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My car was broken into will the police take prints?
My car was broken into last week and a very important laptop with all my info. was taken Is there anyway the police can take prints from my car to track the thief down and how long will it take?

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if you pay them enough they will, whether they are supposed to or not. police are funny that way offer them money and they do what you want.

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Dude's right. Cops'll check it out at best, maybe make a report, and walk.

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Mr. PhD
no. and even if they did, they would go no where.

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Nope... Fingerprints will not be colected.

You will probably NEVER see the missing contents again.

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Wow, I don't think they have time. They have the War On Drugs to occupy their time. And murders, perversion, tons of stuff. They didn't have time to take prints when my car got stolen but maybe you will be luckier.

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They won't take prints and your stuff is gone for good. Hopefully you have a backup.

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If your in my town,they won't the police here do as little as possible,unless it is one of their own who's car got broken in to. you should check the pawn shops it might turn up there,I am sorry for your loss.

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Probably not. Unfortunately in most larger cities they won't even come out if it's stolen any more, you have to just file a report. Sucks I know, but they have bigger fish to fry most of the time ... or is it dough nuts?

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They probably would not do that.
If you provide them with the serial number of the laptop, they will check all the local pawnshops to see if it has come in.

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Most departments only take prints for crimes against persons. However, it does sound like a Felony case. I would check with the department. Why are you wasting time asking us and not the local authorities?

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When my truck was broken into - I called the cops as soon as I discovered it and they came to the scene and took finger prints. But - I called them right away before anything had been moved or touched. Turns out the bad guys wore gloves. The police were able to recover the texture of the glove - but no prints. The thief did cut himself and a small amount of blood was left on the interior trim panel. They did collect that as well. Of course, for that to do them any good - they have to have a suspect to match the blood to.

Since your vehicle was broken into a week ago - I don't think it would do any good to take prints at this point. You should have called as soon as you discovered the theft.

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Robert W
When my car was broken into, there were very obvious prints, and the police officer that arrived on scene did NOT take prints.. Later, I drove to the police station, and they took prints, but no good came of it.. They probably just threw them out when they got into the building. Petty stuff like breaking into cars isn't on the top of their investigative list is what I've found. Still, it can't hurt to try.

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It depends. Sometimes there are no prints to be taken because many times your car wasn't the only one they hit and they were "smart" enough to wear gloves. The hard part about solving those types of crimes is even if they get prints, it doesn't necessarily mean that the suspect's prints have been entered into the national database (AFIS) so that the owner of the prints can be identified anyway. If the cat's got a clean record, until he really messes up, there is no record of his prints anywhere to match them with. And -- for all you CSI fans out there -- no, the crime labs DON'T work that quickly and many of the tests and machines they have on the show are fictional. Here in reality land, it can take months to get results back. A word of advice though, keep track of all of your serial numbers on any property that has them -- they can be entered into the national system when property is stolen. Then hopefully, if your stuff turns up, they'll know who it belongs to.

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Very very rarely. Its like taking prints off a bottle to see who littered, Im not trying to be an *** but its not a serious unuff crime to.

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Steven C
It's been too long. Let this be a lesson learned don't put a laptop computer in a car you are not inside of.

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They may, but the thief probably wore gloves. You should have either taken the laptop into wherever you were or put it in the trunk, out of sight. Break-in's like this are usually done out of opportunity. If there is nothing to tempt the thief, they won't usually bother.

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What's cookin??
My car got broken into some years ago, and the police weren't interested in prints because the cash value of the crime was so small, ~$250 (all they got was a crappy stereo - haha!). At least, that's what the campus security guard told me, but it makes sense, because processing fingerprints is an elaborate and expensive process.

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If you called them when it happened, they would have already been down to investigate and you would know what they are doing. Maybe you should leave Y!A for a minute and file a report with the police about this.

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Kenneth C
Possibly, however, there are prints all over the inside of the car. Plus the materials in the interior make it very hard to lift prints. Even if they get a print, it will be more then likely yours and it will go no where.

Not too mention, you said it was broken into last week. Most finger prints do not last that long, especially in the summer.

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Depends on how crafty the perp is. A friend of mine has his car stolen from the school parking lot and they found the car in almost no time, but they never found the guy who did it!

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Did you already file a report with them? You say it happened a week ago. If they were going to process the car and take prints they would have done it at that time.

Prints are not always taken. But the officer taking your report should at least inspect the car and try to gather any possible evidence.

A few things that may hamper this would be;
1.) If you handled things in the car and moved things, destroying the prints.
2.) A majority of the surfaces inside a car are not smooth.
3.) The plastic in your dash and door lining has a texture, which resists fingerprinting.
4.) Any prints are now a week old in summer conditions. In the best inside conditions fingerprints are viable for less than two weeks. They degrade quickly, especially in heat.

The police would love to find a perfect fingerprint at every crime scene and have it lead to a conviction. A lot of the time your car isn't the only one broken into and if we got a suspect we could probably solve a dozen break ins in your neighborhood. I am not going to say you may not have gotten a lazy cop who didn't do all he could; I am just saying a lot of times there just isn't anymore evidence available.

Did you give the Police your laptop's serial number? It should be entered in the National Crime Information Center computer system. That is probably your best chance at this point in recovering it.

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