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 Is it normal to hate and fear the police as the natural enemy ?

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 Is it legal for police to wait in a driveway to catch speeders?
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 How many years would my brother have to spend in jail?
if he has a 50,000 bond for assaulting someone with a using a saw off gun how many years would they have to spend in jail
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 What is a good way to get arrested?
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 A girl is threatening me with rape. What should i do?
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To my utter anger i replied something along the lines of no.

So heres how it goes.

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 Spitting is someones face ???? Legal??
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 Police officer arresting 15 year old black girl?
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 Whats a bench warrent?

 What happens to people who need emergency services like the ambulance in a blizzard??
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 Is it true people born after 1993 cant drive till 18 years old?? did they ever pass that law?
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 Teen Rights against harassment by the police?
Is ther someone who can contact me regarding teen rights against harassment by the police? My 14 year old son got off of the bus from school and was walking home when a police officer stopped him ...

Ok so me and my friends go shopping alot. When we are at the store though they steal things. I NEVER EVER HAVE AND NEVER EVER WILL!! I always tell them to stop and that they're gonna get in ...

 Why are people so rude to cops on here?
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 I have a friend who recently got arrested he was charged with 2 counts of possession2 counts delivery and 1 co
I have a friend who recently got arrested he was charged with 2 counts of possession2 counts delivery and 1 co

count to conspire. The drug was cocaine. He has no prior drug charges. and ...

 How long can a police officer follow you?
like i was followed for likr 3 miles or more before getting pulled over, i thought there was a law about ...

Is it against the law to put up a banner on a freeway overpass?
I was thinking about putting my website url hanging from a bridge overpass, it wouldn't cover the freeway sign since there isn't one and it wouldn't come anywhere near cars, even big rigs? Could this be breaking the law? If so, what law?

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It varies from state to state but even if illegal, no one enforces it

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try it and holla back:)

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Al Mac Wheel
Check the laws in your jurisdiction for commercial advertising outdoors. You can probably get the use of a billboard for maybe $ 10,000.00 a day, you think?

There are laws governing signage along the highways, which are there to protect drivers from being distracted. I don't think the laws are enforced very well ... remember the cartoon characters in Boston. That ended up costing the advertiser a few million $ ... I think they got off cheap.

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little b
you have to get permission from the city. it's not against the law then.

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well,u need 2 get permission and a permit from the state,because it is government property.

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You have to find out who maintains the bridge and roadway ~ could be the city, county or state ~ and get permission because it is "owned" by them.

I doubt you will be able to do this because it could be distracting to drivers and cause someone to have an accident so you may want to find another way to get your site out to the public.

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cheri h
you need a permit and permission from who owns the sign you want to hang it from

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Jacob W
It is breaking the law and very unsafe for those puting up the banner an if the banner falls on top of cars speeding down the freeway. Vandalism and tresspassing laws cover all Federal State and Local property. One of those three own that sign. You have no right to post anything without permission.

If the sign distracts a motorist and results in an accident you can bet you will be sued big time. If the car insurance company can find a way to blame it on you, they will come after you to recover their money.

You know, you really should have more sense than that.


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it's probably not a good idea, otherwise you would see other companies doing it too

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Mike's D One
It depends on the county or city that owns the overpass. You can always ask, but ask before you do or pay the price.

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It's considered interferring with the flow of traffic/causing a distraction and probably isn't a good idea. It would have to be a certain size, tied down a certain way, a certain color and containing a minimum of words. I think you would be better off buying an ad on the side of a bus.

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a freeway. that's federal. you see many other signs up there?

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Among the problems are distracting drivers who slow or otherwise look at it instead of traffic and securing it so that wind does not tear it partly or completely off where it flaps into the traffic on the overpass or down into traffic (and if it is not big enough to flap, then it is too small to be seen.) So you normally have to get permission from the highway people and/or the city that controls the overpass street.
And as a practical matter, you might measure a section of the overpass and then look at it from a car and discover exactly how small 10 feet by 5 feet is when viewed from 300 hundred feet away at 5-60 miles per hour.

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get a permit first.

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