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Is there a way to find out if someone is really a police officer in St. Louis?

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Doughnut crumbs around the lapel of their uniform

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David s
ask them if they are a cop. by law they have to tell you.

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angel eyes
offer around doughnuts,the coppers will be the ones who take two...

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Call them a pig and see what they say. Then, if they don't respond, talk about how gay the show "Cops" is, and tell them you have marijuana. Look at their reaction.

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Yes. Go to St. Louis, invite that person to go to a bank with you (Wachovia or First Mariner's, for example). Then attempt to rob the bank. If that person doesn't try to stop you (whether s/he is on duty or not), then that person is (likely) not a police officer in St. Louis.

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Brad B
Don't hesitate to call the department and ask. If someone is posing as an officer, it needs to come to an end.

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You can call the St. Louis police department and ask if such n such works there or if they are a police officer. They will help

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call the police department and ask them.

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Ask this person for their PBST number and if they give you it Call their police staytion and ask useing that number. Understand they may not give out this party's name but they can confirm if they are on the payrole!

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johN p. aka-Hey you.
Call St. Louis PD.

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All you have to do is contact the St. Louis PD. If you think that there is someone impersonating an officer (which is a felony) then you should call internal affairs. Either look up the number on there web page or go to a local sub station. Nothing worse then someone saying there something there not.

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big sir
Call down to the local PD and talk with the desk Sgt.

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Clays mom
you could call and ask to speack to them if you know which one they work at...

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mano_ t
Definite if you search.

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Ron N
Call the Personnel div of the St. Louis PD... tell them you need to know if this person you in question is a active on
duty sworn peace officer,

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call the police dept and ask to leave a message for officer so and so. if they take the message he's a cop. if they tell you theres no such officer, hes not a cop

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Dana S
call the police department and ask for them

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Contact the St. Louis Police Association http://www.slpoa.org/. The site is under construction, probably as it completes the new officers directory.

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Sad Eyes
Ask the officer in question for his or her badge number and name, then call the St. Louis police department, if they have an officer with that number and name, ask the dispatcher to describe the officer, be sure to explain why you are asking.

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Call the police dept.

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Golden Girl
Call the Department.

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leah j
get the persons name then call the station request to talk to that person, if they say they do not know of them let them know this person may be impersonating a police official. they don't take light of that.its a offense.

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Ashley H
mmm good q... i live near ST. Louis...my best answer i can give is call the STLPD and ask them... the # is below...just ask them if the person in question is an officer with them... i know my answer didnt help but is the only thing i know to do...GL

PS maybe u could email them as well...

(314) 444-5615
(314) 444-2500
*(636) 225-5252 (st. louis county PD)

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