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My registration expired 4 days ago, will police still pull me over? What are the chances?
Being that my registration expired 4 days ago but it's still the month of March on my tags, what are my chances of getting pulled over and getting a ticket? And yes - I plan to renew, I just let it go by a few days.

Thanks in advance.
Additional Details
Er - whoops. My tags say April - but they expired 4 days ago. Not march like in my question :P

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there not going to notice but get it renewed quickly

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kelly t
They WILL notice! Dude...if a cop gets behind you, you are HIT! Cops have a special eye for those damn stickers, I'm telling you. You can drive past him and he'll probably still see it, but don't let him get behind you. Watch in every direction for cops while driving...and always leave yourself an out if there are cars coming up behind you, especially in the dark. If you don't know a car is a cop or not and it's coming up behind you...get off the road in a parking lot or something till it passes. What ever you do...DON'T let them get behind you! You will be ticketed for expired tags, and chances are you have expired insurance too??? If so, that is a major ticket and possible jail time. It's not worth it...but if you have to drive..constantly watch for cops! Stay one step ahead of them!!

We have to work together....lol....Us against "the man."

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nas88caror 300 09? way to go BK!
oops yes they can but usually they expire at the end of the month and i know here in Illinois after 30 days the fee goes up and after 60 days its even higher yet.. along with the possibility of the plates being suspended

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they wont notice unless then stop you and run your tags so id go get it renewed asap,

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Big One 0909
I have NEVER been pulled over for a tag that MIGHT be expired. I have been pulled for other things and issued a ticket for expired tag after the reg. and lic. are shown.

The 0909 in my nickname is my birthdate, Sept, 9. I am 50 yrs old and have renewed my tag on time maybe twice in my life.with 21 of 30 days in the month to play with, so I know what I am telling you. .

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Even if you got caught, you just show the judge that you had it renewed and they tear it up. Happens all the time.

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Red Devil
I wouldn't worry about the police so much, but if you live in California I would get to the DMV as soon as possible or your registration fee will increase daily for registering late

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They won't notice unless you make them notice. Getting them to notice is pointing it out curtly, or even pushing them to a point where they try to find things wrong with your car/license. Renew it ASAP.

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Not to worry, they will just tell you about it.

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Jen F
Seeing that it's April, I'd say you're out of luck.

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Marvin the Martian
I forgot to get my tags renewed for like 4 months. I actually was on my way to the state tax office to get my tags when I got pulled over. I showed the cop my paperwork. He was in the middle of explaining to me that if I let it go much longer I could be arrested when some emergency call came in on his radio. So he took off and I went on my way and got my license renewed.

Ok so I shouldn't have phoned in that phony robbery story while I was pulling over, but whatever works ;)

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I live in a town where cops are so bored and back-asswards that they ticket jay walkers and fail to notice meth labs 'til someones barn or trailer explodes. So if you live in my town odds are pretty high that you'll get caught. ;)

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well not very likely. Unless you drive fast or dangerously. If they are behind you they sometimes run the plates while waiting at a stop light

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