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J Walker
Is it illegal to open up a package addressed to someone else if you just look in it without taking anything?
Like I feel like I just need to know what they keep ordering all the time. I don't have any interest in stealing it, though. I just want to know. And I would tape it back.
Additional Details
I mostly like those ones that say go ahead and open it but be careful. I'm nervous.

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She's right. Opening someone else's mail is a federal offense. But if it keeps coming to your house....do what you want.

We recently purchased a house and the previous owner constantly has mail sent here still. At closing I tried to get her new phone number and address to keep in touch and her nasty real estate agent basically said "umm no that's ok, if you need to reach her contact me". As she was writing her number down, then tore up the number. I'm like damn.

So her mail came to my house several times, I took it to my real estate agent who was located close to my job. But after 3 times I said to hell with this ish....I started throwing her mail in the trash. I'm not going to continue to inconvenience myself.

If she was smart she would have told her real estate agent "no its ok for them to have my new phone number and address" then I would have sent them their stuff.

PS: I opened some of the stuff a few times...just to see....one was a beautiful photo set of their family. Awwww....so beautiful. Now it's in my trash can. As if I have time to keep driving to my real estate agent to give them their mail.

Moral is, I doubt the postal inspector is coming to your house to arrest you unless of course you find like a million dollars then you keep it, then they track it down. Something outrageous. No one cares about the stupid porno mag that keeps erroneously being delivered to your home.

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Tom K
Yes it is illegal and is a felony. You dont need to know what they are ordering. Mind your own business.

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The French Connection
one would hope...

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Curiosity killed the cat -
It is definitely not right to open up a package or even a simple letter addressed to someone else. You asked if it is illegal.
If you meet the wrong person, then you're in trouble and that person can sue you. So it can be considered illegal.
Learn not to be inquisitive and you won't get into trouble.
If you are so curious about what is inside the package, why don't you wait until the person opens the package and then you can peep inside.
Take my advice - play safe - 'curiosity killed the cat'.

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Federal offense.

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Yes its illegal!

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what a fricken snoop....

mind your own business.

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From Yours Trully
You shouldn't be worrying about THEM. Stop being so nosy.

And yes it is against the law unless you are working for an agency that has the right by law to open and inspect anything that comes through the US Mail.

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It's illegal...it's stealing someone else's property, whether you keep it or not. Why not just ask them?

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Nature Boy
Opening mail that is not addressed to you is a Federal Crime. Mind your own business.

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Yes it is. I have a neighbour like you.I do not always get the package.

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It IS illegal!

Once a letter or package has been posted it officially becomes the property of the post office (ie federal government) right up to the point that it is opened by the addressee. To open it without their pemission is a federal offence in just about every country.

You should be careful and try not to do it.

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DON"T do it. There is a federal law against it.!!

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illegal. Federal law says it is illegal to OPEN mail not addressed to you ( or addressed to another.)

taking something would invoke the law against THEFT.

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Yes it's illegal. It's a federal offense actually.

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Illegal, Just ask them.

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Yes, it's illegal. You don't get to know what's in their mail unless they want to tell you.

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If it isn't addressed to you, it's contents are none of your business. There are Federal laws for tampering with mail.

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Well, it is illegal to open anything that is not addressed to you...its a felony actually. But if the curiousity gets the best of you be careful. Its not a good idea to open something that doesnt belong to you...but in the same since you will probably do it anyway. So technically there is no harm to just look (although your commiting a federal crime) so just be careful and make sure you package it back up the way it was. Nosy nosy.....teehee I have done the same thing when I was younger...but I did worse I opened someone's paper mail then threw it in the fireplace...so there was no evidence! Shame on me

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