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Ben D
Im on probation and i failed the 1st drug test.What will happen to me if i fail the 2n one?
Im on probation and i failed my 1st drug test.What will happen to me if i fail the 2nd one?

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~*~ i ♥ blue ~*~
WHY are you taking drugs in the first place? dumb cluck. they probably will put you in jail for a few days, or shove you in a rehab center, where you and every other drug addict belongs.

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Thomas A
enjoy your new penthouse pay for buy taxpayers you are dumb get off the drugs.

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You go to jail

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Go back to the fun house for a longer stay and probably more fines and more treatment...

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Welcome to the

House of Many Doors...

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Locked and Loaded
Failed UA, violation of probation. Detained until court date. Judge will then decide to either reinstate your probation or give you a jail sentence.

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You will prob go to jail...

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danish warrior
umm....maybe go back to jail, i think that's what happens

-french fight for their wine, British fight for their king, Russians fight for communism, American fight for SOUVENIRS-

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How about putting down the dope and don't fail the second one.

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Well you have sorta answered your own question, "What if i fail the second". You wouldn't have to worry if you got off the drugs. But i know it's not your fault, society drove you to it. You can't cope, did i miss any? Get off the drugs.

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Monty 11
Hope you like it in the pooper.

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Something bad. Maybe you should think about what you're doing before you do it. Obviously failing drug tests is a bad thing, especially on probation, so stop using drugs or pay the price...

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Charlotte Y
The DA could already be issuing a violation of probation for your first pee test.
Say goodbye to your dealer for a while, you will be chillin in your cell...

How bout asking your PO to put you in a rehab for a year or so, Sober you up and teach you a few things

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bad things

why not sort it out so you won't fail, you can generally do this by NOT taking the drugs!!!

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Instead of worrying about failing a drug test why not stop using drugs. If not you should expect to go back to jail.

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Allie wishes
You will go to jail. Stop doing drugs!

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1st Strike: What you did to go on probation
2nd Strike: Using drugs on Probation
3rd Strike: Not learning you lesson from Strike #2

Sounds like probation is not doing any good. Maybe it will take prison time for you to grow up.

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