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 Busted with possession with intent to distribute penalties??
I know some1 that got busted with a pound or more of marijuana and over 100 xanax bars.He had scales and baggies and it was in a dorm room at college. He was also on probation for a misdemeanor ...

 If a state trooper tailgates me for a long period of time (he's probably running my plates) and I hit...?
the brakes and he rear ends me, wouldn't it be his fault since he was following too closely. What if I had to hit the brakes for on coming traffic in front of me? Isn't the person who rear ...


 Since when has a mild profanity being an arrestable offence?
you hear the cook Gordon Ramsey effing and blinding,Janet street Porter and other celebs using profane lingo In front of millions,yet when a working Class lad or girl uses it with no one but the ...

 Should we track gun owner's movements?
Every time someone buys a gun we could implant a tracking device in the person. Since all gun owners are obviously deviant persons, capable of terrorist activities, we could track their every move ...

 Israeli-Palestinian First Hand Accounts?
I have this project due tomorrow and I have to find first hand accounts Palestinians and Israelis about the Creation of Israel, Al Nakba, and Israel's invasion of the Gaza Strip and the West B...

 I was speeding through my neighborhood and someone became extremely angry...?
I don't plan on speeding again, but he may have contacted the cops. Will I be contacted by the cops?...

 What are some good and legal weapons to carry for self defense in the state of Maryland?
and also are expandable batons legal in md?...

 Is it illegal to drive with a broken foot.?
I have a fracture on my RIGHT foot. If I got pulled over, would I be in trouble?...

 What gets paid Better a Sheriff, a Cop, or a Highway Patrol man?

 Are hunger strikes very common in prison? What is the usual response from the prison guards?
Do the prison guards respond by rolling their eyes and saying "here we go again"? Do they go ahead and go through the standard procedure, knowing that the striker will just give up after ...

 What can happen if you get 3 speeding tickets in New York City?
My boyfriend just got a speeding ticket doing 82 in a 50.. And now he has a summons to appear in court. This is his third ticket! He had his license suspended a few years ago for a month for 2 other ...

 What do you think of the Porsche Panamera as a police pursuit vehicle?
all wheel/four wheel Drive
twin clutch 7 speed auto

back seats for detaining non violent pot smokers and cop killers alike

what do you think? all "buy ...

 Crossing a double yellow line...I'm so confused!!!?
If there is a 2 way street, one going one way and the other going the opposite, divided by a yellow line...is it legal to turn left over the double yellow line to another STREET?? Btw the street is ...

 If a juvenile is on informal probation and a cop pulls over the person they are with is everyone searchable?

 Why do police think they are so deserving of respect but no one else is?
Personally I live by the golden rule, and I wouldn't try and assault someone and beat them up because they dress like a hippie or have darker skin than myself.
It doesn't matter if ...

 Police Academy Experience?
I am currently applying to several police departments in AL and TN. I was wondering if anyone has had experience in a police academy and can give me an idea of what to expect? Im the type of person ...

 Reckless drving consequences?
Reckless driving ...

 Boyfriend assaulted, do we have a court case here?
Okay... My boyfriend was at a friends house watching the UFC fight over the weekend when his friends roommate just comes over and punches him in the face for no reason at all. They were all standing/...

 Do FBI agents get to use machine guns on a regular basis?

In Arizona, what is the closest you can park next to a stop sign?
How far back can you park without parking illegally. (In AZ).

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It is a local law, not a state law that defines that.

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State law is 30 feet. It is listed in paragraph 7 in the link below.


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