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My renter is possibly producing methanphedamins. Can the authorities condem the house? What can I do?
I own a rental property. It was rented while I was deployed to Iraq. The renter is probably a drug dealer, and possibly producing methanphedamins. Can the authorities, whoever that may be, condem the house? My neighbor told me that they could, and that it would not be covered by my insurance. I don't know if this is my neighbors trying to get me to evict my renter, or if this is something that I REALLY need to worry about.

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sure go snitch on the drug dealer

maybe he send a hoody to pop u when he finds out u turned him in:)

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You should try to get a cut of the action.

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Anyone who tells you that you can enter the property is just dead wrong. As long as the renter lives there, they own it. You cannot enter the house without their permission.

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Only 1 tenant, if not then you have the others at great risk of fire and contamination. If not, then you have to worry about liability from the environmental, the fires, explosions, and criminal activity.

Future rentals might be sickened if the chemicals remain in the apartment.

You need to jump on this right away.

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King Midas
just wait until your renter screw up the process, he will take out half of the block. call the state police drug task force if they catch him and he is cooking meth your propety will have to be condemed due to the chemicals he is using.

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worry... call you local police asap

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Walter J
Well they can condemn the property because of the lethal chemicals that are used in the production of meth...you want the police or whoever to stop them as soon as possible and if you can get the renters out the sooner the better, that is if they really are making the meth.

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Billy T
yes they could and probably will. i hope you dont live in the surrounding area because that is also in danger of explosion if in fact there is a meth lab

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I&#39;m Gonna Tell You
You can sue your renter for damages to property loss, or even sue for the professional cleaning (often worth more than the value of the house) Speak with a lawyer in your state, they should know what types of retrobution you can seek.

This is why I have NEVER rented out any of my properties, even when the sale is longer than expected! People who can not buy a home is for a reason!

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I'm a Veteran.......Viet-Nam.........Welcome Home brother!! You are the deed holder of record, you're going to have to take a proactive approach to this issue,you're correct in assuming that something is not what it seems.It's your house,go to it....take at least one other person with you,go in the daytime.......see for yourself what's going on. If they don't know you, introduce yourself to them, if they are in the drug trade....you're a veteran, just stay on your toes. As far as them taking your house for drug activity, not happening,you have no direct knowledge of their actions, as a good and responsible owner you're going to make more on-site visits. If the Police have warrants for your tenants, proof they are selling drugs, by undercover buys, video, photos. Let them at them.......the more they arrest, less for you to fool with.......................................

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Meth is DANGEROUS. Handled improperly it EXPLODES. Get the advice of a lawyer on how to handle this NOW.

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bobbie e
Your neighbors are mad becuse they don't like this activity, and it brings down their property values. Call police and make a report, then try and evict them. Contact a landlord tenant mediator.

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If you know for sure and say nothing, you could possibly be held as an accessory.

The police may be able to get a search warrant (for probable cause) and find out for certain.

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I ♥ Evil: The return
If they are making the stuff there then the whole place will be toxic. The police would condemn it for sure and the fumes are already effecting your neighbors. You'd definitely be liable if you did nothing.

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Evict the person...tell him your renovating and putting the house on the market...and do u notice a high amount of traffic to your rental property at all hours of the day/night?? Check into your rights as a landlord, and get a good lawyer.

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Ford Prefect
i had an issue about this a few years back. my renter had stolen amonia and I talked with the sherrif about it. he told me that I would not get into trouble and my house would not be taken because of drugs unless I was involved in it...this was in Iowa, I don't know about your state

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Sue F
You need to notify the local authorities as soon as possible. They will be able to take care of whatever type of investigation that needs to be done. If you have someone who is overseeing the property for you while you are deployed, you need to notify them of what is going on. This is a frightening situation. I own rental property also, and I actually let it sit empty for the better part of three years, until I was positive I had a renter that was going to be reliable, had no criminal background and was gainfully employed. If you have a lawyer, you will want to inform him/her of what is going on. Do you know any of the other neighbors around the property, so that they can tell you if they know anything? I know that it has been on the news about a lot of these labs producing toxic fumes that have sent many people to the hospital and a couple of children have ended up with respiratory difficulties; which they will deal with the rest of their lives. These labs have also blown up and damaged other property and injured police personnel. You do not want to take the chance of having any of these things happen. If you notify the authorities, they can also check with your neighbor and make sure that he is not making false statements to you for his own unknown agenda. God bless you for your service to our country and protecting our freedoms. I wish you the best with your property and a safe homecoming. Have a good night!

