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On what grounds can you press charges on someone?
if someone threatens to hit you and your car with a metal object can you 'press charges' ???

what if theres no proof or evidence apart from your own word?

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someone out there
You need to contact your co attorney and see if you have enough to press charges or at least summons the person to court. You may also want to look into getting a restraining order against them.

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You can battle it out on courts, Where has the incident happened?
Have you asked around to see if there are any witnesses.
Alot of cases these days like rape do not have enough evidence that is why it is hard to convict. However what the person has done is classed as assault you can give it a go.
Good luck tho

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I spose you could call the police and say you have threatened...they would probably question the person who made the treat and that's it really unless they admit it. If you do this and then something else happens it will be better for building up a case as it would be on record that they threatened you in the past and then things could be taken more seriously. There is no harm in talking to the police, they will advise you of the actions to take.

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Best wait till they hit you, then you have them.

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if someone is threatining you, like this you cannot arrest them " press charges" they have to have first the intent and action, so they have to commit the crime in order for you to do something however if this is happening you can advise the police of this and they will help prevent anything from happening.

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infinite crisis 247
i would make the complaint to the authorities, so that you have a framework in case you have to file a personal protective order later. however, without proof or witnesses, very little chance that anything further will happen to the person.

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The term 'press charges' is one often mis-used in the UK and come from watching too many US TV programmes.

In the UK, you would make an allegation to the police who would investigate the allegation on your behalf. The evidence in this case would consist of your written statement and the responce of the accused which would be obtained by interviewing him/her either under arrest or as a voluntary attender.

Independant witnesses, if there are any, may give statements.

The accused is under no obligation to answer any question put to them, so in this case the evidence may consist solely of your word.

The evidence would then be presented to the Crown Prosecution Service who would make a decision to prosecute based on;
1. The seriousness of the offence
2. The likelihood of a succesful prosecution
3. Would it be in the public interest to prosecute

You (the victim) play no part in this decision making process.

Based on the information you have given
1. Its not a serious offence (although you may think so)
2. Theres little chance of winning in court (unless the accused admits the offence)
3. Its not in the public interest because it affects nobody but you

The Crown would take no further action.
You have the option of taking out a private prosecution and paying for the whole procedure yourself.

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Difficult to prove but if you thought he was really about to hit you could be asault

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Chris H
as someone else has said if there is no proof then they cannot be charged, if it was word of mouth and you worry for your safety then u can advise the police of this and they will make a note of it. however if u know the person threatening and have been texted or he has written down this threat then that can be some evidence.

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Heather's mom
Even if there's no proof that someone threatened you, you might want to report something like this to the authorities, just in case something does happen to you or your car. Of course, the person being accused could come back and say you damaged your own car, but it's unlikely you'd clobber yourself with a metal object.

Get it on the record if you think the threat was real. Take a short trip to your local police station and talk with them.

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In the case you have described no, there is nothing illegal about such a threat UNLESS the threat is credible and imminent. If the guy had a tire iron in his hand and was three feet from you you could knock his head off. But if he just says, "someday I might want to hit your car with something hard" then no. By the way, since this is after the fact and he didn't actually attack you or your property there is no charge to press. Obviously the threat was an emptry one.

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jed slade
Forget about it,but keep your eye on them and wait for the main chance.In my world,those who make threats have to sleep with one eye open.

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Spiny Norman
for your future protection, write down all the details and inform the police.

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*~lil~* ttc#1
no chance without proof but you can tell the police then if it does happen they might take you more seriously

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if there is no proof or evidence then you have no chance, your word against theres will not be enough

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I would imagine this would be very hard to press charges without proof . Someone has to actually hurt you leaving marks or everyone would be getting people nicked all the time.

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