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Is it unlawful to for someone to take my picture without my permission?
Hey guys i need help here, i may be wrongfully accused for vandalizing in the coming week, well heres what happen, my friend and i deciding to go shoots some paintballs, with proper gear and everything, like a sport. so we found a constuction site, and went in back near the woods, so we shot around at trees for awhile, and decided to leave. all of the sudden we here a guy yelling at us to get out of there, so we did wat he said and walked to our car and prepared to leave, but suddenly that guy quickly approached us, and accused us for vandalizing a tracker a few nights before,and some guy started taking pictures of us and my car . my friend and i are good nature indivuduals, we would never do such a thing, and now we probably goin to be screwed over now, can you guys help me out here? thanks,anything will be appreciated

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Brian M
As everyone else has said, no it is not illegal for someone to take your picture. We learned this yesterday actually in the police academy. In fact we were told sometimes officers will take pictures of a suspicous persons just incase something happens later that day. Now, you were tresspassing, however unless it was the land that this particular guy owns, he cant press charges against you since you didnt violate his rights. So dont worry about it, however dont go on property your not supposed to be on or have dont have permisson to be on, otherwise you could be in the wrong place at the wrong time even if you didnt do anything.

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depends on who and why

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It is not unlawful for your picture to be taken in public , sorry. About the other stuff , if they have direct evidence of wrongdoing on your part don't sweat it.

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Well, first of all, I do believe you were trespassing. Yes, it is illegal to take your photograph (a face shot) if it is to be publicized in a magazine (without your permission) To use as evidence--I doubt if it is illegal. Sorry, and good luck.

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Saint Lucifer
lol reminds me of younger years.
People are such jackasses, acting like you're out to steal their land or something. I don't get why, i guess it's just an excuse to confront some someone. (Every landowners dream, holding a trespasser at gunpoint until the cops arrived).?
Thats very bold of him to accuse you of that vandalism, like you'd go back if you actually did it.
Just remember you are innocent until proven guilty, you don't need an aliby they need to prove you did it, even though the cops will treat you like your guilty until proven innocent and will seperate you from your friends and lie to you to try to make you look guilty(personal experience)

None the less you need to find a new spot to go paintballing

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Anyone can take a picture of you without your permission. It isn't illegal. And you were trespassing, so you were committing a criminal act apparently. But that doesn't mean that anybody can PROVE that you did something else wrong. I wouldn't worry about it.

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No, it is not unlawful for someone to take your picture without your permission -- especially in the situation you've just described.

What you have going for you is that the picture can place you at the construction site on the day you were trespassing there, but not on the day the Tracker was valdalized.

However, you were trespassing, that is you were on the construction site without permission.

Whether they can successfully get you charged with vandalizism depends on whether pr not they can put you at the scene when the Tracker was vandalized.

If you hadn't been trespassing in the first place, you wouldn't be facing the potential problems you are now.

If you're lucky you may be able to talk your way out of this one with the promise that you won't go back there without express permission. Hopefully you'll give a bit more thought to where you want to play with your paint ball equipment the next time.

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Anne M
You were vandalizing their property because of the paintballs. You were on their property without their permission paintballing. You may be a good natured kid that made a bad choice but you made it.

NO one can take your picture and publish it without permission but they can prove you were there now.

Good Luck and go paintballing someplace else.

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The photo only shows that you were there on the day you were there. The vandalism on the tractor didn't happen the same day did it?
Either way, it is circumstantial, and weak at that.

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They may take you photo anytime they want if you are in a public place. ( esp if you were on thier property or property that they have control over)

But it is legal to take peoples photos in public

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as long you were in a public place there is nothing unlawful about taking your pictures.
If the paint was fresh and the police were called,the the burden of proof is on you and the color matches you paint balls,you're up the creek without a paddle.
Think before you act next time !

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Wide Awake
No, it is not illegal to take someone's picture unless you are planning to sell or publish it for profit. In that case you need a release.

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Wyld Stallyns
To simply answer your question, no, it is not unlawful (at least in the U.S.) to take someone's picture without their permission.

Perhaps you did not vandalize anything, but you may have still been trespassing.

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As long as they didn't put their hands on you and force you to stand I think people can take pictures of others ,its not against the law..
Did they call the police ? Were you on private property?
Was it posted?

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Reaper King
nope. put it this way, someone has YOUR picture with you and your gear, paintball gear no less. You will be a prime suspect of rwhatever happened previously and most likely will be blamed unless solid proof can be shown. I used to go egging a lot back in the day. well, apparently other people did too and it just so happened that we egged someones house that had been egged several nights before. we got caught and had to pay damages. I know for a fact we didn't egg that house but still we were the prime suspects anyways.

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All the photo shows is that you and your friends were there at that moment in time and nothing else. They would need some form of proof to show you were there and the persons commiting the offence.

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With regard to your question, no, I don't think it is unlawful for someone to take your picture. Think about celebrities - people take their pictures all the time without their permission and there is nothing they can do about it. Even the royal family gets their pictures taken all the time without permission.

I hope it all turns out well for you.

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