some sub-urban kid selling drugs on the side of school.

I've ripped off some drug dealers, and I have never gone back to the neighbourhood where I did that. Would never go back that there and if I did would keep an eye out.

Its also depends on your town side, how near the dealer lives to you, what the dealers activities are and so on. Need more info. If the drug dealer lives down the street just pay him plus interest your not going to avoid him. If he lives in a neighbourhood not near by and your unlikely to see him then screw him, unless you run into him, don't pay him squat.


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uhm, he wont kill him over three hundred bucks, but thats enough to jump someone for.

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Steven C
I have gone to calls where people get shot for a dime bag. Just pay the dealer and be done with it. It is that easy!

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