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 I am being visited by a police inspector ,regarding a complaint i have against the police. any advice ,to deal
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 I slaped my wife to the ground for slaping my child in the face?
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 Same camera caught me speeding on a ring road (roundabout)twice within 2 minutes of each other..?
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 Is life w/o parole fair?
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 Do you believe that marijuana is really a gateway drug?
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I believe that marijuana is not a drug, but rather just a plant that does not need any ...

 What do cops do on their offdays?
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 My son is 17 and out of school.......he threatened a kid on the bus, can he get in trouble ?
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 Do you think we treat our prisoners too well?
They get central air, cable and more than many working people. I think many are too "coddled". What do you think?...

 Can police officers legally swear at you ?
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 How can you find out what sex offenders live near you?
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 How do I beat a photo enforced speeding ticket?

 What to do when you have a brother that has same profile as VTech killer?
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 Don't we need more of this?
About a dozen residents of a Dallas neighborhood beat a man after reports that he had been showing pornographic pictures to ...

 Now That Crime Is On The Increase Should People Be Given The Right To Defend Their Homes?
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 What is the best self defense for a girl that lives alone?

 Meeting a police man- I'm a 22 year old female?
I met a police man and he asked for my number. I just gave my number to him and after talking to him on the phone for 8 times he told me today that he really wants to kiss me and massage my back. I ...

 Does an undercover Police Officer really have to admit he/she is a cop?
if you simply ask "Are you a police officer?" like if you are in a drug deal or with a prostitute? I have this argument with my girlfriend all the time....

Is a DUI considered convicted of a CRIME?
i know that a dui is against the law but when considering that question on a application for employment is it considered convicted of a crime...just your opinions and thoughts....
Additional Details
okay to those with "duh" remarks to me.... i am NOT taking light to the fact that DUI is very much against the law and you will be punished...my point is i was having a conversation with someone filling out a job application for a cashiers job at a gas station and the application ask if you have been convicted on a crime....we were debating that since it was not a felony...i do not take light to the fact the DUI is against the law and very dangerous....so you need not presume that i do...i was just wanting some information on facts...thank you

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Yes. Duh.

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yes it is

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ask bush and cheney.....each have at least one.

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ornery and mean
Check your state's driving laws. If 1st offense DUI is a misdemeanor or felony according to that source (it's a misdemeanor in most states that I know of) then yes, it is a crime.

In NY State, the 1st offense DWI is a misdemeanor, 2nd offense is felony!

If you are not into research, and know a police officer personally ... just ask them! It will save you a bunch of time.

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yup, its a misdemeanor and it carries jail time........don't lie or they will find out :)

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Muslem Bedlam
You are kidding right? if not, pass on the job opening for brain surgeon because DUI IS A CRIME, DUI IS A BAD CRIME, PEOPLE DIE FROM DUI, PEOPLE KILL THAT ARE DUI.

enough said.

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a girl in the world
What kind of job you looking at? If it's something small, part time...don't put it on there. Unless it's a high level career type position, they aren't going to take the time to pull your criminal record to check. If you put it down, you're only hurting your chances of getting the job....BUT if the job requires driving for the company, might wanna be honest.You can me a liar, but I never admitted to that one...it's none of their business...not a violent act or going to affect work performance. If anything, it teaches a lesson not to be stupid again!

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The key word here is "convicted." If you went to a hearing before a Judge and were found guilty, then yes. Arrest is one thing, convicted another. There are ways to check to see if you have a criminal record. Where I live, you can go to the State's web site and find court records. So, you cannot hide information from a potential employer--they will do a more intense background check and everything will come out--bad credit, you name it. If you lie, you are just compounding the problem. Be honest, say it was a one time thing and it will never happen again--maybe you were young, maybe you went to AA meetings, counseling, what have you. Now there's under the influence of drugs or alcohol

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Yes IF you have already been to court and convicted.

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Precinct 1099
Yes. If you go to court and are convicted of DUI.

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Oh yes, DUI is a misdemeanor in pretty well all states in the US and is punishable by up to a year in jail. In the case of personal injury it can become a felony. It is considered a crime pretty well worldwide.

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yeahh. anything you can get arrested for..

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Yup. Thats why it's classified as a misdemeanor or a felony.

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I believe the line is have you ever been convicted of a felony, IF DUI is a felony in your state you say yes if not you say no... if you ever got a speeding ticket you were convicted of a crime.

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So yes.. That is being convicted of a crime..
Where I used to work if you didn't put that down on your application and we did the background check and found it you'd be fired.

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Did you go to court and pay fines etc, etc. Then yes. If you didn't go to court for some reason or had your ticket ripped up then no. (By ripped up I mean diversion program or something where it is your first offense.) You aren't convicted until due process has been finished, which means you have to go to court or been proven guilty.

Sorry forgot to add. Yes, DUI is a crime, in most states it is a Felony. If you have a felony usually there is a place on the employment application asking if you have had them and what they are. LIST THEM, because if you don't they will find out and not hire you for lying. Most places as long as it isn't a high risk job will over look DUI. They are looking for crimes like theft, robbery, etc. Things that could effect you at work.

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I work in Kansas and here it is a Misdemeanor if you plead or were found guilty and it is your first conviction.
Does the app. ask for convictions of both felony or Misd.?
Tell the truth.
If you have to lie to get a job odds are it will come back to haunt you.
If you are honest from the start & have a change to explain that you made a mistake and learned your lesson people are much more forgiving.

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