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Hi folks,

My 79 year old Mother was pulled over by plod last night, as a brake light bulb had failed, as they do.
I being a passenger at the time.
Plod was stern in his demeanour,...

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weird how you can have this yet not a chinese one or a white one
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"oppressed minority" thats an interesting term of words

think the Irish might say ...

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jessica here!
Ashlee here!
anonymus here!
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i didnt do it!! lol just askin.

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was stopped for a reported robbery but locked up for drugs on person
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ok here's the situation i was holding drugs for a friend, we go to meet his client who ...

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 Would you rather be a firefighter and save people's lives or be a policeman and take people's lives away?

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Ril-Gainia sure, they might unintentionally take a life, but that's different, becasue they don't try to justify it....

 Can a cop arrest you with out reading you your rights?
i went to Ohio and there is a place called Columbus the police dont read your right to you is that ...

 DO you think it's a disgrace that the UK Police are keeping fingerprints and DNA of people who aren't charged
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That old rubbish about "if you've got nothing to hide why worry" doesn�...

 My flatmate drank my beer. What can I do to get him back?
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 If the cop wrote the wrong court date on my speeding ticket, then is this grounds for dismissal?
The cop wrote a court date on my ticket, but then I got a letter in the mail saying the court date was actually earlier than stated on the ticket. Is that a problem? Can the ticket be dismissed?...

Money is the root of all evil. Do you agree?

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Verbose Vincent
Absolutely. Here is a short list of the EVIL things money has done for me lately:

-- Paid for repairing my air conditioning, providing a cool living space for my family (in Texas, BTW).

-- Allowed me to eat healthy food for the last few years. And the last 31 years before then.

-- Paid for medical care that ensured my wife delivered a healthy baby girl, even though my daughter was born a month early.

I think you get my point: The root of all evil is POVERTY, not money.

Yes, greed hurts people and often hurts the greedy person as well. Ambition that has no regard for friends or family or love will eventually consume the workaholics and overachievers of the world (if not tempered and controlled). But this has nothing to do with money itself.

Money is merely a means of exchanging economic values. And EVERYTHING boils down to economics: Meaning, everything is related to choices about the usage of scarce resources such as water, air, time, parental care, love and devotion, labor, etc.

To say that the root of all evil is money is to say that the root of all evil is economics. Which, I suppose, has more merit as a proverb.

But please notice that only three kinds of people ever say that "money is the root of all people":

-- poor people
-- people who have been hurt by the greed of others or their own greed
-- people who don't know what the hell they're talking about

And, yes, the originator of that phrase was, by all accounts, a poor man.

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No, not thinking for yourself coupled with an accepted fear of action is a better candidate

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Nope, desire is the root of all nastiness in the world. I.E. desire for money, power, "things", sex etc.

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Maradona Jr.
Yes I agree.

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No, the love of money is.

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i hear it is the root of all evil..but wouldnt you just like the chance to try it and see for your self..

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no the love of money is according to the good book

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No, human competitiveness is the root of all evil. Money is just one thing for which we compete.

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rice puppy
helllllllllllllll naw, u need $$ to survive.. tell me where we would be without it?

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The phrase which you have uttered is certainly one of the more despicable thoughts. Ask yourself what is money? money is simply representative of product, that which someones mind and effort created, that which sustains man's life, so is it the product you hate, or the fact you need to produce in order to survive. Or is it the love of money which the root of all evil? why would it be wrong to love that production, that which enables not only people to eat, but travel around the world in hours, cure diseases once attributed by mystics to angry gods, accelerate sub-atomic particles to speeds approaching light, you are sitting there typing into a computer which has been created by countless hours of effort, think of the time spent in school, countless hours of late night studying, the passion someone had to have for their ideas to bring them forth and integrate them in the world of ideas, voluntarily producing a product which you voluntarily agreed to trade him for with your produce, reprsented by money, by further produce. is that what you think is the root of all evil? Money represents all that is good in man, do not be confused by an inverted morality, which proclaims thatfor you to be good you must accept the fact that the good is the non good for you, that is selfishness. and they claim that true morality can only be found in the selfless, it is the philosophy of altruism, and its only end is the abolition of the self, to lose ones values and finally ones sense of reason. which happens to be mans basic tool of survival.

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MC Hummer
No. Certainty is.

"The jews killed jezus."
"god exists."
"Stalin is the supreme authority."
"Saddam has WMDs."

When you have doubts about your own ideas, you're willing to consider other's thoughts and rights and tend to kill fewer people.

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nope...it's the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil...think about it.

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No, I'd have to say that some people with the money is the root of all evil.

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no for the love of money is the root of all evil thanks just in the choir sorry if we drone on

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Of course, what can you get with out it. Love? no, try and get a wife or husband if your dead broke and living out of your broken down pinto. Money makes the world turn, and people will do anything for it. Hence, it is the root of all evil.

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It is the love of it make it worst... not using it wisely is the problem

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pistol pete
I agree

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should i?

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No. Both "good" and "evil" are value judgments each of us has to make for ourselves. Money is nothing more than a tool we use as a medium of exchange.

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no, it's not the root of ALL evil. Evil is what evil does.

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Neil G
no the love of money is

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mike g
no, the root of evil is a person's morals

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jonny c
Define money and define evil.

Our current monetary system could be called evil because it is a currency propped up not by value or wealth but it created out of thin air. It is thus not a system of how much things are worth but perpetually how much stuff is owed.

Also, it is propped up by a government, which claims a monopoly on the threat or use of deadly force to--among other things--ensure that its currency is the only one that gets used.

So money as we currently understand it now might be evil but it is certainly not the root of evil. That honor would have to go to hubris as the "root of all evil."

However, wealth, value, private property and free market capitalism are not evil in and of themselves, either. They are simply cooped towards evil ends sometimes.

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well money can create greed...selfishness...and evil...but i also think money is good..it can bring happiness...part happiness...and it can help people that are in need...

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Actually love of money is. most people don't realize money is a tool like everything else.. You just got to utilize it wisely...and do not fall in love with it.

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No, ignorance is

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Dan W
No -
The roots of evil can be
Greed, Fear Hate, Sex, Drugs or just opportunity

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