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Yes they can condem the house. Since you are the landlord, it's your property.. if you have proof that illegal activity is happening then call the authorities.. if you do not have proof, since you own it, you can inspect the property. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, hire a local sheriff to go with you. You basically must prove that you don't support what they are doing on your property.

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If you know that they are doing it, then the house can be taken away from you. Usually the neighbors know and will either contact the landlord, or in some cases the police. So there should be some notice to the landlord to get rid of the problem (usually by asking for the assistance of law enforcement). Still, for all this, there are some landlords who are just too lazy or complacent to take care of the situation. These are the ones who usually lose the property.

Sometimes it is unknown to anyone because it's so well concealed. If a landlord can prove that he/she had no knowledge of it, then they will usually be OK. Usually that requires testimony of neighbors, though, to corroborate the landlord's statement that noone had any idea that it was going on.

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If you have some reason to believe this may be true, go to the authorities with it and let them handle it.

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Contact the police, and supply them with the reason you suspect that this is the case. If they are cooking meth, then they have violated any renters agreement I have ever heard of and can be evicted. As the property owner, you can grant them (police) limited access, and with a warrant, they've got access to anything provided for in the scope of the warrant. They cannot take the property from the lawful owner unless you as the deeded owner can be proven complicit in what is going on. You pretty much rule that out if YOU contact them and start the ball rolling. The other folks posting here are correct, cooking meth is toxic as hell, and your house may be a write off because of it. Your state might have a compensation fund for this type of thing, funded by drug money seizures. If that turns out to be the case, it maight help defray some of the loss. Otherwise, you would have to sue the renters, and judgements are worth about what the cost of the paper they are printed on is. Good luck, and don't wait.

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Are you still in Iraq? Cause there would be a slightly different solution...

If you are NOT still in Iraq, as a landlord, you have the right to "inspect" the property.

In most states, you must give 24 hours notice.

Call the police, and tell them you would really like to have an officer come with you, due to the possibility of a meth lab...

They will NOT need a search warrant, IF they do not touch anything. They may take pictures... But, also they would know what they should look for better then you would.

Meth is a VERY dangerous substance to make.

"While still in operation, or prior to a seizure, there is a high risk for acute exposure to harmful chemicals in meth labs. If you discover an active meth lab, do not attempt to enter. Contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.

Many of the chemicals used in the "cooking" process can be harmful. Short-term exposures to high concentrations of chemical vapors that may exist in a functioning meth lab can cause severe health problems or even death. For this reason, meth "cookers", their families, and first responders are at highest risk of acute health effects from chemical exposure, including lung damage and chemical burns to different parts of the body. Heating solvents inside a building can create a highly flammable situation; meth labs are often discovered when fire fighters respond to a blaze."

If you are still in Iraq, you may want a family member, or "temp" landlord, or landlord" to take the above steps.

But, I DO think you should contact the cops for their advice.

***** EDIT ADD IN *****

For the "answerer" further down that says that the "renters OWN it", as you know, he is W-R-O-N-G.

The renters do NOT own the property they are renting. They are renting the USE of the property.

They pay no taxes on it, they have no title...

The OWNERS of the property have EVERY RIGHT to go in and inspect the rented property.


For your states laws, look up "Landlord right of entry".

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yes, i know they can here, not sure about where you live.. but meth labs are very toxic.. I wouldnt want to live in a house where meth was made. are you back from iraq? if so go check it out, you can go in there at any time.. if not have someone do it for you

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Call the Cops. Or the Dea.

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Well Meth Labs do blow up from time to time, so I would turn them in to the police. I hate meth heads.

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Bobby D
Notify the local police department and let them know what's going on.

The sooner the better.

The waste products created from meth manufacturing can pollute your property, and in many cases, cannot be completely recovered.

It's a serious matter, and needs to be addressed asap.

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