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 Hit and Run Suspect in Fatal Car Wreck is hiding out...?
I know nothing about "police work" or law enforcement. But here in Atlanta, on easter an entire family was wiped out, after someone hit their car spinning them into another car head-on and ...

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 How much will my speeding ticket cost? 58 in a 30?
I'm doomed, huh?

I've never had a speeding ticket before, it was 10:30 at night, I've had my license for 10 months and I'm eighteen. How much do you think it will cost?...

 Bulgaria's drinking age is 18.?
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 California Cops please let me know if this is normal?
IS this normal in California?
I live in NY and vacationed to Ventura Cali. I went to the pier on the beach. I met a girl at a store and we went together to the bach around midnight. We were ...

 Question about cops..........?
is it true that they all beat their wifes, and have baby penises, this is so sad...........if a woman u know is bein beaten by her cop stand up for her.............

 Can I call the police if someone threatened to beat me up?
okay this guy on my bus... he says i made fun of his religion.. which i am 100% sure I did NOT. and his fat buddy is telling him to beat me up and saying things like, "he wont care about the ...

 Someone told me that A woman once killed a person and actually got off on the legal defense of having PMS?!?
Is this true? Has a woman ever gotten off murder not guilty because of PMS?!
Additional Details
Hey Shell it was true check out this link!


 Is it possible to change/appeal against the terms of a deed in the UK?
We live in a house which is literally on the edge of our city (in fact the only thing between us and the next city is fields and farms).

We have two neighbor's and our back wall ...

 Federal/Special Agent; Side Arm (Firearm) Usage?
Are Federal/Special Agents allowed to keep there side arm with them all the time, for either personal use/protection (i am asking this because many TV programs show this), what are the rules/polices ...

 Will i get fined if an illegal item is sent to me internationally.?
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 When will Jackie Smith be starting her cummunity payback?
This woman has stollen from all of us like the rest of her ilk. If these rogues want to make these yanky imported ideas they should be applied to them like the rest of us. Or should we just accept ...

 Who thinks that the scroat Tweedy should be left to rot in jail?
After all when they let the slob out this time, it is only a short matter of time before the scum goes back to the slammer....

 Do you think the sobriety test should be returned to the uk in place of the breathalizer?
would this be a fairer way to test for drunk drivers , in that everyone is effected differently by alcohol?
Additional Details
does turning a person into a criminal for being slightly ...

 What would you have done?
Police are investigating claims that a man harassed his policeman neighbour by keeping a porcelain pig in his garden.
Former pig farmer Robin Demczak, 57, was arrested after Pc John Ablett made ...

 So today I got my first speeding ticket?
I was going 35mph over the posted speed and the cop gave me an unsafe speed ticket what does this mean? I am in california ...

 I am 17 years old, almost done with high and school and ready to move on with life.?
I am going to a local community college to get an Associates Degree, but while I am doing that - I want to learn on how to become a Bail Recovery Agent (Bounty Hunter). I was thinking of calling one ...

 Does anyone really know how long OJ Simpson will be in jail for?
I heard anywhere from 9 to 33 years. What is most likely to happen and ...

 Legalize Marijuana ? How will that solve anything ?
OK, anybody else tired of hearing people say that Legalizing pot will solve everything ?

If we legalize it, everybody will head to the nearest store to buy legal marijuana.


 Is the UK a hub of terrorism?
British-based man guilty of buying bomb-making equipment for Tamil Tigers


Ranger Đ.
Is it illegal to beg for money on the street?
You know those 'veterans' and flower vendors on the highway with the cardboard signs? The police were getting one of them today.

I mean, I know it's annoying, but is it really illegal to ask for money on the street?

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Libertarian and proud of it
Yes, it is. But it's a dumb rule. If someone is just sitting on the sidewalk and asking for money, they're not hurting anyone.
Most of the time, cops just tell them to leave. They don't usually arrest them.

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yes it is panhandling

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Yes but I saw a sign that said.. instead of wanting money they were honest......Why lie I need a beer.

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Yes, that is illegal. However, many departments use a lot of discretion in enforcement.

If you are sitting passively with a sign and a cup, there is a lot more tolerance than if you were aggressively approaching people and begging.

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